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UNHCR's new biometrics system helps verify 110,000 Myanmar refugees in Thailand.

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THAM HIN CAMP, Thailand, June 30 (UNHCR) – The UN refugee agency has completed its roll-out of a cutting-edge system to identify Myanmar refugees in Thailand's nine border camps. Between ...

The Death Boats: A Survivor’s Tale

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Every day, I listen to stories of people fleeing for their lives, across dangerous borders and unfriendly seas to reach safety. The story of a young woman, Doaa, is so ...

About the Exhibit

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To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the United Nations, the Dag Hammarskjöld Library is presenting an exploration of the seventy key documents that have shaped the United Nations and our ...

CRISPR: Move beyond differences

favicon Nature News & Comment
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Researchers and ethicists need to see past what can seem to be gendered debates when it comes to the governance of biotechnology, says Charis Thompson. This autumn, researchers and other ...

CAR: WFP Reaches Out To Food-Insecure Families, Farmers

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The acute emergency has caused widespread disruption in C.A.R. with food production 50 percent lower in 2014 than before the crisis. Nearly a quarter of the population is in need ...


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Looking back on 25 years of water, sanitation and hygiene monitoring, the reportprovides a comprehensive assessment of progress since 1990.The MDG target for drinking water was achieved in 2010 but ...

Pluto at Last

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Small, cold, and absurdly far away, Pluto has always been selfish with its secrets. Since its discovery in 1930, the dwarf planet has revolved beyond reach, its frosty surface a ...


favicon interfluidity
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Greece is a remarkable country full of wonderful people, but along dimensions of development and governance, the place is plainly pretty fucked up. It has been fucked up that way ...

Police shootings: Distraught people, deadly results

favicon Washington Post
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It was not yet 9 a.m., and Gary Page was drunk. The disabled handyman had a long history of schizophrenia and depression and, since his wife died in February, he ...

"What to the Slave is 4th of July?": James Earl Jones Reads Frederick Douglass’ Historic Speech

favicon Democracy Now!
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James Earl Jones, reading the words of Frederick Douglass. In a Fourth of July holiday special, we begin with the words of Frederick Douglass. Born into slavery around 1818, Douglass ...

Avigdor Liberman: Haredi parties control government, Israeli society captive to extremist elements

favicon The Jerusalem Post |
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Yisrael Beytenu chairman Avigdor Liberman strongly denounced on Sunday the government’s expected reversal of the conversion reforms adopted by the last government in today’s cabinet meeting. The reforms, spearheaded by ...

The Trouble With Nobel Prizes

favicon Popular Science
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Exploring the world of science through graphic narrative. By Maki Naro When Nobel Laureate Tim Hunt made his infamous "trouble with girls" remark, we learned two things: As the the ...

Report: Lebanese Hezbollah and Syrian army enter rebel-held Syrian border city

favicon The Jerusalem Post |
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BEIRUT- The Syrian army and Lebanese Hezbollah fighters entered the rebel-held city of Zabadani on the second day of a major offensive to capture the border area around the Beirut-Damascus ...

Bobby Jindal Really, Really, Really Hates Gay Marriage

favicon Mother Jones
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After three courts told him he had to, Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal will finally allow his administration to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples today. ....Jindal's administration argued it's possible ...

Despite crisis at home, Greek FM to begin 3-day visit to Israel

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Less than 24-hours after voting in Greece on a fateful referendum on whether to accept the terms of an international bailout, Greece's Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias will arrive for talks ...

Greece Referendum: Alexis Tsipras Calls for 30% Debt Haircut

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Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said the nation’s debt will need to be cut by 30 percent, with a 20-year grace period for payment, in order to be sustainable, citing ...

Tim Hunt: Nobel Laureate's comments about girls and science.

favicon Slate Magazine
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In early June, Nobel Laureate Tim Hunt was asked to speak at a luncheon sponsored by the Korea Federation of Women’s Science and Technology Associations at a science communications meeting ...

