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The Story Behind The Simpsons’ Legendary Planet of the Apes Musical

Original story at Vulture• 3 mentions • 2 weeks ago

Vulture 2 weeks ago

In a show as jam-packed with memorable moments as The Simpsons, it’s hard to say with any certainty where any one bit ranks. What I do know is when you mention anything about Planet of the Apes to a fan of the show, their mind will instantly jump to the words “Dr. Zauis, Dr. Zauis.” Others will happily sing the whole dang score for you. The memory of the show’s fictional Planet of the Apes musical has lasted the 21 years since it aired as part of the episode “A Fish Called Selma” in season seven. The musical, officially titled ...
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15 Jul
New York Magazine @NYMag
The very serious, very true story of how @TheSimpsons wrote their Planet of the Apes musical https://t.co/p7KTDFZBXY
14 Jul
Declan Shalvey @declanshalvey
RT @JesseDavidFox: This is real dream job territory for me, so I hope you enjoy. https://t.co/PZztYmvKtt
13 Jul
Vulture @vulture
Here is the complete story of how @TheSimpsons' #PlanetoftheApes musical came together, from chimpan-A to chimpan-Z https://t.co/4uv2toMlNZ