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Gay W. Virginia high school soccer player comes out by dancing with homecoming king

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Michael Martin, an all-state goalie, slow danced with the guy who gave him the courage to be himself. Inspired by Robbie Rogers, Martin now hopes to inspire others. It was something I thought I'd never do -- dance a slow dance with the homecoming king at his high school. I am an 18-year-old senior all-state high school soccer goalie for Musselman High School in West Virginia. I also have been on the school's football, tennis and swim teams. And I am openly gay. Growing up in rural West Virginia, it's ...

This Lawmaker Wants Women to Get Permission From the Father Before Having an Abortion

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A Missouri Republican is pushing a bill that would allow a man who gets a woman pregnant to stop her from having an abortion. The measure would force a woman who wants an abortion to obtain written permission from the father first—unless she was the victim of "legitimate ...

Russia Has Already Blown Up the Global Economy Once. Will It Do It Again?

favicon Mother Jones
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Just in case you're thinking that Russia's economic problems are little more than a fitting karmic payback for Vladimir Putin, you might want to think twice. When the global economy is fragile, sometimes even small events can send the whole system into cardiac arrest, and that affects everyone,

Obama's Very Sly Cuban Move

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For years, President Barack Obama faced a tough problem: what to do about Alan Gross, the US subcontractor imprisoned in Cuban? And this dilemma encapsulated the larger puzzle of how to change US-Cuba relations, which have been frozen in a Cold War narrative. The Cubans arrested Gross in ...

Comet lander's location still eludes scientists

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More than a month after the Philae spacecraft bounced to the surface of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, European Space Agency scientists still have not been able to figure out where it came to rest. The probe landed off-kilter on 12 November. Knowing where Philae now lies is crucial to understand ...

Young Fidel Castro Wrote FDR to Ask for 10 Bucks

favicon Mother Jones
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In November 1940, a young Cuban student named Fidel Castro sent a handwritten letter to President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Writing in English, Castro congratulated the president on his reelection and requested "a ten dollars bill green american…because never, I have not seen a ten dollars bill green american ...

BREAKING: US To Normalize Relations With Cuba

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The United States and Cuba will begin talks to normalize relations, including opening an embassy in Havana and putting to rest one most enduring Cold War standoffs, a U.S. official said Wednesday. The landmark initiatives appeared to be set in motion by a surprise prisoner swap that freed ...

Furious Twitter Investor Demolishes CEO Dick Costolo: 'He Shouldn't Be Running The Company Anymore'

favicon Business Insider
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"Selling stock speaks louder than any words. As the CEO, how do you look the employees in the eye when you are busy grabbing a lifeboat? He has lost their respect, and obviously the respect of the market. The people who work at Twitter know the potential, and ...

Congress Is Finally Going to Make Local Law Enforcement Report How Many People They Kill

favicon Mother Jones
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Over the weekend, tens of thousands of marchers rallied against police brutality, standing in solidarity with families who have lost loved ones to police violence. With public scrutiny zeroed in on deaths at the hands of law enforcement, one thing is noticeably missing: A federal record of just ...

Our Chief Correspondent Is About To Publish A Huge Expose Of Marissa Mayer And Yahoo — Get It Here!

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The book includes all sorts of never-before-revealed details and stories about one of the world's most charismatic and inspiring CEOs, as well as the ongoing revitalization of the digital-media powerhouse known as Yahoo! And while you're waiting, read 1) Nick's cover story in the New York Times Magazine ...

International Migrants Day

favicon 18 December
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"Let us make migration work for the benefit of migrants and countries alike. We owe this to the millions of migrants who, through their courage, vitality and dreams, help make our societies more prosperous, resilient and diverse." "There are 232 million people living outside their country of birth,

Rate Guidance and Inflation Outlook Dominate Fed Agenda

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Here’s what to look for when the Federal Open Market Committee releases its policy statement along with quarterly economic projections at 2 p.m. today in Washington, and Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen holds a press conference at 2:30 p.m. -- Forward guidance: The Federal Reserve will drop its ...

Hamas' deputy chief says it has patched up ties with Iran

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GAZA (Reuters) - Hamas and Iran have repaired a close political and military relationship frayed by the Syrian civil war, the Palestinian Islamist group's deputy leader said on Wednesday. Patching up ties with Tehran could ease Hamas's financial and political isolation. Israel is blockading the Gaza Strip, while ...

