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Colorado Dems: We Caught James O'Keefe And His Friends Trying to Bait Us Into Approving Voter Fraud

favicon Mother Jones
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James O'Keefe, the conservative provocateur, has been on the prowl in Colorado, the setting of a close Senate race between Democratic incumbent Mark Udall and GOP Rep. Cory Gardner, as well as a nip-and-tuck governor's contest. Last week, O'Keefe and two of his collaborators tried to bait Democratic ...

Secret Slack Shadows Job Market as Fed Weighs When to Lift Rates

favicon Bloomberg
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Private surveys have attempted to fill in the gaps. Some 46percent of workers who graduated from college in 2012 or 2013said that they were in a job that did not require their degree. Close Private surveys have attempted to fill in the gaps. Some 46percent of workers who ...

Will the Solar Industry Get Behind CPS Energy’s Alternative to Net Metering in San Antonio?

favicon Greentech Media
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After two controversial attempts to change net metering policy in San Antonio, CPS Energy, the utility serving the city, thinks it has found a new incentive model for solar that local installers can support. Rather than trying to adjust net metering by adding fees or a new way ...

Rand Paul: The Most Interesting Conspiracy Theorist in Washington

favicon Mother Jones
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This past summer, Rand Paul, the libertarian senator from Kentucky and a potential 2016 presidential wannabe, was the GOP's It Girl. The New York Times Magazine splashed his mug on the cover and asked, "Has the 'Libertarian Moment' Finally Arrived?" It noted that Paul possessed a "supple mind" ...

Synergies between sustainable development and gender equality undeniable, policy change needed: UN report

favicon headQuarters
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Climate change has tremendous social, economic and environmental consequences. Its effects are being felt in floods, droughts, and devastated landscapes and livelihoods. Women and girls are among the most affected by these changes, given the precariousness of their livelihoods, and because they bear the burden of securing shelter,

11 Spirit Day Tweets from 11 Surprising Countries

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While most of last week's Spirit Day social media activity emanated from North America, users around the globe lit up Twitter with tweets sporting the #SpiritDay hashtag in support of LGBT youth and speaking out against bullying from some surprising countries. Here are a 11 of our favorites: ...

Inside the Fascinating Lives of North Korean Defectors

favicon Mother Jones
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Jae stands nervously in front of the crowd of South Korean high schoolers. "Do North Korean students often date each other?" one student wants to know. Jae, a tall 23-year-old North Korean defector, grins. They do, he says, but secretly. Because students are reprimanded for showing affection, he ...

Housekeeping Note

favicon Mother Jones
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No blogging today, I'm afraid. I've been having lower back problems for several months, and on Friday night it got a lot worse. Saturday morning I couldn't get out of bed, and had to be transported to the ER. It turns out that I had a compression fracture ...

Predatory Fish Have Declined by Two Thirds in the Last Century

favicon Scientific American
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The removal of top predators has been called “humankind’s most pervasive influence on nature,” and it is as detrimental in the sea as it is on land. Consumers prefer predatory fish like grouper, tuna, swordfish and sharks to species lower on the food chain such as anchovies and ...

Fossils rewrite history of penetrative sex

favicon Nature News & Comment
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Evidence of bony organs in ancient, armour-plated fish suggests that they copulated even though many of their descendants stopped doing so. Fish thought to be ancestral to all vertebrates had already evolved an organ for internal fertilization, even though some of their descendants reverted to doing it externally.

Smartsheet Helps Businesses Visualize Themselves

favicon TechCrunch
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Full coverage | Video | Battlefield contestants | Agenda Smartsheet, the spreadsheet-based project and work management platform, is now making it easier for companies to understand how their employees actually work (and who they mostly work with). Companies mostly use the service to manage their projects and help ...


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GENEVA/BAGHDAD(19 October 2014) - – A report published Sunday by the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) documents the alarming rise in executions carried out by Iraq since the restoration of the death penalty in 2005. The report documents that the number of executions carried out in Iraq rose substantially between 2005 and 2009. In 2009, 124 people were executed. Despite a drop in the implementation rate in 2010, the number of executions significantly increased between 2011 and 2013,

Now Congressional Republicans Are Digging Through Scientists' Grant Proposals

favicon Mother Jones
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When scientists across the country need money for research projects, one place they often turn is the National Science Foundation. The NSF is an independent federal agency with an annual budget of about $7 billion, which it doles out to fund about a quarter of all federally supported ...

