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Tim Cook: "I'm Proud to be Gay"

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Throughout my professional life, I’ve tried to maintain a basic level of privacy. I come from humble roots, and I don’t seek to draw attention to myself. Apple is already one of the most closely watched companies in the world, and I like keeping the focus on our ...

The top 100 papers

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The discovery of high-temperature superconductors, the determination of DNA’s double-helix structure, the first observations that the expansion of the Universe is accelerating — all of these breakthroughs won Nobel prizes and international acclaim. Yet none of the papers that announced them comes anywhere close to ranking among the ...

Been to an Ebola-affected country? Stay away from tropical medicine meeting, Louisiana says

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Ebola fears are interfering with the world's premier scientific meeting on tropical diseases. Today, Louisiana state health officials asked anyone who has traveled to Liberia, Sierra Leone, or Guinea in the past 21 days, or has treated Ebola patients elsewhere, to stay away from the annual meeting of ...

Neuroscience Gets Radical: How to Study Surfers' Brain Waves

favicon IEEE Spectrum
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When the energy drink company Red Bull flew a team of neuroscientists and elite surfers to a beach town in Mexico in late August, it was in hopes of answering a vexing question: How can you study the brain waves of surfers while they’re actually riding the waves?Some ...

This Machine Turned Colorado Blue. Now It May Be Dems' Best Hope to Save the Senate.

favicon Mother Jones
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"It's eerie how much 2014 is like four years ago," says Craig Hughes, a Denver-based political consultant who ran Democrat Michael Bennet's successful 2010 Senate campaign. It's just after 10 a.m., and we're sitting in a coffee shop called Paris on the Platte. Hughes recounts how, back in ...

WATCH: Bianca Del Rio and Adore Delano Star in Starbucks' First LGBT Commercial

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The fan-favorite queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 6 party with Starbucks for the coffee company’s first LGBT commercial.

Poor Countries Tap Renewables at Twice the Pace of Rich

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Emerging markets are installing renewable energy projects at almost twice the rate of developed nations, a report concluded. A study of 55 nations -- including China, Brazil, South Africa, Uruguay and Kenya -- found that they’ve installed a combined 142 gigawatts from 2008 to 2013. The 143 percent growth in renewables in those markets compares with an 84 percent rate in wealthier nations, which installed 213 megawatts, according to a report released today by Climatescope. The boom in renewables is often made for economic reasons, Ethan Zindler, a Washington-based Bloomberg ...

The Mother Jones Guide to Evil NBA Owners

favicon Mother Jones
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Six months ago, the NBA rid itself of its worst owner, perpetual sleazebag Donald Sterling. Everyone praised the swift, harsh punishment meted out by commissioner Adam Silver for Sterling's racist tirade—well, almost everyone. Shortly after the league announced the lifetime ban of the Clippers owner, Dallas Mavericks owner ...

QUIZ: What mental disorder do you have?

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Some online quiz questions may be deeply offensive to many, but why let the trivialisation of serious health issues endured by millions get in the way of delicious clickbait? You can’t move for online quizzes these days. Nearly every fourth Facebook post seems to be the result of ...

Lay Off the Artisanal Ice, You Ignorant Hipsters

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If you want to understand the latest trend in craft cocktails, you could do worse than to listen to Outkast. What's cooler than being cool is indeed ice cold. Specifically, it's stored at negative two degrees, sculpted with a Japanese band saw, and retails for $1 a cube.

Pimco Replaced by BlackRock at $6 Billion Prudential Fund

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Pacific Investment Management Co., seeking to stem redemptions after its co-founder Bill Gross left unexpectedly, was dropped as manager of a $6.16 billion strategy offered by a unit of Prudential Financial Inc. Pimco, based in Newport Beach, California, will be replaced as subadviser of the AST Pimco Total ...

Women's Event 17

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Since 1983 The Center has been supporting, fostering and celebrating the LGBT community of New York City. Find more information on us and our work in About The Center. Your contributions make our work possible! Thank you for being our partner in serving and supporting the LGBT community.

Is Your Judge for Sale?

favicon Mother Jones
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The 30-second TV spot is stark and brutal. First it shows the bespectacled face of candidate Louis Butler, then a grainy mug shot of an ex-con. "Louis Butler worked to put criminals on the street," the narrator warns, "like Reuben Lee Mitchell, who raped an 11-year-old girl with ...

