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Mitt Romney's Latest Excuse for His 47-Percent Remarks Is a Doozy

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During a recent sit-down with the New York Times' Mark Leibovich, the former GOP presidential nominee—who seems to be almost flirting with the possibility that he just might consider pondering a presidential run in 2016, maybe—took yet one more stab at explaining the comments that put his political ...

Peak Oil Is All About Cheap Oil

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Russell Gold writes in the Wall Street Journal that perhaps the idea of peak oil is a myth. After all, technology keeps getting better and better, allowing us to extract more oil from old fields. Of course, it's expensive to do business this way: When the oil industry ...

This Stunning Drone Footage Reveals Just How Massive Hong Kong's Protests Really Are

favicon Mother Jones
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Protests in Hong Kong show no sign of stopping, as hundreds of thousands of demonstrators continue to demand greater autonomy from the government in Beijing. This video, featured on Storyful, by Nero Chan, (uploaded to his Facebook account on September 29), offers a glimpse into the magnitude of ...

Intel Community Dusts Itself Off and Casually Shows Obama Who's Boss

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By late last year, classified American intelligence reports painted an increasingly ominous picture of a growing threat from Sunni extremists in Syria, according to senior intelligence and military officials. Just as worrisome, they said, were reports of deteriorating readiness and morale among troops next door in Iraq. But ...

An Aid Worker in Syria Told the US Where to Bomb ISIS. Now They're Hunting for Him.

favicon Mother Jones
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Last Friday, Oscar Bergamin, a Swiss humanitarian aid worker helping refugees in northern Syria, wrote a tweet that included 18 digits. They were the coordinates of a bunker near the Turkey-Syria border that had been seized by members of ISIS, the self-proclaimed Islamic State that's terrorizing large chunks ...

Police Want to Get Rid of Their Pentagon-Issued Combat Gear. Here's Why They Can't.

favicon Mother Jones
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An officer with the Chelan County Sheriff's Department in central Washington is offering me a tank. Three of them, actually. "We really want to get rid of these," Undersheriff John Wisemore says. "We've been trying to get the military to take them back since 2004." The tanks came ...

Hispanic Borrowers Diminishing in California Housing

favicon Bloomberg
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Jose Ramos lived the American Dream as a real estate agent who owned two houses in the majority Hispanic city of Santa Ana, California. Almost a decade later, homeownership for the 48-year-old Mexican immigrant is out of reach. Ramos said the housing crash in 2007 wiped out his ...

STUDY: Number of Married Same-Sex Couples Up by 50 Percent in Three Years

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As more and more states offer same-sex couples the right to marry, couples are taking advantage of this right — the number of same-sex married couples in the U.S. increased by 50 percent between 2010 and 2013, according to a new study from the Williams Institute. At the ...

Study finds that being denied an abortion makes it harder to escape domestic violence

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You’ll recall that researchers at the University of California, San Francisco are conducting a large study, called the Turnaway Study, into the effects of denying people access to abortion. They’ve already found that when women who wanted an abortion are forced to have a baby, their physical health ...

Oklahoma Judge Blocks Obamacare Tax Rule on Non-Exchange States

favicon Bloomberg
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Oklahoma won a court ruling striking down tax rules tied to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, after a judge found they illegally punish states that didn’t establish health care exchanges. U.S. District Judge Ronald White in Muskogee, Oklahoma, last month denied a government request to throw out the 2011 lawsuit, in which the state claims Internal Revenue Service rules don’t follow the text of the statutes known as Obamacare. “Oklahoma challenged implementation of the Affordable Care Act after the IRS finalized a rule that would allow the federal ...

The Divided City

favicon CityLab
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Just as they've started to revitalize—attracting industry, investment and people—our cities are threatened by new and more vexing divides. As America has grown more unequal and divided, its cities and metro areas have become even more so. New York’s level of inequality is comparable to Swaziland's, L.A.’s to ...

Seeking a Safe Haven in Rising Dividends

favicon Bloomberg
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Companies in the S&P 500 Index will increase dividends paid to investors this year by 12.3 percent to a total of $323 billion, according to data from Strategas Research Partners founder Jason Trennert. These distributions represent about a third of total net income earned by companies in the ...

Traders Turn Up Grilling Sausages at Hong Kong Protests

favicon Bloomberg
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Four traders from BCG Partners Inc., the New York-based brokerage headed by Howard Lutnick and part-owned by his Cantor Fitzgerald LP, turned up at Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protests last night to grill more than 2,000 sausages for the hungry demonstrators. Tonight they plan to return with more colleagues -- and eight clients. Daniel Shepherd, 32, the firm’s head of Asia derivatives, said by phone that he wanted to help the protesters, who weren’t eating properly. He and three colleagues bought HK$20,000 ($2,600) worth of sausages and took a grill to ...

