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We can’t turn our backs on the ocean

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My first memory of the sea is from when I was about 5 years old. I was completely amazed by its immensity, the strength of its waves and how nice the water felt on my feet. From that day on, I built a relationship with the sea, built on respect and admiration, its greatness and the dream of someday discovering the treasures it harbors. When I grew up, my way of getting to know the ocean was through the fishermen and communities that build their lives around it. When I visited different fishing villages, surrounded by biodiversity, and saw how ...
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17 Jul
DianeN56 @DianeN56
RT @Greenpeace: We cannot turn our backs on the ocean. Here’s why: https://t.co/bVyl4dmVOc https://t.co/dbm7J6ItdC
16 Jul
GRAY @oceanshaman
RT @EcoInternet3: We can’t turn our backs on the #ocean: Medium https://t.co/ZAgIa6hPi2 #environment
16 Jul
RT @karen_sack: “We can’t turn our backs on the ocean” by @Greenpeace https://t.co/1LhzroQpOT
14 Jul
Marine Conservation @savingoceans
RT @HighSeasAllianc: "The call is simple: the time for the #UN to act is now." https://t.co/UQBJgvdYUU #HighSeas #PrepCom4 https://t.co/CHI