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In an Effort to Quench Your Thirst, Sports Drinks Are Cutting Sugar

Original story at Bloomberg.com• 2 mentions • 2 weeks ago

Bloomberg.com 2 weeks ago

It wasn’t too long ago that cities started paying closer attention to studies connecting soda with America’s obesity epidemic. New York was one of the first to attempt regulation of no-good-for-you drinks. It lost in court. A proposal in Philadelphia fell short, too. It took the progressive bastion of Berkeley, Calif., to get a soda tax to stick, spurring locals to drink 21 percent less of the stuff. Bay Area neighbors San Francisco and Oakland soon followed, as did Boulder, Colo., and Chicago. When Philadelphia tried again last year, its law passed. The growing understanding that sugar is bad for ...
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12 Sep
Bloomberg @business
In an effort to quench your thirst, sports drinks are cutting sugar https://t.co/rwHguyegkd https://t.co/sp9BENfQ3f