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Scientists survey Pacific Northwest salmon each year. For the first time, some nets are coming up empty.

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Scientists have been hauling survey nets through the ocean off the coasts of Washington and Oregon for 20 years. But this is the first time some have come up empty.

In the Heart of the Sea

favicon WDC, Whale and Dolphin Conservation
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How much truth is there in the new blockbuster Hollywood movie, In the Heart of the Sea? The film tracks the fortunes of the crew from an American whaling ship ...

Scientists Renew Call for Fishing Ban in the International Arctic Ocean

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As sea ice that was once considered permanent melts in the international waters of the Central Arctic Ocean, nations are negotiating an agreement to close the region to commercial fishing ...

Drones let scientists get inside humpback whale blowholes

favicon Quartz
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Whales are notoriously hard to study. Scientists can sometimes observe the animals from boats or scuba dives, but whales tend to be suspicious of foreign ocean visitors and swim away ...

Watch Prince Charles, in a Suit, Release Sea Turtles into the Ocean as He Warns ‘Plastic Is Now on the Menu’

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Longtime environmentalist Prince Charles is speaking out on the importance of protecting our oceans. And he got up close and personal with one of the world’s most ancient creatures during ...

China's notorious fishing fleets stir outrage in Liberia

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WEST POINT, Liberia — Early one morning in this buzzing seaside township, a canoe fisherman marched up from the shore, soaking wet and wincing under the weight balanced on his ...

Preserving coral reefs needs new technologies

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Climate change has now gathered such momentum that even if global warming was limited to 1.5oC, the Great Barrier Reef will continue to be damaged from coral bleaching, according to ...

Billionaires don't get to decide when and how Californians reach the beach

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The California coastline belongs to all of us. It cannot be bought. That hasn’t stopped people from trying, however, by blocking access to the beaches near their homes. Up and ...

Stakeholders meet to save the southern resident killer whales

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When Lynne Barre feels discouraged about the recovery effort of the southern residents killer whale population, she calls her colleague who does a school program about the orcas to see ...

WATCH: rarely seen Dolphin behavior spotted off Israeli coast

favicon The Jerusalem Post |
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Two dolphins in a touching display of friendship were observed off the Israeli coast, north of Ashkelon, on Friday. A male dolphin was swimming and accompanying the floating carcass of ...


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Here are the 17 primary targets - banks that provide funding to Dakota Access AND ALL 4 proposed new tar sands pipelines, or are the leaders of big multi-bank loans.

Beyond Biodiversity: A New Way of Looking at How Species Interconnect

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In 1966, an ecologist at the University of Washington named Robert Paine removed all the ochre starfish from a short stretch of Pacific shoreline on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. The absence ...

Here’s The Painful Truth About Turtle Poaching In M’sia

favicon Malaysian Digest
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Joomla Social View Comments The discovery of eight turtle carcasses that were brutally mutilated on the beach of Pulau Bum-Bum, Semporna, Sabah, recently, sparked a wave of anguish and worry ...

These 8 Reasons Prove the Octopus is a Seriously Awesome Creature

favicon Ocean Conservancy
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Did you know October 8th is World Octopus Day? In celebration of these mysterious, sometimes cute and sometimes slightly creepy cephalopods, there are a few things about the octopus that ...

Tar sands pipelines are threatening our water

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Tar sands pipelines are trampling the rights of North American Indigenous communities, threatening to poison waterways, and contribute to runaway climate change. First Nations and frontline communities are opposing the ...

Sharktober Film Night

favicon University of San Francisco
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Sharktober is back at the University of San Francisco! Featuring the award winning film Blue Serengeti about white shark research at the Farallon Islands and a discussion with David McGuire,

Finalists named for Ocean Conservation Awards

favicon TCPalm
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Loggerhead Marinelife Center’s ninth annual Go Blue Awards recognize ocean heroes from around the globe. Nearly 100 distinguished guests gathered at PGA National Resort & Spa Sept. 21 for the ...

10 Weeks, 10 Hurricanes, and a 124-Year-Old Record Is Matched

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But what really stands out is the intensity and duration of the storms, reflected in a measure known as accumulated cyclone energy. By that index, 2017 ranks eighth since modern ...

An Artist Whose Mentors Are Scientists

favicon The Atlantic
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Dianna Cohen, an artist and environmentalist, remembers well how her hometown of Los Angeles changed in the 1970s when local grocery stores started offering plastic bags in addition to paper ...

How Antarctic ice melt can be a tipping point for the whole planet's climate

favicon The Conversation
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Melting of Antarctica’s ice can trigger rapid warming on the other side of the planet, according to our new research which details how just such an abrupt climate event happened ...

Penguin catastrophe leads to demands for protection in Antarctica

favicon the Guardian
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Only two Adélie penguin chicks from a colony of more than 18,000 breeding pairs have survived the Antarctic summer due to unusually extensive sea ice, prompting environmental campaigners to call ...

A Tale of Two Futures: Alaskan Wild Salmon vs. Pebble Mine

favicon NRDC
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For anyone still unclear about the irreconcilable disconnect between the rich heritage of Alaskans and the overriding financial self-interest of The Pebble Partnership, it was on stunning display in Bristol ...

Trump Administration Signs 'Death Sentence' For Pacific Walrus

favicon EcoWatch
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Animals The Trump administration announced Wednesday it would decline to list the Pacific walrus on the endangered species list, reversing an Obama-era finding that the walruses should be protected under ...

Anthrax suspected in hippo deaths

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More than 100 hippos have been found dead in a Namibian national park, with authorities suspecting anthrax could be to blame. The animals are believed to have all died in ...

“It’s Kevin!” Meet the young manta revealing new clues about his species

favicon Oceana
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On a sweltering summer day in South Florida, biologist Jessica Pate stands on the bow of her 26-foot center-console boat. She’s holding a rope to keep her balance, while her ...

Watch Spectacular Drone Footage of a Massive Blue Whale Feeding off Australia

favicon Slate Magazine
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This video catches a rare glimpse of a gigantic, lunge-feeding blue whale deciding on what’s for lunch. A nonintrusive drone from Oregon State University quietly observed the world’s largest animal ...

Life history of cetaceans

favicon Blue Planet Society
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Life history concerns the timing and patterns of growth, survival, and reproduction of an organism. Animals that take a long time to reach reproductive age also live long lives and ...

I am Lionfish, hear me ROAR!

favicon Science Sushi
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Ok, well maybe more like grunt or drum. Still, this recording comes from the first study to document that lionfishes—the invasive, venomous scourges of the Atlantic and Mediterranean—make sounds. ...

Britain invaded by jellyfish blown over by hurricane Ophelia

favicon Mail Online
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Britain is set to be battered by winds of more than 80mph tomorrow as the country prepares to be hit by what could be the worst storm in 21 years.

Breaking Free From Plastics Through Art

favicon HuffPost
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We are living in the midst of a catastrophe. Most people know it intuitively but yet it continues. Plastic pollution continues to grow exponentially and its effects are mounting. However,

Manta ray brainpower blows other fish out of the water

favicon Oceana
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Every family has an overachiever. For fish, that title goes to manta rays. They’re giant, charismatic and basically geniuses. Mantas have huge brains — the biggest of any fish — ...