Big Soda Is Totally Freaking Out About This Local Ordinance

favicon Mother Jones
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In a couple of weeks, residents of Berkeley, California, will decide whether or not to place a penny-an-ounce tax on sugary beverages such as sweetened teas and sodas. The beverage industry has fought off similar taxes and restrictions in every American city where they've been proposed, but it ...

Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women

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The Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) is the body of independent experts that monitors implementation of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women. Click on the image to access the interactive mapSee the maps on ratifications (PDF) of the ...

Is the EPA Too Conservative in Its Clean Energy Projections Under New Carbon Rules?

favicon Greentech Media
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Groups are weighing in on EPA’s new plan to regulate carbon. Some don’t think it accurately reflects the competitiveness of renewables. When the EPA released its highly anticipated draft rule to slash carbon emissions from existing power plants in June, it signaled the beginning of a contentious, multi-year ...

Will Cambodia Flood a Sacred and Biodiverse Valley for a Dubious Dam?

favicon Mother Jones
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On September 15, Cambodian police detained 11 environmental activists for blocking a convoy of government vehicles headed for Areng Valley, the site of the controversial Stung Cheay Areng hydro dam project. The activists were released, but twelve Royal Cambodian Armed Forces officers are now stationed at the makeshift ...

There Is Lots Of Low-Hanging Fruit For Digital Health Startups

favicon TechCrunch
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Full coverage | Video | Battlefield contestants | Agenda At Disrupt Europe today, TechCrunch senior editor Jon Shieber talked to Peter Hames from Big Health, the National Director for Patients and Information in the National Health Service Tim Kelsey, and Dr. Dominic King from the HELIX Centre. Unsurprisingly,

Nigeria is now free of Ebola virus transmission

favicon WHO
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The lines on the tabular situation reports, sent to WHO each day by its country office in Nigeria, have now been full of zeros for 42 days. This is a spectacular success story that shows that Ebola can be contained. The story of how Nigeria ended what many believed to be potentially the most explosive Ebola outbreak imaginable is worth telling in detail.Such a story can help the many other developing countries that are deeply worried by the prospect of an imported Ebola case and eager to improve their preparedness ...

In Oakland, A Sign of Some Very High Times

favicon TechCrunch
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Full coverage | Video | Battlefield contestants | Agenda Two years ago, this building in downtown Oakland was the part of the country’s first major cannabis growing educational institution, Oaksterdam University. After federal agents from the IRS and DEA raided the home of founder and marijuana legalization activist ...

Ebola: How to stop the disease ‘dead in its tracks’

favicon The Globe and Mail
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A member of a house disinfecting team clears a path for himself outside a house where a suspected Ebola victim died in Monrovia, Liberia, Sept. 3, 2014. (DANIEL BEREHULAK/THE NEW YORK TIMES) A member of a house disinfecting team clears a path for himself outside a house where ...

UK Green Bank Set to Draw Offshore Wind Investors to $1.6 Billion Fund

favicon Renewable Energy World
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Alex Morales, BloombergOctober 20, 2014|0 CommentsThe U.K. Green Investment Bank is set to tie up the first investments in a $1.6 billion fund by the end of March, part of Britain’s push to cement its dominance in offshore wind power. The lender has interest from two potential ...

How Obama Transformed the Federal Judiciary

favicon The New Yorker
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In July, a three-judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit issued a ruling that threatened the future of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. By a vote of two to one, the court held, in Halbig v. Burwell, that the insurance subsidies that ...

Israel excluded from war games in Italy following protests

favicon The Electronic Intifada
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Palestinians in Gaza appealed directly to Italy not to allow the Israeli military to take part in exercises on its soil. The Israeli air force has been removed from the list of armed forces now taking part in multinational military training exercises on the Italian island of Sardinia ...

Sierra Leone Ebola response

favicon headQuarters
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Door-to-door volunteers and traditional chiefs are educating and gathering information in their communities on prevention and the impact of the Ebola virus on women.“Don’t touch!” warns feisty 3-year-old M’ballu Jalloh when her friend tries to draw her into a childhood game. Her apprehension reveals the level of awareness ...

