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Rare Video Captures Never-Before-Seen Whale Behavior

Original story at news.nationalgeographic.com• 4 mentions • 2 weeks ago

news.nationalgeographic.com 2 weeks ago

Balanced precariously on a dinghy in the churning ocean off South Africa, biologist Paolo Segre had a challenging task: Attach a hamburger-size video camera to a 60-ton humpback whale. Not only that, Segre had to attach the camera to the whale's broad back with a pair of suction cups while using a 20-foot pole and avoiding the animal’s tail, which could sink the boat (and Segre) with a single slap. Segre, a biomechanics postdoctoral student at Stanford University, was in the southern Atlantic studying humpback whales' secret lives below the surface. (Get an incredible whale's-eye view of Antarctica.) His video,
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17 Jul
DianeN56 @DianeN56
RT @azula: Rare Video Captures Never-Before-Seen Whale Behavior https://t.co/fKS7YKCQkE via @NatGeo
16 Jul
Pangaea Exploration @panexplore
Rare Video Captures Never-Before-Seen Whale Behavior https://t.co/LSNksIEks1 https://t.co/PXNoqxHsBa
14 Jul
Marine Conservation @savingoceans
#Rare video captures never-before-seen #whale behavior. https://t.co/4vvu2WaEte
14 Jul
Greenpeace @Greenpeace
Wow! Check out this rare video of whales flapping like birds. https://t.co/4XugkBRTVE #natureisamazing https://t.co/GRTdiUbOLG