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2016: The Year the Placemaking Movement Went Global

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The placemaking movement in 2016 continued its trajectory from a once quiet movement to a global platform to reinvent the way we shape our cities and communities. Bubbling up from ...

D.C. Dress Shops Dispute Trump’s Claim That They Are ‘Sold-Out’ for Inauguration: ‘There’s Never Been Less Demand’

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Despite what Donald Trump may say, Washington D.C. stores have plenty of formalwear in their inventory ahead of the inauguration. Trump told The New York Times early Monday that D.C.

Donald Trump mocks NYT reporter.

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A divided empire: what the urban-rural split means for the future of America

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Sitting in a downtown Cleveland coffee shop in early December, Julie Goulis is still in shock. “Some of the soul-searching I’ve been doing after the election has been about how ...