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The Problem With How Jeff Sessions Talks About Crime

Original story at The Nation• 5 mentions • 6 months ago

The Nation 6 months ago

Last week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said that consent decrees—formal agreements between municipalities and the Department of Justice (DoJ) to improve local policing, often put in place in response to discriminatory practices—can “reduce the morale of police departments.” He wasn’t just paying lip service to police officers; earlier in the month, Sessions ordered a review of all consent decrees across the United States. Under President Obama, the DOJ regularly used consent decrees, which offered the department a way to increase federal oversight, to work with cities to overhaul troubled police departments. In Sessions’s DOJ, consent decrees are likely to be ...
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21 Apr
Randi Weingarten @rweingarten
The problem with how Jeff Sessions talks about crime. https://t.co/YuC6eAujGY
20 Apr
Advancement Project @adv_project
Sessions ismaking unfounded claims about the relationship between crime rates and scrutiny of law enforcement. https://t.co/UPrDwKn1hd
20 Apr
Civil Rights @civilrightsorg
Sessions has made conclusive statements about consent decrees making America less safe. That's simply not the case. https://t.co/znl7kWSGZQ
20 Apr
Global Issues Web @globalissuesweb
The Problem With How Jeff Sessions Talks About Crime https://t.co/j0Ckr1PV6Y https://t.co/e39c2JJaC3
20 Apr
The Nation @thenation
The Problem With How Jeff Sessions Talks About Crime https://t.co/OU1VusMmsi