Benjamin Netanyahu, Chickenshit

favicon Mother Jones
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Jeffrey Goldberg has an, um, unique new perspective on the steadily deteriorating relationship between President Obama and Israeli prime minister Bibi Netanyahu: Over the years, Obama administration officials have described Netanyahu to me as recalcitrant, myopic, reactionary, obtuse, blustering, pompous, and “Aspergery.”....But I had not previously heard Netanyahu ...

UN reaffirms importance of women’s empowerment for global peace, security

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The Security Council held an open debate on women, peace and security, with a focus on the theme, “Displaced women and girls: leaders and survivors.” UN Photo/Amanda Voisard 28 October 2014 – As the world is swept by unparalleled levels of displacement, festering conflicts, and a convergence of ...

New frog species found in New York

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“I remember every detail of that night.” It was November 2011 and Brian Curry was on the lookout for a frog. As it was late in the year and most amphibians would be hiding away for the winter, the chances of finding a specimen were slim, especially as ...

The 13 Best New Indie Horror Movies to Watch at Home on H

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Throughout the last 12 months, Indiewire has covered midnight sections at festivals ranging from Sundance to Toronto, not to mention genre-specific gatherings like Fantastic Fest. "Saw" hits theaters this weekend to celebrate its 10th anniversary, but there's no reason to dig into the past this Halloween when the ...

Dubai Insists the Boom is Not a Bubble This Time Around

favicon Bloomberg
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Alongside the Dubai Mall, one of the world’s largest shopping centers, sits an ersatz version of what would be an authentic retail experience in most Persian Gulf cities: an Arab souk. If, in the evening, you stroll through this air-conditioned, hassle- and haggle-free caricature of a market, staffed ...

Looks Like Microsoft Just Leaked Its Own Fitness Band

favicon TechCrunch
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Whoops! Before Microsoft even got a chance to announce that they’re making a fitness tracking band (a la Jawbone Up, Fitbit Force, etc.), the device’s companion syncing app has found its way onto the Mac App Store.

How a Pro-Gun, Anti-Gay "Political Terrorist" Could Help Keep Colorado Democrats in Power

favicon Mother Jones
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Colorado gun-rights crusader Dudley Brown has a simple political philosophy: "No compromise." He says the NRA is spineless. (An NRA official once tagged him the "Al Sharpton of the gun movement.") He loathes middle-of-the-road politicians. For show, he occasionally drives a Pinzgauer, a bulky Austrian-made troop transport vehicle,

Elizabeth Warren Challenges Chris Christie for the Science Behind His Ebola Quarantine

favicon Mother Jones
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Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is demanding Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.) reveal the science behind his controversial decision to place all health care workers returning back from Liberia, Guinea, or Sierra Leone to be placed under a mandatory quarantine. Spoiler alert: the science does not exist. "He should bring ...

Off-grid German village banks on wind, sun, pig manure

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Feldheim (Germany) (AFP) - If Germany has taken a pioneering though risky role in shifting to renewable energy, then the tiny village of Feldheim -- population 150 -- is at its vanguard. The hamlet near Berlin is Germany's first to have left the national grid and switched to ...

97 Percent of Doctors Are Concerned About Antibiotic Overuse

favicon ThinkProgress
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Nearly 100 percent of doctors are concerned about the growth of multi-drug resistant infections from the overuse of antibiotics, a study released last week by Consumers Report found. Almost 30 percent of surveyed doctors had a patient either suffer severe complications or die as a result of a ...

Faces of Breast Cancer

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If you live with breast cancer, love someone with breast cancer or worry about your risk for breast cancer, you are part of a global community of women and men whose lives have been touched by the disease. We asked our readers to share insights from their experiences with breast cancer. Browse their stories to find people like you and join the conversation.

Retailer-Backed Apple Pay Rival CurrentC Has Been Hacked, Testers’ Email Addresses Stolen

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MCX (Merchant Customer Exchange), the coalition of retailers including Walmart, Best Buy, Gap and others, who are backing a mobile payments solution CurrentC meant to rival newcomer Apple Pay, has been hacked. The data breach involves the theft of email addresses. The CurrentC mobile application was not affected,

Return of P: Is Texas Really Ready for Another George Bush?

favicon Mother Jones
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George Prescott Bush was campaigning before he knew why. In January, the Fort Worth resident, investor, politico, Navy reservist, and grandson of the 41st president and nephew of the 43rd, announced he was forming an exploratory committee to run for office in Texas. For which office? He didn't ...

