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New study: West Coast ships kill more than 80 endangered whales annually

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Far more whales die in collisions with ships off the West Coast than ever wash up on beaches, a new study has found. Every year, an estimated 18 blue whales,

Canada orders reduced ship speeds to prevent right whale deaths

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Canadian officials on Friday ordered boats including cargo and cruise ships to reduce their speed in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence in a bid to protect endangered whales. The speed ...

Killing Dolphins: MSC Seafood Label Greenwashes Dolphin-Killing Tuna Industry

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The Marine Stewardship Council “eco”-certifies Mexico’s dolphin-killing tuna fleets in defiance of World Wildlife Fund, Earth Island and other NGOs and Scientists The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is one of ...

Thousands of Sharks Found on Boat in Huge Illegal Haul

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On Sunday marine ecologist Pelayo Salinas was on his way back from a 12-day research mission on a Galápagos National Park patrol ship when at 6 a.m. the captain spotted ...

Tallurutiup Imanga/Lancaster Sound in High Arctic to be Canada’s Largest Protected Area

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“Protecting this area is critically important. Like most of the Arctic, the region is threatened by climate change. Rising temperatures and melting sea ice are shrinking habitats, and putting vulnerable ...

Endangered whales won't reach half of pre-hunting numbers by 2100, study says

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Populations of the endangered blue and fin whales, which were hunted nearly to extinction in the 20th century, will not have recovered to even half of their pre-whaling numbers by ...

Dazzling Shark Images Highlight Need to Protect Species

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A post shared by Pew Environment (@pewenvironment) on Jul 26, 2017 at 6:21am PDT “I saw these golden trevally swimming with this whale shark in Mafia Island, Tanzania,” photographer Steve ...