What’s Wrong With the Radical Critique of the People’s Climate March

favicon The Nation
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The People’s Climate March in midtown Manhattan on Sunday, September 21, 2014. (AP photo/John Minchillo) Last Sunday, we joined 400,000 people in the People’s Climate March (PCM) to demand action on climate change. The next day, we joined with 3,000 others to participate in Flood Wall Street (FWS),

These Insane Photos Show What the Hell Is Happening in Hong Kong

favicon Mother Jones
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Hong Kong—usually an orderly finance haven—erupted over the weekend as police used teargas and pepper spray to break up a three-day student sit-in that occupied the central business district. Thousands of protesters have deployed umbrellas to protect themselves from the chemical attack—some people are dubbing it the Umbrella ...

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Interview on Retirement, Feminists, & Jazzercise

favicon New Republic
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Ruth Bader Ginsburg was considered a judge’s judge when she was appointed to the Supreme Court in 1993, an incrementalist who thought Roe v. Wade might have gone too far. Some liberals were wary. But they don’t worry about “R.B.G.” anymore. At 81, Ginsburg has become an icon ...

Big Batteries Don’t Come Cheap: Aquion Energy Grabs $25M More in VC for Grid Storage

favicon Greentech Media
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Our tireless smart grid analysts found an SEC filing yesterday revealing that battery-maker Aquion just closed another $25 million in VC funding. We've asked the company for a comment. In January of this year, Aquion closed a $55 million Round D to push along its manufacturing and commercial ...

Norm Thompson Outfitters and Wacoal America Settle FTC Charges Over Weight-Loss Claims for Caffeine-infused Shapewear

favicon Federal Trade Commission
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Two marketers of women’s “shapewear” undergarments have settled Federal Trade Commission charges that slimming claims for their caffeine-infused products were false and not substantiated by scientific evidence. The proposed orders settling the FTC’s complaints bar Norm Thompson Outfitters, Inc., and Wacoal America, Inc., from making false and unsubstantiated claims about their shapewear and require them to pay a total of more than $1.5 million for consumer refunds. “Caffeine-infused shapewear is the latest ‘weight-loss’ brew concocted by marketers,” said Jessica Rich, Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. “If someone ...

A Bright Future for Gender Equality

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Senior-level IAEA women and women ambassadors gathered with IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano to discuss gender balance and equality, 19 September 2014. (Photo: D.Calma/IAEA) Senior-ranked women of the IAEA and women ambassadors from the European Union and Permanent Missions to the United Nations gathered together on 19 September ...

'I've Bent Three iPhones Now, And They All Bend In Exactly The Same Place'

favicon Business Insider
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Last week, reports began to surface suggesting the iPhone 6 Plus has a strange bending issue — the phone supposedly bends when pressure is applied to a certain area of the device. The phenomenon has since been called "Bendgate," and several YouTube videos claim to show how susceptible ...

With $50 Million From Top Investors, Reddit Plans Cryptocurrency

favicon TechCrunch
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Reddit, the so-called front page of the internet, has raised $50 million in Series B on a $500 million valuation with intentions to give back 10 percent of the round’s equity to the community. Somehow. The round is led by Sam Altman, CEO of Y Combintaor, with participation ...

Here's Yet Another Rage-Inducing Scam in the American Health Care System

favicon Mother Jones
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The average salary of an emergency room physician was $311,000 in 2014, rising from $247,000 since 2010 — a period when many other types of doctors experienced declines in salaries, according to Merritt Hawkins, a physician staffing firm. Nope. Elisabeth Rosenthal's latest rage-inducing piece about America's healthcare system1 ...

Meet Miracle Mike, the Colorado Chicken who lived for 18 months without his head

favicon Running Ponies, Scientific American Blog Network
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Mike meet everyone, everyone meet Mike. No, no, don’t wave. He can’t see, you’re just making this awkward. Also known as Miracle Mike, Mike the Headless Chicken was a plump, five-year-old cockerel when he was unceremoniously beheaded on 10 September 1945. Farmer Lloyd Olsen of Fruita in Colorado ...

Republicans Once Again Favored to Take Control of the Senate

favicon Mother Jones
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Remember my post a couple of weeks ago saying that Republicans were no longer favored to take control of the Senate? Well, recent polls have not been kind to the Ds, and now everyone—including Sam Wang—agrees that Republicans are once again favored. Here's the Vox aggregation of aggregators: ...

