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xkcd: Logical

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Stop Being Shocked Please

favicon The Last Word On Nothing
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Last week, I saw a lot of shocked men. They were shocked about the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment allegations. They were shocked that fellow liberal men in journalism were colluding ...

The Most Beautiful Death Trap

favicon The Atlantic
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At first, they look like stars. I see them as I gaze upwards at the ceiling of a flooded, pitch-black cave—hundreds of blue pinpricks. As my eyes habituate to the ...

How Top NBC Executives Quashed The Bombshell Harvey Weinstein Story

favicon HuffPost
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In mid-August, Ronan Farrow, an NBC News contributor, had secured an interview with a woman who was willing to appear on camera, in silhouette, her identity concealed, and say Harvey ...

Retracted: Nrf2: a novel therapeutic target in fragile X syndrome is modulated by NNZ2566

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Retraction: “Nrf2: a novel therapeutic target in fragile X syndrome is modulated by NNZ2566” by R. M. J. Deacon, M. J. Hurley, C. M. Rebolledo, M. Snape, F. J. Altimiras,

O.K., Computer, Tell Me What This Smells Like

favicon The New Yorker
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Our sense of smell is gloriously specific. The mellow aroma of butter and flour rising from warm pie crust, the synthetic bite of fresh paint, the familiar odor of a ...

Disturbing allegations of sexual harassment in Antarctica leveled at noted scientist

favicon Science | AAAS
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Editor’s note: This article includes crude language and disturbing details. Boston University (BU) is investigating sexual harassment complaints made against a prominent Antarctic geologist by two of his former graduate ...

When Science Reporting Takes an Emotional Toll

favicon The Open Notebook
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In November 2014, Erika Check Hayden left her San Francisco home for Sierra Leone, to report for Nature (where she was then a staff reporter) on how Africans and aid ...

Statement from Atlantic Media General Counsel Aretae Wyler on Scam Using The Atlantic Names

favicon The Atlantic
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This morning, Atlantic Media General Counsel Aretae Wyler shared the following memo with The Atlantic staff on a scam in which individuals posing as editors and senior leadership have been ...

There's a Word for the State of American Democracy: Kakistocracy

favicon The Atlantic
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Kakistocracy is a term that was first used in the 17th century; derived from a Greek word, it means, literally, government by the worst and most unscrupulous people among us.