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American Trees Are Moving West, and No One Knows Why

Original story at The Atlantic• 2 mentions • 7 days ago

The Atlantic 7 days ago

As the consequences of climate change strike across the United States, ecologists have a guiding principle about how they think plants will respond. Cold-adapted plants will survive if they move “up”—that is, as they move further north (away from the tropics) and higher in elevation (away from the warm ground). A new survey of how tree populations have shifted over the past three decades finds that this effect is already in action. But there’s a twist: Even more than moving poleward, trees are moving west. About three-quarters of tree species common to eastern American forests—including white oaks, sugar maples, and ...
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18 May
Bethany Brookshire @scicurious
The trees are moving. But the Ents aren't going to Isenguard, instead they're heading toward Topeka. https://t.co/I1SmRsfQbj
17 May
Ed Yong @edyong209
Entmoot is over and they're now on the march https://t.co/xLAfNXGjTM