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Throw Sand in the Gears of Everything

favicon The Nation
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As many are saying, we woke from a nightmare to find it was our new reality. A gaggle of inflated far-right self-promoters and operatives, big businessmen and their toadies, and ...

Government Sachs: Protesters Decry Financial Giant Swamping Incoming Trump Administration

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This is viewer supported news. Please do your part today.DonateTopicsTrump's Cabinet In New York City, over 100 people set up a protest encampment outside the headquarters of financial giant Goldman ...

These 8 Men Have As Much Money As Half The World

favicon The Huffington Post
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Just eight super-rich men hold the same amount of wealth as the poorest half of the world’s population, according to an analysis from the charity Oxfam released Sunday night.Six of ...

Sanders slams Democrats who voted with the pharmaceutical industry

favicon USA TODAY
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WASHINGTON — Sen. Bernie Sanders on Thursday blasted 13 Senate Democrats for lacking the “guts” to stand up to the pharmaceutical industry after they voted against a measure he pushed ...

Protesters Nationwide Launch Campaign to #InaugurateTheResistance

favicon Democracy Now!
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In Washington, D.C., thousands of activists chanting "No justice, no peace" kicked off a week of resistance to the inauguration with a march to the Capitol Building on Saturday. The ...

All References to Climate Change Have Been Deleted From the White House Website

favicon Motherboard
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At 11:59 am eastern, the official White House website had a lengthy information page about the threat of climate change and the steps the federal government had taken to fight ...

My interview with the former spy who wrote the Trump-Russia memos

favicon Mother Jones
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Last fall, a week before the election, I broke the story that a former Western counterintelligence official had sent memos to the FBI with troubling allegations related to Donald Trump.

New North Dakota governor expects controversial pipeline to be built

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North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, who took office last month in the height of tensions surrounding the Dakota Access Pipeline, said he believed the line would eventually be built and ...

Goldman Sachs has seen soaring profits since Donald Trump’s election

favicon Salon
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Goldman Sachs reported an almost fourfold increase in its quarterly profit on Wednesday due, in large part, to the increase in trading that has occurred since Donald Trump defeated Hillary ...

Leonard Peltier should be released in the interest of justice

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In response to your Monday editorial “Clemency for Leonard Peltier? Never,” I was the United States attorney who supervised the prosecution of Leonard Peltier during the critical post-trial period. In ...

The alt-right eats its own: Neo-Nazi podcaster “Mike Enoch” quits after doxxers reveal his wife is Jewish

favicon Salon
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Donald Trump hasn’t even taken office yet, but the racist alt-right movement that has latched onto him is already showing signs that it’s falling apart. The loosely knit group was ...

These are all the musicians who have released protest songs ahead of Donald Trump's inauguration

favicon The Independent
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President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration has prompted new music from several bands and musicians protesting the Republican's rise to power. As was previously reported, Gorillaz broke their six-year absence with new ...

What the “Santa Clausification” of Martin Luther King, Jr. Leaves Out

favicon The Intercept
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The Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. is celebrated annually on a federal holiday on the third Monday of January. Politicians across the political spectrum put out statements praising his life’s ...

Donald Trump Preaches Angry Nationalism, While Practicing Goldman Sachs Capitalism

favicon The Intercept
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President Donald Trump’s inaugural address was fiery and nationalistic, a considerable departure from the traditional Republican Party embrace of the free market and an activist foreign policy. Trump talked of ...

The 11 most anti-capitalist quotes from Martin Luther King Jr.

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Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. To be fair, I guess I should wish “Sorry it’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Day” to the people who don’t believe it should be ...

A Running List of Nationwide Art Spaces Closing for the #J20 Art Strike

favicon Hyperallergic
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In the nearly two weeks since the #J20 Art Strike call, dozens upon dozens of art spaces around the country have announced closures on Inauguration Day. The call for the ...

Martin Shkreli Pelted With Poop At UC Davis As Yiannopoulos Event Gets Canceled Amid Protest

favicon SFist
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Friday night's planned appearance by Milo Yiannopoulos at UC Davis — with, just for the hell of it, despicable sidekick Martin Shkreli in tow — was canceled amid a loud ...

‘This is a crazy time’: Michael Moore slams Trump as ‘godfather’ of ‘fake news’

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Michael Moore identified Donald Trump as the “godfather” of “fake news.” “Fake news? He was one of the founders of that in the Obama era,” Moore said, citing Trump’s claims ...