Uber’s Non-Profit Ridesharing Service People’s Uber Expands To More Chinese Cities

favicon TechCrunch
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Full coverage here | Agenda | Video Uber has expanded People’s Uber, its ridesharing pilot program, to more cities in China today, following its August launch in Beijing. People’s Uber is now available in Hangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou. People’s Uber matches car owners with people ...

What You Need To Know To Get Started With Apple Pay

favicon TechCrunch
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Full coverage | Video | Battlefield contestants | Agenda Apple Pay is now available for anyone to use, provided they’ve got all the prerequisites, both for physical stores and for online transactions. But you can’t just walk up to your local brick-and-mortar store and wave your iPhone and ...

Community Engagement to Combat Ebola in Guinea

favicon YouTube
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#EbolaResponseThe United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is re-orienting its country programme in Guinea to help tackle the socioeconomic crisis caused by the ebola epidemic, in part by ramping up community engagement to stop the disease spreading. In Conakry, UNDP identified and mobilized its network of 2,500 young volunteers ...

3 Things Analytics Tell Us About Energy Waste in Schools

favicon Greentech Media
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With school in full swing, now seems like an appropriate time to offer some lessons in energy efficiency. Having conducted audits of hundreds of schools nationwide, the team here at FirstFuel has picked up on several energy use trends that point to unnecessary consumption at educational institutions across ...

​Anti-Abortion Group Posts Gruesome Fetus Photos Near Elementary School

favicon Jezebel
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An anti-abortion activist group based in Albuquerque, New Mexico is refusing to back down after a giant poster they put up four blocks from an elementary school drew the ire of angry parents. The billboard was no simple pro-life statement. Nope, it featured very graphic and bloody (and ...

Number26 Is A Bank Designed For The 21st Century

favicon TechCrunch
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Full coverage | Video | Battlefield contestants | Agenda Why does it still take two days in Europe for a card transaction to show up in your bank statement? Meet Number26, the Simple of Europe — a fintech startup that promises to fix all the oddities of the ...

Deep Dive: The Life and Times of Ocean Rovers

favicon The Atlantic
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In 1966, 10 days after a U.S. plane carrying four nuclear bombs had run into another and crashed into Spain, the Department of Defense was not yet ready to admit that they were missing a bomb. There was clearly a search on, out off the southern coast of ...

Marc Andreessen Steps Down From eBay’s Board Ahead Of Split With PayPal

favicon TechCrunch
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Full coverage | Video | Battlefield contestants | Agenda Investor and Silicon Valley kingpin Marc Andreessen is stepping down from eBay’s board of directors after a six year tenure. Andreessen announced the move on Twitter — as he often does — noting that it had been “an absolute ...

Ebola: UN to consult West African governments on coordinating global crisis response

favicon UN News Service Section
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This ship in Las Palmas, Spain, is being loaded with WFP supplies and 1,920 metric tons of USAID-donated commodities and headed for Ebola response operations in Guinea. Photo: WFP/Enrique Pulido 18 October 2014 – The United Nations and Governments of countries at the forefront of efforts to turn ...

Sierra Leone: Life in the time of Ebola [VIDEO]

favicon OCHA
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In these three video portraits, we explore the impact of Ebola on the lives of ordinary Sierra Leoneans. We see first hand the amazing resilience of people in the face of this extraordinary health crisis. The people of Freetown are banding together to fight this terrible disease, taking ...

Learning to Live Again

favicon Tracks
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The crisis in Syria has ripped millions of families from their homes, their country and each other. Today, there are over 3 million Syrian refugees, with around 100,000 more added each month. Many have been forced to flee with little more than the clothes on their backs. For ...

Silicon Valley CEOs Get A Warm Washington Welcome To Politics

favicon The Huffington Post
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WASHINGTON -- Silicon Valley executives who gave big money to a super PAC have received angry calls from a top aide to one of its targets, as well as calls from the targeted congressman himself, sources familiar with the situation told The Huffington Post. The mission of the ...

