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Meet the guy behind Twitter's most adorable alien

Original story at Mother Jones• 2 mentions • 2 weeks ago

Mother Jones 2 weeks ago

If you spend time on Twitter, you may have encountered a character named Jomny Sun, an adorably witty and philosophical alien with nearly half a million followers. For the most part, Jomny’s tweets are silly and weird, riddled with playful typos. But over the last year, Jomny has developed a more serious side. He’s waded into politics. Like this: Jomny’s creator, a second-year MIT PhD student in urban studies and planning named Jonny Sun, says Jomny’s political awakening was intentional—and he’s hoping that it will serve a purpose. “Humor is this way to get people on board or to get ...
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16 Jul
Clara Jeffery @ClaraJeffery
In which @_KarenHao talks to @jonnysun https://t.co/p1uoHFm6sn
15 Jul
Mother Jones @MotherJones
Meet the Guy Behind Twitter’s Most Adorable Alien https://t.co/wPKByRUmDw https://t.co/dlle3c8zCj