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Sea Ice Retreat Could Lead to Rapid Overfishing in the Arctic

favicon The Atlantic
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The Arctic Ocean has long been the least accessible of the world’s major oceans. But as climate change warms the Arctic twice as fast as anywhere else, the thick sea ...

Diving with the sharks: How does it impact the animals?

favicon ScienceDaily
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Science News from research organizations Date: Source: University of California - Santa Barbara Summary: Humans can interact with sharks without long-term behavioral impacts for the ocean's top predators, a new ...

Sealers Want To Start Annual Hunt During Pup Season. Enough Is Enough

favicon The Huffington Post
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As if the poor harp seals didn't have it bad enough. Earlier this year poor ice conditions in the Gulf of St. Lawrence led scientists to predict that many pups ...

Dead zones may threaten coral reefs worldwide

favicon ScienceDaily
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Science News from research organizations Date: Source: Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute Summary: Dead zones affect dozens of coral reefs around the world and threaten hundreds more according to a new ...

Bad breath: Study find array of bacteria when orcas exhale

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When the mighty orca breaks to the surface and exhales, the whale sprays an array of bacteria and fungi in its his breath, scientists said, some good, and some bad ...

‘They’re so cute’: Record sea otter population delights Morro Bay

favicon sanluisobispo
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Canadian travelers Blaine and Mariette Viger were all smiles Friday while observing some of the record number of sea otters swimming, foraging and grooming themselves in the Morro Bay harbor ...

Is Anyone Going to Save the Endangered Killer Whales in Puget Sound Before It's Too Late?

favicon The Stranger
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In September of 2016, the oldest living orca known to science, J2, was photographed near San Juan Island from a drone. Matriarch of the southern residents, a population of killer ...