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Ask Well: Is Golf With a Cart Exercise?

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Unfortunately, golf does not provide much of a workout, especially if you use a cart to transport yourself around the course. According to estimates by Stanford researchers and other groups,

Buffett Says Minimum Wage Increase Isn’t Answer to Income Gulf

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Billionaire Warren Buffett said the level of income inequality in the U.S. is “extraordinary” but that raising the minimum wage isn’t the best solution. “I don’t have anything against raising ...

Brazil and UNDP announce the first "World Games of Indigenous Peoples" during the UN Forum on Indigenous Issues in New York

favicon UNDP in Latin America and the Caribbean
3 mentions1 hour ago
For the first time in history, nearly 50 ethnic groups from all regions will gather in October to celebrate their traditional sports, culture and diversityNew York, April 24 – During ...

Greece Aid Talks Gain Urgency as Breakthrough Remains Elusive

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Talks between Greece and its international creditors gained in urgency as the two sides remained apart on key elements of the country’s bailout agenda after four days of intensive negotiations.

I watched the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight on Periscope and saw the future

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Like millions of others across the world, I watched the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight in a living room surrounded by other boxing fans. Except, the living room wasn't mine and my co-watchers ...

Yemen: Saudi-Led Airstrikes Used Cluster Munitions

favicon Human Rights Watch
14 mentions5 hours ago
An expended BLU-108 canister from a CBU-105 Sensor Fuzed Weapon found in the al-Amar area of al-Safraa, Saada governorate, in northern Yemen on April 17, 2015. A BLU-108 canister with ...

How shark 'penises' evolved

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How did animals like sharks and skates evolve claspers—paired penislike organs found on male pelvic fins—like the ones seen on the male skate on the left? For years, their origin ...

Obama Administration Gives Rail Companies Three Years to Fix Their Most Explosive Oil Cars

favicon Mother Jones
2 mentions14 hours ago
Trains hauling crude oil have continued to explode across the United States and Canada this year as oil production booms in North Dakota and Alberta. Nearly two dozen oil trains ...

ZPM Espresso and the Rage of the Jilted Crowdfunder

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“Thank you all very much,” Update 57 concluded, by way of goodbye. “Working on this project was the most ambitious and meaningful undertaking any of us have ever attempted. Getting ...

Michigan Hit With Its Second-Largest Earthquake Ever Recorded

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"Michigan Hit With Its Second-Largest Earthquake Ever Recorded" The star marks the epicenter of Friday’s earthquake — the second-biggest in Michigan’s history — which was felt in at least four ...

PHOTOS: Several Arrests After Peaceful Protests In Baltimore

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"PHOTOS: Several Arrests After Peaceful Protests In Baltimore" Demonstrators cheer in the intersection of West North and Pennsylvania Avenues in Baltimore on Saturday. Hundreds of demonstrators marched in Baltimore on ...

World Press Freedom Day 2015

favicon United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultura...
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Every year, 3 May is a date which celebrates the fundamental principles of press freedom; to evaluate press freedom around the world, to defend the media from attacks on their ...

Ask DAG!

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Disclaimer: Questions are answered by Library staff. Answers are current at the time published and as complete as our resources allow. Links and references to third-party resources do not imply ...

Two Largest States Consider Payday Lending Crackdown

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Predatory lenders thrive in Texas, where regulations are scarce on stores that offer payday advance loans and allow borrowers to put their cars up as collateral for high-cost, short-term credit.

United Nations and Government of Nepal launch 415 million dollar appeal for relief following earthquake

favicon UNDP
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The UN including the UN Development Programme and the Nepali Government made an appeal today for financial aid to provide urgent relief for people affected by the earthquake that struck ...

South Sudan Country Office Situation Report #59 - 5 - 31 March 2015

favicon UNFPA - United Nations Population Fund
2 mentions1 day ago
The security situation is relatively calm during the reporting period. However, heavy shelling and fighting were reported around Bentiu, Unity State. Also inter-communal tensions in Lakes State have left many ...

Eyewitness debunks claim of “attack” on Paris Jews by BDS activists

favicon The Electronic Intifada
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Ligue de Defense Juive members near Boulevard Voltaire in Paris on 1 May. The anti-Palestinian Jewish extremists provoked alteractions with participants in Paris’ traditional May Day march. An eyewitness account ...