DEAR GOPRO SPECULATORS: Here's What Will Have To Happen To Justify Today's Stock Price...

favicon Business Insider
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The stock of video-camera maker GoPro (GPRO) is having another banner day, blasting up 5% on news that the company is launching some new cameras. Since the IPO, of course, a parade of market pundits has declared GoPro's stock performance an obvious sign of insanity. And if the ...

GoPro Shares Won't Stop Going Higher

favicon Business Insider
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In early trade on Monday, the stock was up more than 6% to more than $867 per share, taking its market cap to north of $10 billion. Last week, we highlighted the stock's crazy performance since its IPO (a gain of 172%), and in the following days the ...

Europeans Don't Want The U.S. To Export Its Lax Food Policies To Their Countries

favicon ThinkProgress
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A growing number of Europeans are speaking out against a multi-million dollar trade deal with American manufacturers that would import chemically treated U.S. produce and genetically modified crops (GMOs) to the European Union., saying that it will lower the standards for food sold in their countries. The controversy ...

Adobe Brings Photoshop For Chromebooks To Its Education Customers

favicon TechCrunch
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For the longest time, pundits said that Google’s Chromebook initiative wouldn’t amount to much because Chrome OS couldn’t run complex applications like Photoshop. Those pundits will have to find another example now, because starting today, Photoshop will run on Chrome OS and on Chrome for Windows (if you ...

California now has the nation’s first “affirmative consent” law

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We’re giving a very enthusiastic “hell yes” to this news. The so-called “yes means yes” bill passed by the California state legislature last month, which establishes a standard of affirmative consent on college campuses in the state, has been signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown. Gov. Jerry ...

Instagram Co-Founder Kevin Systrom Joins The Board Of Walmart

favicon Business Insider
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Reuters/Philippe WojazerInstagram co-founder Kevin Systrom is joining the board of Walmart, according to an SEC filing. The photo app creator isn't the only tech executive on the company's board; Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer joined Walmart's board in 2012. He'll be working on Walmart's technology and eCommerce committee. Effective ...

Earth lost 50% of its wildlife in the past 40 years, says WWF

favicon the Guardian
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Species across land, rivers and seas decimated as humans kill for food in unsustainable numbers and destroy habitats The number of wild animals on Earth has halved in the past 40 years, according to a new analysis. Creatures across land, rivers and the seas are being decimated as ...

An Efficiency Manifesto: Energy and Home Performance Programs Need Serious Reform

favicon Greentech Media
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Nate Adams describes the pain that contractors go through under the current paradigm of efficiency programs. Does it have to be this way? Energy-efficiency rebate programs from gas and electric utilities have become pretty common nationwide. While these programs seem like a good idea, they can actually be ...

Hong Kong Demonstators Return as Democracy Protests Swell

favicon Bloomberg
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Tens of thousands of pro-democracy protesters poured back into the streets of Hong Kong, choking roads in three different points of the city to press demands for free and open elections and the resignation of Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying. As the work day ended, the main protest area ...

Dow Futures Down 99

favicon Business Insider
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REUTERSUS stock market futures are lower on Monday morning as protests in Hong Kong sent stocks on that exchange lower overnight.Dow futures are down 99, S&P 500 futures are down 12.5 points, and Nasdaq futures are down 26 points. Overnight, the Hang Seng index, Hong Kong's main benchmark ...

Can the Ultimate Clintonite Still Cut it in Bubba's Home Base?

favicon Mother Jones
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James Lee Witt, candidate for Congress in Arkansas' fourth district, wipes away a fresh gob of tobacco spit with his brown cowboy boots and tells me about his old friend Bill. "He was down here re-dedicating the Greers Ferry dam…and he called me after that, because my wife ...

Wind Turbines Kill Bats by Impersonating Trees - Inkfish

favicon Inkfish
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Survival tip: don’t hang around machines that have giant spinning blades. It’s a lesson bats have been slow to learn, judging by the large numbers of their corpses found beneath wind turbines. New video footage suggests some bats are attracted to wind farms because they can’t tell turbines ...

Did Crazy Luck Help Cigarette Makers Sidestep These Gruesome Warning Labels?

favicon Mother Jones
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Back in 2009, Congress passed landmark legislation directing the US Food and Drug Administration to regulate tobacco products, which according to the Centers for Disease Control kill at least 480,000 Americans each year—more than were killed in battle in all of our foreign wars combined. Among the agency's ...