Meet the new class of TED Fellows and Senior Fellows, fresh for 2015

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We are thrilled to announce the new class of Fellows for TED2015. These 21 game-changing thinkers represent 15 countries—including, for the first time in our program, Vietnam, Romania and Tunisia. They work across disciplines, at the forefront of their fields. They include a South African physicist using ...

It’s time to give up the emptiest word in urban policy: gentrification

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Maybe you think you know a gentrifying neighborhood when you see one. It's got all the shorthand: coffee shops, new condo construction, a few old storefronts awaiting renovation. What we think is easy to eyeball, though, is incredibly hard to identify in data. Quantitatively, what does gentrification look ...

The Top Cleantech Buzzwords and Phrases From 2014

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3 mentions11 hours ago
None of these will get you points in Scrabble. But they’ll make you sound smarter in conversations about energy. Last year, "utility death spiral" was on our list of the top buzzphrases. A few months later, the Oxford English Dictionary included "death spiral" in its list of new ...

WATCH: The Warwick Rowers, Full Length and Fully Revealed

favicon Out Magazine
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Laurie, Tristan, Ollie, and Paddy might not sound familiar to you, butt you’ll recognize them from their award-winning Warwick Rowers charity calendar. Photographed by the incredibly talented Angus Malcolm, the naked rowers have become a worldwide phenomenon. Their naked calendar has become an international success, particularly with the ...

German cabinet approves training mission to Iraq

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BERLIN (Reuters) - The German cabinet on Wednesday agreed to send around 100 German troops to northern Iraq to train Kurdish peshmerga forces fighting Islamic State (IS) militants. Islamic State has caused international alarm by capturing large expanses of Iraq and Syria and declaring an Islamic "caliphate". Western ...

5 Lessons in Mindful Communication From the Top 30 Social Influencers in Biotech

favicon The Huffington Post
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I am by no means a social media expert, but I strive to engage in meaningful, 'in the moment' conversations with people every day about money mindfulness and topics that can make a real difference in their lives. I'm fascinated to see new ways that social technology can ...

The Right Wing's Cynical Effort To Rebrand Birth Control As A Form Of Abortion

favicon ThinkProgress
7 mentions11 hours ago
Leading anti-abortion groups are working hard to cast certain birth control methods as a form of abortion, but they’re not necessarily being upfront about whether that signals a far-reaching shift in their agenda, according to a new policy analysis from the Guttmacher Institute. The medical definition of abortion ...

Arctic ground squirrels unlock permafrost carbon

favicon BBC News
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Scientists have found that the animals are hastening the release of greenhouse gases from the permafrost - a vast, frozen store of carbon. Dr Sue Natali, from Woods Hole Research Center in Massachusetts, US, said: "We know wildlife impacts vegetation, and we know vegetation impacts thaw and soil ...

Stop Mixing Up Islamic Flags: A Guide for Lazy Journalists

favicon Mother Jones
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When an armed assailant seized control of a café in downtown Sydney on Monday morning and forced two hostages to hold a black flag with Arabic script up to the window, many observers were quick to claim that ISIS, the self-proclaimed Islamic State that now dominates about a ...

First trials of blood-based Ebola therapy kick off

favicon Nature News & Comment
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Trials of 'convalescent' plasma have begun in Liberia, and plasma and blood studies in Guinea and Sierra Leone will follow. Emmanuel Saah after leaving his handprint on a tribute wall for Ebola survivors at the ELWA 3 treatment centre in Monrovia. The first clinical trials are starting in ...

New Tariffs on Chinese Solar-Panel Makers ‘Remove Any Strategy That Involves China’

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The Department of Commerce slapped high tariffs on solar products from China and Taiwan yesterday in a decision intended to address dumping and unfair subsidization of imports to the United States. The final ruling marks another victory for petitioner SolarWorld Americas in a lengthy solar trade battle. Imports ...

