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Brooklyn Is America’s Next Shot at Electing a Progressive Prosecutor

Original story at The Nation• 2 mentions • 2 weeks ago

The Nation 2 weeks ago

In an editorial penned this February, the The New York Times inaugurated the beginning of a “wiser generation of prosecutors,” ones who would “change the national conversation” about criminal justice. In recent years a swarm of reform-ticket prosecutors have sailed into office buoyed waves of outrage over racism and police brutality, from Kim Foxx in Chicago to Kim Ogg in Houston to activist lawyer Larry Krasner’s recent victory in Philadelphia’s Democratic primary. The latest opportunity to seat a progressive prosecutor is the primary for district attorney of Brooklyn, which with a population of nearly 2.7 million would be the fourth-largest ...
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12 Sep
The Nation @thenation
These DA candidates aren't promising to get tough on crime, but to end to broken-windows policing and cash bail. https://t.co/17qJLEhz0z
11 Sep
🗽Jeffrey Levin 🗽 @jilevin
Brooklyn Is America's Next Shot at Electing a Progressive Prosecutor https://t.co/9rAIVZSL10