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One of the standard laments about academic political science is that scholars are too slow to react to changing circumstances in the world. It took a couple of years after ...

Guns are now the third leading cause of death for U.S. children

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Few stories are more heartbreaking than those involving children who are injured or killed by gunshots. It isn't hard to find them: In June alone, a 6-year-old accidentally shot and ...

Why I Dissented Again

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I have been focused on looking for signs that the labor force participation story of the past year or so is coming to a conclusion: The economy had been creating ...

Donald Trump Has No Plan for Making America Great Again

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It’s “Infrastructure Week” at the White House. Theoretically. On Monday, the administration announced a plan to spend $200 billion on infrastructure and overhaul U.S. air traffic control. There was a ...

The Philando Castile Verdict Was a Miscarriage of Justice

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Yesterday, a Minnesota jury acquitted St. Anthony, Minnesota, police officer Jeronimo Yanez of second-degree manslaughter charges in the shooting of Philando Castile. In considering the rightness of the verdict, pay ...