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Inspiring Stories: Dr. Sylvia Earle

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What It's Like to Leave Home at 15 to Pursue Your Career—10,000 Miles Away"Inspiring Stories" In Partnership With Rolex

Seafood Supply Chain Is Key in Efforts to End Illegal Fishing

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Seafood, from both wild and farmed sources, is the most valuable food commodity in the world, accounting for nearly $150 billion in global trade per year. We have written before ...

A powerful new tool reveals how climate change could transform your hometown

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worry about those changes. But at the same time, just 40% of Americans think it's going to harm them personally. And just 33% of Americans say they talk about climate ...

Can plastic roads help save the planet?

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Engineer Toby McCartney explains how his Scottish start-up MacRebur is persuading councils to use local waste plastic to build roads. Two English councils have already started building roads this way.

How a better rope could help save the endangered right whale

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—Life along North America’s East Coast hasn’t been kind to the North Atlantic right whale. Whalers picked off thousands of them between the 17th and 20th centuries. Today, only about ...

Eagle ray flies out the water to escape hammerhead shark in Panama

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A tourist has captured the moment when an eagle ray flew out of water to escape the deadly jaws of a hammerhead shark. Ralph De Bie, from Amsterdam, was near ...

Why whale and boat collisions may be more common than we thought

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A new study suggests that nearly 15% of the protected humpback whales that come to feed every spring in the southern Gulf of Maine have been struck by boats and ...

Dugong habitats shrink by a quarter

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Scientists warn that their numbers could fall further unless Gulf countries adopt a coordinated plan to safeguard dugongs and their feeding grounds after research shows only the UAE has legal ...

3 Ways Young People Can Come Together To Fight Climate Change

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With the climaxing threats, climate change is putting the future of the world in evident disasters. Should the owners of the future sit back? According to the United Nations, “Climate ...

Click here to support Climate March By Sea organized by GreenWave Organization

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GO GreenWave Organization for GreenWave Organization Corp.NEW HAVEN, CT Send Fishermen and Ocean Farmers by Boat to the People's Climate March! During the last week of April, we're traveling by ...

Changing minds on a changing climate

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The political environment in America is gripped by deep polarization. No news flash there. Throughout the Presidential campaign and in the initial months of the Trump presidency, the public and ...

The Galápagos Tortoise Next Door

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The sun is blazing down when I meet endangered Galápagos tortoises for the first time. They look like modern-day dinosaurs, lazily ambling around on scaly, dusty bowlegs. I proffer a ...

Seven Gulf Animals Worth Protecting

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It goes without saying that all Gulf animals are worth protecting. But we couldn’t share them all. So like a mother’s abundant, yet somewhat hierarchical, love for her batch of ...

What Antarctic Killer Whales Can Teach Humans About Climate Change

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They stood on the top bridge of the cruise ship National Geographic Explorer, peering through binoculars at the vast icy Weddell Sea. It was a summer afternoon in February in ...

Recordings Reveal Baby Humpback Whales 'Whisper' To Their Mothers

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Baby humpback whales seem to whisper to their mothers, according to scientists who have captured the infant whales' quiet grunts and squeaks. The recordings, described in the journal Functional Ecology,

Millions of native oysters to be returned to the Solent

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Millions of native oysters are to be put into the Solent, once the site of Europe’s largest oyster fishery. The five-year project aims first to restore a thriving oyster population ...

March for Science signs that you can download and print!

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Are you joining the March for Science on April 22nd (Earth Day) but still haven’t found the perfect sign design? We’ve whipped up a few different options that you can ...

China’s Insatiable Appetite for Fish: A Colossal Disaster in the Making

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Everything about China is colossal – its land area, coastline, population, insatiable need for natural resources, gross national product, demand for import and export markets, massive bureaucracy, and growing influence ...

Our Oceans Are A Human Casualty

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My son pondered the ocean: Its life, its force, its energy, its vastness, and its beauty. Sadly, climate change and human interference could change all that. As I sat behind ...

There's a huge plastic island in the Arctic circle

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Greenpeace has called on companies to act after scientists revealed huge rubbish islands have reached the Arctic circle.The environmental campaign group has called for “an end to the age of ...

6 Fascinating Creatures Highlight Wonders of the Sea

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Even with the dizzying pace of mankind’s technological advances, much of the sea and many creatures that live there remain mysterious. Scientists continue to discover new species and gather clues ...

Five myths about oceans

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This weekend marks the 47th Earth Day, an annual celebration of our pale blue dot. As we reflect on the ground beneath our feet and the flora and fauna whose ...

Why your flip flops are killing the oceans

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Tons of flip flops wash up on East African coast each year, says conservation group Discarded flip flops can harm marine animal and plant life, it says Watamu, Kenya (CNN)The ...

An incredible look at national parks from space

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Arts and Entertainment

Up to '400% more plastic in oceans than thought'

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Dr Jennifer Lavers, from the Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies at the University of Tasmania, has told Sky News current pollution data could represent just "the tip of the ...

Loss of coral reefs caused by rising sea temperatures could cost $1tn globally

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The loss of coral reefs caused by rising sea temperatures could cost $1 trillion globally, a report from Australia’s Climate Council has projected, with the loss of Queensland’s Great Barrier ...

As ice melts and temperatures rise, Alaska fights to stave off climate change

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The 47th Earth Day on Saturday was marked by hundreds of rallies around the world to support the sciences and defend climate research that the White House is threatening to ...

Free diver captures close-up footage of feeding sharks in Florida

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A free diver captured stunning footage of sharks coming right up to him to grab bait. Diver Bartolomeo Bove filmed the sharks off the coast of Jupiter, Florida on April ...

Tons of marine debris removed from Northwestern Hawaiian Islands

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FORD ISLAND (HawaiiNewsNow) - Scientists removed more than 100,000 pounds of marine debris from two tiny atolls in the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument. At a news conference Thursday, the scientists ...

How to Use the Ocean Without Using it Up

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This TED talk was developed while I was in residence at TED headquarters in New York City. The transcript is below. _______________ When I was five, my parents took me ...

UN announces first-ever World Ocean Festival

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11 April 2017 – With global leaders heading to the United Nations for a major conference in June on the protection and sustainable use of the planet’s oceans, the UN ...

Ask Dr. Pauly: Illegal Fishing by Another Name Smells too Sweet

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I’m writing this on a plane home from the Netherlands, where I attended a conference sponsored by the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research and the Netherlands Institute for the ...

Q&A: Why Paul Greenberg Spent a Year of His Life Eating Fish

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Imagine eating fish, every day, for a year. What would that mean for your health? It’s a question that journalist Paul Greenberg set out to investigate in the new FRONTLINE ...

More calls for shark hunting ban after photo of fins on jetty surfaces - Nation

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KOTA KINABALU: Yet another picture has emerged of shark hunting and finning in Sabah, known as a dive paradise for its idyllic islands. The Danau Girang Field Centre has put ...

Now We Know How Dolphin Genitals Fit Together

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Thanks to a pressurized penis inflator and genitals flown in from across the U.S., an anatomist has answered a long sought-after question: how do the genitals of dolphins and porpoises ...

Research reveals low number of female whale sharks in Papua

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Arya Dipa The Jakarta Post Papua | Fri, April 21, 2017 | 10:24 am Conservation: A research team from the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) Indonesia monitors the movement ...