Benjamin Netanyahu: What's happening in Iran talks is a breakdown, not a breakthrough

favicon The Jerusalem Post |
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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday expressed alarm at the emerging nuclear deal between western powers and Iran currently taking place in Vienna.Speaking at the opening of the weekly cabinet ...

Breakthroughs appear in Vienna on Iran nuclear talks

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VIENNA -- Three major sticking points obstructing world powers and Iran from making an historic nuclear deal appear to have been resolved by their technical experts over the last 48 ...

Uruguay: Israeli embassy worker suspected in planting fake bomb

favicon The Jerusalem Post |
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Police in Uruguay named an Israeli embassy security worker as the main suspect in planting a fake bomb outside the Montevideo World Trade Center building which houses the Israeli Embassy ...

Top Israel police investigator Bracha commits suicide

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Police announced on Sunday the suicide of police National Fraud Squad head Asst.-Ch. Ephraim Bracha, 55, who had served in the police force for more than 30 years. Bracha was ...

21 Great Americans Who Aren't The Founding Fathers

favicon ThinkProgress
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Every Fourth of July, Americans gather to celebrate, among many things, Independence Day and the Founding Fathers. America is basically obsessed with old white dudes. Just look at the money ...

The Combined Black Workforces of Google, Facebook, and Twitter Could Fit on a Single Jumbo Jet

favicon Mother Jones
8 mentions2 days ago
We already knew that Google, Facebook, and Twitter employed relatively few African Americans, but new details show that the gap is truly striking. All three companies have in recent weeks ...

Male Kangaroos' Arms Evolved to Pound the Crap out of Each Other

favicon Inkfish
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When you look at a kangaroo or a wallaby, it’s obvious the animal is well built for bouncing around the outback. What may be less obvious is that its arms ...

Airborne spiders can sail on seas

favicon Nature News & Comment
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Spiders that travel on the wind are also adept sailors when they land on water, researchers have discovered. Morito Hayashi, a spider researcher at the Natural History Museum in London,

Your brain is like a wad of paper

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A simple theory may explain the various degrees of folding seen in mammalian brains, ranging from the smooth marmoset's brain (right column, top) to the craggy human's (right column, bottom).

Obama Just Came Out Hard Against the Washington Football Team’s Racist Name

favicon Mother Jones
4 mentions2 days ago
In an irony that will surely be lost on team owner Dan Snyder, the Washington Redskins are being kicked off their land. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell told D.C. Mayor Muriel ...

Greece Referendum: What happens if it's a “No”?

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Greek voters have received a clear message from the euro area: vote “Yes” in the July 5 bailout referendum. But Greece’s Syriza-led government is pushing the other way. What happens ...

Fast Food CEO Blames Low-Wage Workers for Poverty

favicon The Nation
3 mentions21 hours ago
To be “poor” in America isn’t an identifying characteristic or a defining trait, like being forgetful or creative or tall.Ad PolicyThis article originally appeared at a low-income American comes ...

Greeks Split Down Middle Before Bailout Referendum, Poll Shows

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Greece is divided right down the middle heading into Sunday’s referendum on European bailout proposals, portending even more upheaval for the stricken nation. A poll commissioned by Bloomberg News showed ...

Viacom is Missing TV Viewers, Hit Shows, and Its Leader

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A half-dozen security guards stand watch outside the Vibrato Grill Jazz, a supper club in Los Angeles, as a stream of black SUVs, Bentleys, and Teslas pull up to the ...

Hillary Clinton's Emails Show She's Basically Julia Louis-Dreyfus in "Veep"

favicon Mother Jones
4 mentions3 days ago
This week, the State Department released a large batch of the emails that Hillary Clinton sent and received (on her personal account via a private server!) when she was secretary ...

The 'jellyfish invasion' story one newspaper didn't want you to read

favicon the Guardian
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TV presenter and naturalist Steve Brackshall was asked by a British newspaper to write about the ‘invasion’ of jellyfish this summer. But they didn’t like what he had to say,

United Nations International Youth Day 2015

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The theme of International Youth Day 2015 is “Youth Civic Engagement.” The engagement and participation of youth is essential to achieve sustainable human development. Yet often the opportunities for youth ...

