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It took less than a minute of satellite time to catch these thieves red-handed

favicon Ars Technica
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The heart of the Pacific Ocean is a vast, barely explored region outside national boundaries, teeming with undiscovered species and dramatic undersea terrain. A few organizations monitor activity here, mostly ...

Scientists Discovered a Gigantic, 300,000-Year-Old Landslide Under the Ocean

favicon Smithsonian
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You’d think that in the 21st century, every inch of Earth—above and below water—would already have been documented and studied. But that’s far from true. Much of the ocean floor ...

Not so clean cut: why WDC is right to bellyache about Norwegian whale meat!

favicon WDC, Whale and Dolphin Conservation
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15 February 2017 - 4:54pm Further to our recent story that a consignment of around 60 tons of Norwegian minke whale meat was given away to local needy people, comes ...

Fish magnet boom creates headaches in Indonesia's war on overfishing

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Made by human hands, thousands of floating structures that attract fish speckle Indonesian waters throughout the archipelago country. Some drift. Some stand anchored to the ocean bottom. These fish aggregating ...

Massive blue whale population found in proposed seabed mining area

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Blue whales - the world's largest animal - have been found in abundant numbers in a proposed seabed mining area in Taranaki.Marine mammal expert Leigh Torres made a presentation to ...

Watch the Elaborate Courtship of Three Gray Whales

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Passengers on a whale-watching tour were treated to a surprise when they spotted not two, but what appeared to be three gray whales mating off the coast of Newport, California ...

Sir David Attenborough to present Blue Planet sequel

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Sir David Attenborough will present the sequel to 2001's The Blue Planet, the BBC has announced. The seven-part series, to be shown later this year, is intended to recent highlight ...

The oceans are losing oxygen, posing growing threats to marine life, scientists report

favicon Washington Post
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A large research synthesis, published in one of the world’s most influential scientific journals, has detected a decline in the amount of dissolved oxygen in oceans around the world — ...

Understanding the UK’s last killer whales

favicon The Independent
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The coast of the UK is not well-known for its whale watching opportunities. However, the seas around the British Isles do receive regular visits from an array of marine mammals,