Watch: Gaza artists respond to Israel's war

favicon The Electronic Intifada
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Israel’s bombing in Gaza this summer killed 2,131 Palestinians and destroyed or severely damaged 18,000 housing units, according to the United Nations monitoring group OCHA. Mohammed Al Hawajri, Raed Issa and Dina Matar, members of a group for contemporary art in the Gaza Strip called Eltiqa, reflect on ...

Three Arrested in Brooklyn Hate Crime

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Police have arrested three men for in connection with a shooting attack on two LGBT people in Brooklyn, N.Y., Saturday morning. The New York Daily News described one victim as a "22-year-old man dressed as a woman," though the person's gender identity is thus far unclear from initial ...

Congressman: Secret Service Should Install ADT Security At The White House

favicon ThinkProgress
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A Republican congressman elicited laughs during a House Oversight Committee hearing into the Sep. 19th security breach at the White House when he suggested that the Secret Service install a home security system to protect the president’s residence from intrusions. “If someone opens a window or a window ...

Microsoft Is Opening A Store A Few Blocks From Apple's Iconic Fifth Avenue Site

favicon Business Insider
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Microsoft has confirmed rumors that it will open a store in New York, after reports suggested last month that the company was negotiating for the former Fendi store on 677 Fifth Avenue.A report in the Wall Street Journal confirms that Microsoft has leased the site, and that the ...

Update: BrightSource-Abengoa Tower CSP Project Terminated

favicon Greentech Media
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The Palen CSP project is now dead. Can concentrated solar thermal (with or without storage) ever compete with PV in terms of electrical generation? Last month we reported on the proposed Palen Solar Electric Generating System and its potential to be the last concentrated solar power project to ...

News and analysis on politics, business, culture, technology, national, international, and life –

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Hosted by The Atlantic in partnership with The Aspen Institute and Bloomberg Philanthropies, CityLab is one of our most innovative programs of the year, bringing together 300+ of the world’s top mayors, urban experts, city planners, writers, technologists, economists, and designers. The goal of the 3-day program is ...

PotatoStock Actually Happened

favicon TechCrunch
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It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Zack “Danger” Brown, he of the potato salad Kickstarter, held the first annual PotatoStock in Columbus, Ohio where he and thousands of potato lovers enjoyed beer, music, companionship, and salad. I met Zack a few weeks ago, just before PotatoStock,

GLAAD, HRC Foundation debunk anti-LGBT myths during midterms

favicon @GLAAD
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GLAAD and the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation today unveiled “In Focus: Faith, LGBT People, & the Midterm Elections,” a groundbreaking resource guide that empowers journalists to challenge anti-LGBT talking heads who mask bias as a ‘tenet of faith.’ “It’s time the media gets it right,” said GLAAD ...

White House exempts Syria airstrikes from tight standards on civilian deaths

favicon Yahoo News
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View gallery.Residents inspect damaged buildings in what activists say was a U.S. strike in Kafr Daryan, in Syria's Idlib Province, …The White House has acknowledged for the first time that strict standards President Obama imposed last year to prevent civilian deaths from U.S. drone strikes will not ...

Japan Installs 11 GW of Renewable Energy in Two Years

favicon Renewable Energy World
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Chisaki Watanabe, BloombergSeptember 29, 2014|0 CommentsTokyo --Japan has added 11,090 megawatts of clean energy capacity since July 2012, when it began an incentive program to encourage investment in renewables, according to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Of the total, Japan has added 10,880 MW of ...

Most Americans Still Driving, but New Census Data Reveal Shifts at the Metro Level

favicon The Brookings Institution
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Driving to work has been a staple in the American commute for decades, but it appears the country’s love affair with cars is stalling in many places. After years of sustained growth, driving levels are flat-lining, while more young people are opting for alternative transportation modes. Newly released ...

Microsoft Will Start To Explain The Future Of Windows Tomorrow Morning

favicon TechCrunch
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Gird thyself, a new Windows approaches. Tomorrow morning in San Francisco, Microsoft will show off some part of its next operating system in a long-awaited event whose existence leaked before it was formally announced. The market is expectant, and the technology and business media will have its eyes ...

Jeremy Allaire Opens His Long-Awaited Bitcoin Product Circle Up To The Public

favicon TechCrunch
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When you have one of the most experienced CEOs in the industry, who led Macromedia and oversaw the development of Adobe Flash in the 2000s and then changed online video again by taking Brightcove public, people pay attention. So when Jeremy Allaire said he was entering the Bitcoin ...

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