Australia condemns killing of dolphins and seals by factory fishing trawler

favicon the Guardian
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Environment minister Greg Hunt says deaths of eight dolphins and four seals are ‘unacceptable and outrageous’ as ship returns to portSunday 3 May 2015 03.57 EDTLast modified on Sunday 3 ...

How One Australian City Revitalized Itself Through 'Placemaking'

favicon CityLab
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Any dead street in Adelaide is fair game for an experiment in bringing it to life. ADELAIDE, Australia —Not long ago, this city on the South Australia coast was a ...

Want an Abortion This Year? Get Ready to Wait.

favicon Mother Jones
5 mentions9 hours ago
For women seeking an abortion, 2015 is shaping up to be the year of the long wait. Since the beginning of the year, six states have proposed or passed laws ...

UN Women to address gender based violence in the aftermath of the earthquake in Nepal

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3 mentions2 days ago
UN flash appeal says USD 415 million is required to reach affected populations with life-saving assistance and protection in the next three months.In the wake of the devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake ...

Why are Germans so quick to remove Israeli flags?

favicon The Jerusalem Post |
2 mentions9 hours ago
The police removal of an Israeli flag unfurled at a soccer match in Berlin last week to preempt Palestinian anger is part of a longstanding practice of shunning the Jewish ...

Unsupervised Habits Reign in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

favicon Scientific American
2 mentions16 hours ago
An individual with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is overcome with an urge to engage in unproductive habits, such as excessive hand washing or lock checking. Though recognizing these behaviors as irrational,

Texas Governor Deploys National Guard To Stave Off Obama Takeover

8 mentions12 hours ago
Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott ordered the Texas National Guard to monitor a joint U.S. Special Forces training taking place in Texas, prompting outrage from some in his own party.Eric ...

Friday Cat Blogging - May 1 2015

favicon Mother Jones
4 mentions2 days ago
With Kevin concentrating on his cancer treatment, we've rounded up some big writers to keep things rolling on the blog by contributing posts in his honor. But let's be honest: ...

FEC Chair Ann Ravel Says Agency Is 'Worse Than Dysfunctional' At Regulating Money In Politics

favicon The Huffington Post
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If Black People Lived As Long As Whites, Our Election Results Would Be Very Different

favicon Mother Jones
3 mentions2 days ago
With the mortality rate for black Americans about 18 percent higher than it is for white Americans, premature black deaths have affected the results of US elections, according to a ...

Who’s Afraid of Pope Francis? by Garry Wills

favicon The New York Review of Books
2 mentions6 hours ago
An authentic pope should be a scary one. Jesus scared the dickens out of people (it cost him his life). Is Pope Francis truly scary? One might think so from ...

New ACLU Cellphone App Automatically Preserves Video of Police Encounters

favicon The Nation
11 mentions1 day ago
Image courtesy Lalo Alcaraz. ©2015 (Lalo Alcaraz/Universal Uclick) The ACLU in California today released a free smart-phone app that allows people to send cellphone videos of police encounters to the ...

The Richest Reef: A Symbiotic Society

favicon Expeditions, Scientific American Blog Network
3 mentions8 hours ago
By Steven Bedard ||1 May 1, 2015The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily those of Scientific American. There’s more to symbiosis on the reef than ...

Rise Of The Quants

favicon TechCrunch
2 mentions1 day ago
Editor’s note: Robin Vasan is a managing director of Mayfield, a global early-stage venture capital firm. He previously founded or worked in key positions at several software startups. He has ...

The Limits of Discourse

favicon Sam Harris
5 mentions22 hours ago
Debates | Ethics | Philosophy | Politics | Religion | Terrorism | Violence | War | May 1, 2015 For decades, Noam Chomsky has been one of the most prominent ...

Ex-Goldman Programmer Found Guilty in Split Verdict

2 mentions2 days ago
For the second time in five years, Sergey Aleynikov was convicted on charges of stealing confidential computer trading code from his former employer, Goldman Sachs. The first time it took ...

All Work and No Pay: The Great Speedup

favicon Mother Jones
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Update, 3/6/2013: The Dow hit a record high on Tuesday, but who's winning? The conditions of America's jobless recovery detailed in this essay nearly two years ago have only continued—corporate ...

