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Democrats Will Reintroduce A Major LGBT Bill As A Wedge Issue In Congress

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Democrats in Congress plan to reintroduce legislation this month that would ban LGBT discrimination nationwide, despite facing a conservative majority that’s been generally hostile toward the issue. While the bill ...

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin Signs Bill Legalizing Discrimination Against LGBT Students

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Governor Matt Bevin has signed into law a Kentucky ‘religious freedom’ bill which legalizes discrimination against LGBT students. The AP reports: The bill, designed to protect religious expression in public ...

Her Story's Emmy-winning producers on making transgender stories specific and universal

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One of the most powerful things a story can do is to amplify the voices of people who have been silenced. That’s one of the primary aims of Her Story,

America's LGBT Centers Are Under Attack

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On Sunday afternoon, a visitor to the Casa Ruby LGBT Community Center in Washington, D.C., physically attacked a worker, threw a brick through a window, and let loose a string ...

Arkansas passes "indecent exposure" bill that targets trans people

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On Friday, the Arkansas House of Representatives passed a bill that essentially makes it a crime for transgender people to use any facility that matches their gender identity. The bill,

Transgender protections hang in the balance with healthcare's future cloudy

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In the spring of 2016, Elijah Fischer called his insurance company to ask if his plan would cover a double mastectomy. A 27-year old Floridian and trans man, Elijah had ...