Jobs: Google’s VP of Energy John Woolard, Plus Trina, Shoals, Nexant, Dividend Solar

favicon Greentech Media
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Jeff Dorety joined Trina Solar, a large, China-based solar panel producer, as president of the Americas region. He was previously VP of sales at JA Solar USA. Late this summer, John Woolard, the former CEO of BrightSource Energy, joined Google as VP of Energy. Woolard led the development,

Maccabi Tel Aviv back to winning ways against Haifa

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Maccabi Tel Aviv’s Eran Zahavi (left) and Tal Ben-Haim (right) both scored in the team’s 3-1 victory over Maccabi Haifa at Bloomfield Stadium.. (photo credit:ADI AVISHAI) Maccabi Tel Aviv put Maccabi Haifa in its place on Monday night, claiming a 3-1 victory at Bloomfield Stadium to reassert its ...

Passage Replaces Your Passwords With Images

favicon TechCrunch
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Passage, from the Edinburgh-based team behind Peekabu, replaces your passwords with images. So instead of typing in a password, you simply hold a previously registered image up to your screen — maybe a photo of your family you have on your desk or your driver’s license. The team,

Who To Follow On Twitter, According To Marc Andreessen

favicon TechCrunch
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Well-known Tweetstormer and investor Marc Andreessen has produced a list of his favorite people to follow on Twitter. He was prompted to do so by an article in The Information called “Silicon Valley’s Frontman Problem” by Jessica Lessin, who questioned if the industry leaders most often quoted by ...

Labor Department Moves Forward With Rule Barring LGBT Workplace Bias

favicon BuzzFeed
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This BuzzFeed homepage is tailored for our readers in the USA. Make it your default.This BuzzFeed homepage is tailored for our readers in the USA. Switch to USHave you seen BuzzFeed English? Come check it out! The Labor Department was tasked by the president this summer with ...

Why this Iranian-born writer fears for America’s soul

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Topics: Books, Nonfiction, American History, American Literature, America, United States, Iran, Academia, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain, Babbitt, James Baldwin, Carson McCullers, Writers and Writing, Readers and Reading, Azar Nafisi, Reading Lolita in Tehran, Entertainment News Sometimes it takes an outsider to see us plain. This ...

$200 Million More Flows to Residential Solar Loans Through Sungage and Mosaic

favicon Greentech Media
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Using a loan to finance a residential solar system is not a new idea -- but new entrants, new investors and new financial models are changing the way people purchase and invest in solar. More than $200 million has flowed into solar loans in the last few weeks.

(2014/10/20) Jan Brewer has meltdown over marriage equality, Misty Upham’s family says police uncooperative in search, Suspicious prison deaths in Florida

favicon Citizen Radio
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Episode #1107: Allison and Jamie discuss Jan Brewer’s meltdown over marriage equality, Misty Upham’s family claiming police were uncooperative in the search for the dead actress, suspicious prison deaths in Florida, how the media treats white people rioting, and Syracuse University protecting students from journalism. Upcoming live gigs: ...

Urban "Fingerprints" Finally Reveal the Similarities (and Differences) Between American and European Cities

favicon MIT Technology Review
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Travelers have long noticed that some American cities “feel” more European than others. Now physicists have discovered a way to measure the “fingerprint” of a city that captures this sense. Travel to any European city and the likelihood is that it will look and feel substantially different to ...

Marc Andreessen on Why Optimism Is Safest Bet

favicon Daily Intelligencer
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It’s not hard to coax an opinion out of Marc Andreessen. The tall, bald, spring-loaded venture capitalist, who invented the first mainstream internet browser, co-founded Netscape, then made a fortune as an early investor in Twitter and Facebook, has since become Silicon Valley’s resident philosopher-king. He’s ubiquitous on ...

The sex crimes I kept secret

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Topics: DAME, Rape, molestation, Sex, Sex abuse, Life NewsWhen I was 10, I made a decision to lie for the sake of a very powerful man in Mercury, my small hometown in western Pennsylvania. Howard Lotte was an elementary-school teacher and a high-school sports enthusiast who gave piano ...

Ocean Roundup: Lionfish Being Fed to Reef Sharks, New Polymer Could Reduce Shark Bycatch, and More

favicon Oceana
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A lionfish. Lionfish are being hand-fed to reef sharks in an effort to control lionfish populations. (Photo: Michael Aston / Flickr Creative Commons) - New research shows that deep-sea microbes use vitamin B12 to break down toxic chemicals on the seafloor. Scientists that found microbes using this vitamin ...

United Nations Millennium Development Goals

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The United Nations is not responsible for the content of any messages posted on this site or sites linked from this page. The inclusion of a message does not imply the endorsement of the message by the United Nations.

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