Obama Commutes Bulk of Chelsea Manning’s Sentence

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In recent days, the White House had signaled that Mr. Obama was seriously considering granting Ms. Manning’s commutation application, in contrast to a pardon application submitted on behalf of the ...

#DisruptJ20 Actions Across the US Against the Trump Regime

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Originally published to It’s Going Down What is happening in the United States is unprecedented. All aspects of the American ruling structure: the government, the police, the economy, political parties,

Secret Service Blocks Press from Inauguration Protest Space

favicon DCMediaGroup
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Washington, DC–The Secret Service has denied credentialed press access to a protest space permitted to ANSWER Coalition along the Inauguration route at the Navy Memorial, according to Brian Becker, National ...

Trump to host fundraiser for Booker

favicon POLITICO
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Ivanka Trump, the daughter of Republican real estate mogul Donald Trump, will host a fundraiser for Newark Mayor Cory Booker’s Senate bid next Wednesday, a campaign source familiar with the ...

Russian lawmakers move to decriminalize domestic violence in 368-to-1 vote

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A bill that would downgrade domestic violence from a criminal charge to an administrative offense passed its first voting hurdle on Wednesday in Russia’s lower house of parliament the duma ...

Trump Orders DC National Guard Chief To Leave In Middle Of Inaugural Ceremony

favicon Talking Points Memo
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Schwartz has helped plan the security for Inauguration weekend, and he will be charged with overseeing the D.C. National Guard as well as an additional 5,000 troops sent in for ...

Anonymous just declared war against Donald Trump

favicon U.S. Uncut
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Donald Trump has attracted the attention of Anonymous, which warned him that uncomfortable details about his life and business will soon come to light. One of the primary Twitter accounts ...

The Trump story media dare not utter: They sacrificed democracy for ratings

favicon Salon
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This article originally appeared on AlterNet. The media are engaged in an orgy of navel-gazing about the Donald Trump presidency, but they’re totally, utterly, absolutely, no-way-in-hell willing to gaze at ...

Where to Use the Bathroom, Charge Your Phone, and Warm Up During the Women's March

favicon Washingtonian
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More than 20 places around DC are opening up their doors to people attending the Women’s March on Saturday. Some restaurants will have complimentary food and drink for marchers: From ...

Reince Priebus Warns Ethics Chief To 'Be Careful'

favicon The Huffington Post
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WASHINGTON ― Incoming White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus warned the head of the Office of Government Ethics on Sunday to “be careful” in his criticisms of President-elect Donald ...

The pursuit of happiness: The American cultural case for a universal basic income

favicon Salon
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A woman spends her Friday night polishing spoons, cleaning tables and serving food at a truck stop in the middle of nowhere. On her tired feet for nearly the entirety ...

John Dean on Trump: 'He Is Going to Test Our Democracy as It Has Never Been Tested'

favicon The Atlantic
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Sometime early last fall, John Dean says he began having nightmares about a Trump presidency. He would wake in the middle of the night, agitated and alarmed, struggling to calm ...

At least one Democratic congressman is already preparing to impeach Donald Trump

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Donald Trump won’t be sworn into office for another 48 hours, and at least one Democratic congressman has already seen enough. In a discussion with “Young Turks” reporter Eric Byler ...


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Category: Women's Leadership, Feminism, Politics The day after the 2016 elections, I was like many people in the United States—devastated. That feeling didn’t last long, as I quickly became outraged.

Trump Sought Military Equipment For Inauguration, Granted 20-Plane Flyover

favicon The Huffington Post
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WASHINGTON ― Part of being a great president is showing off America’s military strength, according to President-elect Donald Trump. The military “may come marching down Pennsylvania Avenue,” Trump told the ...

Chomsky warns ‘con man’ Trump will drag civilization down to the ‘utter depths of barbarism’

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Political philosopher Noam Chomsky issued a call for progressive voices to energetically defend the rights and opportunities central to U.S. democracy, arguing Donald Trump conned Americans into supporting him by ...


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NO PEACEFUL TRANSITION #DisruptJ20: Call for a bold mobilization against the inauguration of Donald Trump on January 20, 2017 On Friday, January 20, 2017, Donald Trump will be inaugurated as ...

‘The Twilight Zone returns’: Scottish newspaper’s TV guide preview of Trump inauguration goes viral

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Scotland’s The Sunday Herald struck a chord this week with a hilarious and chilling preview of Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration. In its Sunday TV guide section, the paper characterizes Trump’s ...