Police and Shin Bet kill suspect in shooting of right-wing activist Yehuda Glick

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The suspect in the Yehuda Glick shooting has been killed by police and the Shin Bet, police confirmed on Thursday morning.The shootout took place in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Abu Tor. Forces arrived at the house of the suspect on Thursday morning after conducting an investigation. During police ...

Ray Rice Halloween costumes are not funny

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Halloween always reminds me that there are things far scarier than ghosts and goblins, things like racism and misogyny that persist when the costumes are packed away and November 1st rolls around. ICYMI, yesterday more photos surfaced of couples costumed as Janay and Ray Rice for Halloween, complete ...

How Dark Money Is Taking Over Judicial Elections

favicon Mother Jones
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Most people don't think about judicial elections until they find themselves staring at a group of unfamiliar names on the ballot. But judges are selected by voters in 39 states, whether in an initial election or a retention election after being appointed. The explainer below details how special-interest ...

Pennsylvania May Drop Birth Control Coverage For Thousands Of Low-Income Women

favicon ThinkProgress
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As the year draws to a close, women’s health advocates in Pennsylvania are concerned that the governor will allow a family planning program to lapse without ensuring that low-income residents can maintain uninterrupted access to their birth control. An estimated 90,000 women are currently at risk of losing ...

10 things I learned from @kevinmd about why physicians should actively participate on social media

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Matthew Stanbrook (right in picture) is Deputy Editor at CMAJ, currently at the CHEST 2014 annual meeting in Austin, Texas. While social media and its intersection with medicine may evoke both interest and anxiety among physicians, medical organizations are paying increasing attention to its potential. Therefore, I was ...

Scott Walker Campaign Ad Dismisses Equal Pay Protections For Women As ‘More Opportunity To Sue’

favicon ThinkProgress
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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R), locked in a tight re-election battle, has come under fire during the campaign for repealing Wisconsin’s Equal Pay Enforcement Act in 2012. His response: a new television ad featuring his female lieutenant governor, dismissing the protections as nothing more than “more opportunity to ...

Former Google Wallet Head Launches Poynt, A “Future-Proofed” Payment Terminal

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The former head of Google Wallet and longtime PayPal exec, Osama Bedier, is this morning revealing his new company Poynt, a “future-proofed” payment terminal that combines an Android-based tablet with a hardware docking station, and includes support for all modern payment technologies, including traditional magstripe cards, EMV (chip ...

What Three Words Need to be Rehearsed to Say to a Police Officer During a Mental Health Crisis (Full Cartoon)

favicon Psych
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Link to full size cartoon strip: Mental Health Humor by Chato Stewart o-Stewart-Family-Stew-Police-FC.jpg Police Car 5051: “Dispatch: at scene of disturbance we have the wife here requesting a Psych Eval. The suspect is 10-73 Bipolar and off his meds. We are cocked and locked and ready to approach suspect for assessment with deadly force.” Caption: Ever been videoing a street performer juggling -then the cops show up? #WhoCallsTheCopsOnStreetPerformers Chato Stewart: “I’m Not Resisting” (Dropping a huge Flower plant, on a cooking pan on his head in-between a beach ball with ...

Video: French activists seize stage at Israel-backed film festival

favicon The Electronic Intifada
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Dozens of activists disrupted an Israeli-government backed film screening at the Cinemed 2014 festival in Montpellier, southern France, on Sunday, forcing the showing to be abandoned. As the video shows, dozens of activists stood up as the film began screening, holding signs and chanting: “Israel assassin, Cinemed accomplice,” ...

Here Are This Year's Judicial Elections to Watch

favicon Mother Jones
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Many states are holding judicial elections on November 4—races that have been marked by nasty attack ads and unprecedented amounts of partisan money. Here are some of the key contests to watch: North Carolina This year's election in the Tar Heel State will be the first in 10 ...

British Broadcaster Sky Invests $7 Million In YouTube Video Network Whistle Sports

favicon TechCrunch
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Sky (BSkyB) is best known as a British satellite broadcaster, but it is increasingly becoming a startup investor after it announced its third deal in a month. Fresh from putting $5 million into ad tech startup Sharethrough and backing online video platform Pluto, the company has ploughed $7 ...