Jeb Bush on Climate Change: "I'm a Skeptic"

favicon Mother Jones
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Today, Jeb Bush, the former Republican Governor of Florida, announced that he would "actively explore" running for president in 2016. If elected, he'd have control over much of the US response to global warming. So how would Bush address the global climate crisis? With a mixture of skepticism,

Wisconsin jails pregnant woman and denies her prenatal care to “protect” her fetus

favicon Feministing
8 mentions2 days ago
Feministing is a labor of love and all our staff has other full-time jobs to support their work on the site. Your donation is much appreciated, and much needed. Wisconsin has a law on the books that allows the authorities to lock up a pregnant person who’s used ...

This Is the Best C-SPAN Call of All-Time

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The brothers Woodhouse sit staunchly on opposite ends of the political spectrum. They regularly take to C-SPAN to publicly squabble over their ideological differences. Their mother, Joy Woodhouse, has finally had enough: "Oh god it's mom," a slightly panicked Dallas Woodhouse mumbles upon realizing the next caller is ...

In photos: Palestinian school threatened by Israeli bulldozers

favicon The Electronic Intifada
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It took two years of hard work to build the Samra community school in the occupied West Bank’s Jordan Valley. But an Israeli demolition order issued against the school in October threatens to leave dozens of children without nearby access to education. The demolition order was given under ...

Seattle’s unbelievable transportation megaproject fustercluck

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22 mentions7 hours ago
Last week, I mentioned in passing that Seattle is in the midst of a full-spectrum transportation fustercluck. It has since come to my attention that some Grist readers are unfamiliar with the fustercluck in question, even though it recently made The New York Times and NPR. This cries ...

Ebola Response Update: 15 December 2014 (with images, tweets)

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Incitement against Abbas: Gaza posters depict hanging of PA leader

favicon The Jerusalem Post |
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Gaza poster depicting hanging of PA President Mahmoud Abbas‏. (photo credit:HAMAS MEDIA) Posters depicting the hanging of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas were discovered on walls in the streets of Gaza early Thursday morning. The posters had fierce messages against Abbas describing him as a "dictator" and a ...

"Siding with life in the face of death": photographer captures siege on Palestinians in Syria

favicon The Electronic Intifada
6 mentions5 hours ago
Yet when he begins talking about Yarmouk refugee camp, he speaks with a passionate lilt, captivating eloquence and a vivid amount of detail which is almost as powerful as his photography. A refugee from the ethnically cleansed Palestinian village of Awlam, south of Tiberias — it was completely ...

Guest Editorial: Seattle, Pull the Plug on the Tunnel Unless You Can Answer These Seven Questions

favicon Slog
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Seattle City Council president Tim Burgess said something yesterday that should scare Seattle residents shitless. Shortly after a council meeting with state highway officials who run the deep-bore tunnel project, Burgess said in a statement: "There's no turning back at this point. The entire Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement ...

I Almost Spent the Night With Chuck Johnson

favicon Mother Jones
5 mentions2 days ago
Hours before I was due to hop in a rental car to drive to his home last week, Charles C. Johnson laid down a new ground rule: He would talk only if I promised not to mention he lived in Fresno. The internet was full of crazy ...

Snacks, Spare Keys, And Other Ideas UVA Fraternities Have To Prevent Rape

favicon ThinkProgress
2 mentions16 hours ago
A month after Rolling Stone published a harrowing account of a gang rape that took place inside a fraternity at the University of Virginia — parts of which have been called into question after conflicting details of the story emerged — the school’s administration is enlisting fraternities to ...

Even John Yoo Says The Court Decision Rejecting Obama's Immigration Policy Is Problematic

favicon ThinkProgress
2 mentions15 hours ago
A federal judge’s decision declaring President Obama’s newly announced immigration policy unconstitutional has an unexpected — if somewhat tepid — critic: torture memo author John Yoo. Yoo, who once argued that the president’s power to act unilaterally is so expansive that the chief executive could order interrogators to ...

New Zealand’s Crusade Against Mammals

favicon The New Yorker
2 mentions1 day ago
In the days—perhaps weeks—it had spent in the trap, the stoat had lost most of its fur, so it looked as if it had been flayed. Its exposed skin was the deep, dull purple of a bruise, and it was coated in an oily sheen, like a sausage.

Here They Are: The Vincent Rue Emails the Texas Attorney General Didn't Want You to See

favicon RH Reality Check
4 mentions17 hours ago
The emails show Texas’s key consultant putting words into the mouths of the state’s so-called expert witnesses, attempting to persuade them to selectively exclude data that did not match his anti-choice bias, and, in one case, walking extremely close to the line of outright ghostwriting what were supposed ...