Breaking: Freddie Gray's Death Is Ruled a Homicide. All 6 Officers Will Face Criminal Charges.

favicon Mother Jones
4 mentions2 days ago
All six Baltimore police officers involved in the death of Freddie Gray, the 25-year-old who died in police custody last month, sparking tense protests, will face criminal charges. The announcement ...

A Ground-Level View of Baltimore's Protests: Hope, Anger, and Beauty

favicon Mother Jones
3 mentions3 days ago
On April 12, Freddie Gray was arrested by Baltimore police. One hour later he was comatose. A week later he was dead, succumbing to spinal injuries inflicted while in custody.

Lindsey Graham Tells South Carolina He's Ready for a Presidential Bid

2 mentions2 days ago
COLUMBIA, S.C. -- South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham used his short speech to a Friday night Republican gala to dispel any doubt that he will run for president. "Get ready," ...

Updates on George Washington Bridge Scandal

favicon New York Today
2 mentions2 days ago
Paul J. Fishman, the federal prosecutor in the bridge case, said that the allies of Gov. Chris Christie who orchestrated the lane closings “callously victimized the people of Fort Lee” ...

Flight carrying IDF rescue teams to return to Israel

favicon The Jerusalem Post |
2 mentions21 hours ago
A flight carrying personnel belonging to the IDF's Home Front Command returning from Nepal is scheduled to land at Ben Gurion airport on Sunday at approximately 2:30 p.m., according to ...

Here's How the Massive New Bird Flu Outbreak Could Affect You

favicon Mother Jones
3 mentions3 days ago
The US poultry and egg industries are enduring by far their largest-ever outbreak of a deadly (known as pathogenic) version of avian flu. Earlier this month, the disease careened through ...

Wall Street's Thinking About Creating Derivatives on Peer-to-Peer Loans

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It began with a seemingly wacky idea to reinvent banking as we know it. But no one is scoffing at peer-to-peer lending anymore -- least of all, Wall Street. Barely ...

Ten Reasons Non-Art People Should Care About the Venice Biennale

2 mentions2 days ago
When the 56th Venice Art Biennale opens to the public on May 9, visitors will be able to tour submissions from 89 countries spread across the city, where some of ...

Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life

favicon EXPO
4 mentions3 days ago
Find out how to reach the Exposition Site with public transport, by train and by plane. Organize your trip now. It has always been at the heart of the Universal ...

Can we amend the laws of scholarly publication?

favicon Reciprocal Space
4 mentions21 hours ago
As part of its celebrations to mark the 350th anniversary of the publication of Philosophical Transactions, the world’s longest-running scientific journal, the Royal Society arnessas convened a meeting to examine ...

Two German navy ships in Mediterranean to save migrants in distress

favicon DW.DE
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The German navy has sent two ships as part of efforts to prevent migrants from dying in the Mediterranean. The EU was spurred into action after a migrant ship capsized,

Ethiopian Israelis to protest today in Tel Aviv against racism, police brutality

favicon The Jerusalem Post |
3 mentions1 day ago
Ethiopian Israelis plan to hold a protest march in Tel Aviv against racism and police brutality Sunday afternoon, three days after more than a thousand protesters rallied in Jerusalem Thursday ...

Baltimore, the burden of history and the uses of “violence”: A week of fear and hope

3 mentions14 hours ago
Is the media’s exaggerated reaction to this week’s disorder on the streets of Baltimore fundamentally about race? What about the heated and sometimes startlingly tone-deaf debate among liberals and leftists ...

Co-Founder Of #BlackLivesMatter Patrisse Cullors Explains And Defends #BlackSpring

favicon The Huffington Post
2 mentions9 hours ago
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David Brooks Is Not Buying It, Poor People

favicon Daily Intelligencer
8 mentions1 day ago
The hottest of Freddie Gray hot takes gets federal spending on poverty wrong. Really wrong. David Brooks has come out with a brutally cruel hot take on Freddie Gray’s death,

Nan-Hui Jo in ICE Custody, Act Now

favicon Feministing
2 mentions2 days ago
On Tuesday, Nan-Hui Jo — an undocumented domestic violence survivor who was convicted in March of child abduction after she and her young daughter fled her abuser — was sentenced ...

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