Sorry, Obama. The Founding Fathers Loved Peas

favicon Mother Jones
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On Wednesday, after the New York Times proposed adding peas to guacamole (what's next, mayonnaise?), President Barack Obama announced that the proper way to make guacamole is with avocado, onions,

WATCH: Top LGBT Legal Experts Break Down SCOTUS Gay Marriage Ruling, Look Ahead

favicon Towleroad
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Three leading experts broke down the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Obergefell v. Hodges this week on Free Speech TV’s “Gay USA.” Co-hosts Andy Humm and Ann Northrop were joined ...

Jim Webb Just Announced He's Running for President. Here's What You Need to Know About Him.

favicon Mother Jones
3 mentions2 days ago
At long last, former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb (D) is officially a candidate for president. After weeks of supposedly imminent announcements—including ones his staff may not have known about—he declared ...

Does Bipolar Disorder Give YOU a SHORT Fuse?

favicon Psych
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Ever wonder how many people living with bipolar disorder, live with anger and rage issues? I know for myself, I had the proverbial “Short Fuse” in my past. Yet, having ...

Chris Chistie Really Wants Republicans to Forget his Bromance With Obama

favicon Mother Jones
3 mentions3 days ago
After a somewhat lackluster response to his announcement that he was entering the presidential race, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie appears to be revving up his brusk, straight-talking persona in ...

Google's New Bike Plan Wants Silicon Valley to Be More Like Copenhagen

favicon CityLab
12 mentions2 days ago
Commuting in Silicon Valley is a drag. The big tech companies that make their homes there know that, and devote significant resources to sweetening the trip to work for their ...

Ebola Survivors May Be the Key to Treatment—For Almost Any Disease

favicon WIRED
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Lina Moses sensed the ghost of Ebola as soon as her Land Cruiser entered the gate at Kenema Government Hospital. More than a hundred people had died in the treatment ...

Greece and Syriza lost the public relations battle

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by Tyler Cowen on July 4, 2015 at 8:21 pm in Current Affairs, Economics, Law, Political Science | Permalink One of the most striking aspects of the Greek situation is just how much ...

When CEOs Are Accidentally Overpaid

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Why are chief executive officers paid so much? Although skyrocketing CEO pay is not a substantial factor behind the increase in income inequality, it is certainly startling. The average U.S.

Watch "The Fat Spy" Full Movie Online

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About | Board of Directors | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Blog | Filmanthropy | SnagReleasing | Indiewire | Terms of Service © 2015 SnagFilms Inc., 665 Broadway, Suite ...

Alibaba Affiliate Ant Financial Confirms Series A Funding At $45-$50B Valuation

favicon TechCrunch
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Alibaba’s subsidiary company Ant Financial confirmed today that it closed a Series A funding round which includes investment from China’s largest pension fund, the National Social Security Fund (NSSF). The ...

Why Republicans and Millennials Love the Grateful Dead All the Same

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In 1984, former Eagle Don Henley wrote, in one of his most popular solo songs, “The Boys of Summer,” that he saw “a Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac.” When discussing ...

BP Set To Pay Largest Environmental Fine in US History for Gulf Oil Spill

favicon Mother Jones
2 mentions3 days ago
This story was originally published by the Guardian and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. BP has agreed to pay a record environmental fine of $18.7 ...

XKEYSCORE: NSA's Google for the World's Private Communications

favicon The Intercept
14 mentions2 days ago
One of the National Security Agency’s most powerful tools of mass surveillance makes tracking someone’s Internet usage as easy as entering an email address, and provides no built-in technology to ...

More Jobs, But Still No Raises

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Strong U.S. job growth still isn’t having the effect that Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen has long been waiting for: better raises for workers. Until that happens, there's little reason ...

D-Day for Greek Banks Looms in Aftermath of Austerity Referendum

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The chairman of Greece’s biggest bank put an end to the speculation about how long the nation’s crippled lenders can function after Sunday’s referendum. Without a fresh injection from the ...

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