SolarCity and Zep Join the Solar Carport Race

favicon Greentech Media
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Today’s announcement from SolarCity highlights cost reduction opportunities in the expanding carport market. Solar carports were a hot topic at last week’s Solar Power International 2014 conference in Las Vegas, with carport structures prominently on display across the trade show floor. As discussed in GTM Research’s recent report,

The Grim Future if Ebola Goes Global

favicon WIRED
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In today's business world, disruption is a constant force that never lets up. At the annual WIRED Business Conference: Disruptive by Design, we celebrate the creative power of bold new ideas and the people that make them happen.See the event > Maryn McKenna is a journalist for national ...

The NRA Comes Out in Support of Warrior Cops

favicon Mother Jones
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The current issue of the National Rifle Association's American Warrior magazine just hit, and in it, the gun lobby comes out squarely in favor of warrior cops. An article titled, "If You Were a Cop, What Would You Drive?" opens with a photo of an armored personnel carrier-style ...


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The NOAA Fisheries, Fisheries Statistics Division has automated data summary programs that anyone can use to rapidly and easily summarize U.S. commercial fisheries landings. Each year NOAA Fisheries compiles key fisheries statistics from the previous year into an annual snapshot documenting fishing’s importance to the nation. To lean ...

Two Years After Hurricane Sandy, a Reminder of What Utilities Faced as the Storm Approached

favicon Greentech Media
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On the morning of October 22, 2012, Jeff Masters sat down at his computer to monitor Tropical Depression Eighteen, which was then forming in the Caribbean. After taking a look at the weather conditions, one word came to his mind: “trouble.” Masters certainly knew what trouble meant. Thirty ...

College Students Across The Country Are Standing In Solidarity With Rape Victims Today

favicon ThinkProgress
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Sulkowicz, a visual arts major at Columbia University, is currently engaged in a senior thesis project that requires her to carry her dorm mattress everywhere she goes as long as her rapist remains enrolled at her school. She contends that Columbia University mishandled her rape case, so her ...

'Shazam for birds' app set for spring launch

favicon BBC News
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An app that can automatically recognise bird sounds is to be launched in time for spring, its creators have said. They hope to raise more money in a crowdfunding drive but, after tests with the BBC that suggested problems, admitted there was still work to do. "It is ...

DigitalOcean Partners With Mesosphere To Allow Developers To Focus On Apps, Not Servers

favicon TechCrunch
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DigitalOcean, the fast-growing cloud hosting provider, today announced that it has partnered with Mesosphere to allow its users to quickly deploy a Mesosphere cluster on its platform. The idea behind Mesosphere is to allow developers to treat a cluster on DigitalOcean, Google Compute Engine, AWS and similar platforms ...

From Ashes to Energy: $1 Billion Alevo Battery Factory Surges One the Scene

favicon Renewable Energy World
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Jennifer Runyon, Chief Editor, RenewableEnergyWorld.comOctober 28, 2014|0 CommentsNew Hampshire --Having worked in stealth mode for the past 10 years, German researchers in combination with serial entrepreneur Jostein Eikeland have developed a new battery chemistry that they claim is non-combustible and highly efficient. The batteries, say Alevo, have ...

Open Debate on Women Peace and Security

favicon headQuarters
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A scene from the Mugunga IDP camp on the outskirts of Goma, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo on 17 December 2012. Photo: MONUSCO/Sylvain Liechti Fourteen years since the adoption of Security Council resolution 1325 in 2000, significant progress has been made on the women, peace and ...

How 'Ida' Became the Year's Surprise Foreign-Language Hit

favicon Indiewire
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By Anthony Kaufman | Indiewire Tue Oct 28 12:00:05 EDT 2014 "No one knows anything," goes the famous Hollywood dictum, which has been proven once again with the box-office success of Pawel Pawlikowski's latest film "Ida." A quiet Polish-language, black-and-white somber drama about the legacy of the ...

2014 John Maddox Prize

favicon Sense about Science
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The John Maddox Prize rewards an individual who has promoted sound science and evidence on a matter of public interest. Its emphasis is on those who have faced difficulty or hostility in doing so. Nominations of active researchers who have yet to receive recognition for their public-interest work ...

The NRA’s Sexy Tom Cotton Grindr Ad

favicon The Daily Beast
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In a crucial Senate election, the NRA is running ads for a socially conservative Republican candidate on a hookup app for gay men. The pro-gun advocacy group is putting out online ads in Arkansas touting its support of Rep. Tom Cotton, the GOP Senate candidate. And at least ...

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