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11 facts about blue whales, the largest animals ever known to live on Earth

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So colossal are these majestic marine mammals, their hearts alone weigh as much as a car. Picture in your mind a 10-story-tall animal walking down the street and you probably ...

Literati Magazine

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Tilikum has died. Involved in the killing of three humans, the focus of the movie Blackfish, and the book A Death at SeaWorld, Tilikum was certainly the most famous whale,

Petition: To ban balloon releases to protect environment and wildlife

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Mass balloon releases are causing a devastating impact on both the environment and wildlife on land and sea, there are many other ways to pay tribute to our loved ones ...

Obama Denies All Pending Permits for Seismic Airgun Blasting in Atlantic Ocean

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By Claire Douglass The Obama administration formally denied today all pending permits to conduct seismic airgun blasting in the Atlantic Ocean. Seismic airgun blasting, an extremely loud and dangerous process ...

Dozens of species now at risk of extinction because we're eating too much fish

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Overfishing off the west coast of Africa threatens to drive many species to extinction, which could cause food shortages for local people, conservationists have warned. The International Union for Conservation ...