Why Yet Another Lawmaker Just Used The Term 'Legitimate Rape'

favicon ThinkProgress
2 mentions16 hours ago
More than two years after former Senate candidate Todd Akin (R-MO) infamously claimed that victims of “legitimate rape” don’t often get pregnant because “the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down,” at least one of his GOP colleagues is still finding opportunities to ...

Will Ruble's Rout Force Capital Controls?

4 mentions2 days ago
The failure of an emergency rate hike to stop the ruble's decline against the dollar increases the probability that Russia will introduce capital controls. President Vladimir Putin, who sees Russia's economic woes as the consequence of a Western plot, must be increasingly amenable to the recipes that worked ...

No Profits, The Book Controversies, The Phone Flop

favicon Business Insider
3 mentions2 days ago
Joel BenjaminJeff Bezos and I have a long history, dating from my days on Wall Street and the early years of Today, he's an investor in Business Insider, and I remain an Amazon shareholder. I tried not to let any of that be a factor when I ...

"Liberation for all": Why Palestine is a key issue on the streets of Ferguson

favicon The Electronic Intifada
4 mentions17 hours ago
“As a person who supports Israel I was glad to see that there were no signs and conversation about Gaza at all,” said St. Louis-area rabbi Ari Kaiman after participating in a clergy-led protest outside the Ferguson Police Department on 13 October. It was the final day of ...

White House Issues Ambitious Plan to Fight Illegal Fishing

favicon National Geographic
8 mentions20 hours ago
A school of Pacific yellowfin tuna is caught in a purse seine, a common type of fishing net for capturing fish that aggregate near the surface of the water. A White House task force issued new recommendations Tuesday to combat the growing problem of illegal fishing and to ...

Apple Stops Online Sales in Russia Over Ruble Fluctuations

favicon Bloomberg
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Apple Inc. (AAPL) has halted online sales in Russia due to “extreme” ruble fluctuations, the company said. “Our online store in Russia is currently unavailable while we review pricing,” Alan Hely, a spokesman for the Cupertino, California-based company, said today in an e-mailed statement. “We apologize to customers for any inconvenience.” Apple has been working to deal with the ruble swings in other ways. Last month, the company increased the price of the iPhone 6 by 25 percent in Russia. Russia’s currency lost as much as 19 percent today, with ...

Google Is Going Through A Rough Transition

favicon Business Insider
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In a research note sent out Tuesday, JPMorgan's Doug Anmuth lowered estimates for Google's revenues, citing concerns with "the transition from desktop to mobile search, continued margin compression, and increasing competition from Facebook." CEO Larry Page, frustrated with the pace of innovation at the company, took a big ...

Doctors May Have Violated Medical Ethics By Helping The CIA Torture Prisoners

favicon ThinkProgress
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A week after the release of a comprehensive Senate committee report on the CIA’s controversial interrogation methods of terror suspects, a medical advocacy organization is taking to task the health professionals who were involved, saying that their participation gave the U.S. government legal cover and “betray[ed] the most ...

This Is Where Apple's Money Comes From

favicon Business Insider
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Where does Apple's money come from? Mostly from iPhones. But, it also gets some money from Macs and iPads. Our graphics team made this infographic to explain Apple's business.The 'Internet of Things' Will Be The World's Most Massive Device Market And Save Companies Billions Of DollarsI Asked Jeff ...

T-Mobile Has A Really Good Data Plan Offer Starting Next Year

favicon Business Insider
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T-Mobile has a new offer for customers that will let them keep unused high-speed data and roll it over to the next month. Most carriers don't let you keep unused data for the month. For example, let's say you're a Verizon customer with a 2GB monthly plan, but ...

Three Great Pairs Of Touch-Screen Gloves To Buy Right Now

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Touchscreen gloves used to be a novelty accessory, but now that smartphones are the norm, gloves that work with them should be, too. There are a lot of options out there, so we've rounded up a few that will help your hands stay warm while texting this winter.

Do Mobile Ads Affect What You Watch On TV?

favicon Business Insider
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We all know that ads can influence what we buy. But they can also dictate what we watch on TV — and how much of it. This turns out to be even more true when the ad directs you toward something you already like to watch. PlaceIQ, a ...

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