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Phoenix not dinosaur

favicon Royal Society
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Uta Frith at an Ada Lovelace Day editathon in the Royal Society. Image credit: Katie Chan, CC BY-SA 3.0 Little did I know that, having just started as chair of ...

Greece Can Stay in Euro Even With ‘No’ Vote, Schaeuble Tells Lawmakers

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German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble told lawmakers in Berlin that Greece would stay in the euro for the time being if Greek voters reject austerity in a referendum scheduled this ...

WFP Airdrops, Airlifts Food To Reach Displaced In South Sudan

favicon YouTube
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Since the start of the conflict in December 2013, more than 2 million South Sudanese have been internally displaced or sought refuge in neighbouring countries. Recent peace talks have been ...

EXCLUSIVE: Bree Newsome Speaks For The First Time After Courageous Act of Civil Disobedience

favicon Blue Nation Review
29 mentions3 hours ago
EDITOR’S NOTE: Over the weekend, a young freedom fighter and community organizer mounted an awe-inspiring campaign to bring down the Confederate battle flag. Brittany “Bree” Newsome, in a courageous act ...

Super-Spiky Ancient Worm Makes Its Debut

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From fantastical to frightening, the animals of the Cambrian Period—beginning about 540 million years ago—tantalize the imagination. And they just keep getting weirder. A new species of ancient armored worm ...

Tsipras Dares EU to Eject Greece as ECB Signals Route to Safety

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The battle lines over Greece’s future hardened as the country prepares to leave the protection of Europe’s bailout regime and its citizens grapple with a new reality of capital controls.

Bree Newsome Explains Why She Tore Down the Confederate Flag in South Carolina

favicon Mother Jones
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On Monday afternoon, Bree Newsome, the woman who scaled the flagpole at the South Carolina statehouse on Saturday and took down the Confederate flag, made her first public comments since ...

The Supreme Court Just Stopped Texas From Closing Almost All Of Its Abortion Clinics

favicon Mother Jones
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The Supreme Court on Monday halted key portions of Texas's anti-abortion law from going into effect that would have shutdown two thirds of the state's abortion clinics. The stay is ...

Why You Should Care About Greece's Impending Meltdown

favicon Mother Jones
3 mentions20 hours ago
After months of failed negotiations with its creditors, the government of Greece now has 24 hours to pony up a $1.8 billion loan payment to the International Monetary Fund. With ...

Supreme Court Justice Calls Death Penalty Drug "Equiva­lent of Being Burned at the Stake"

favicon Mother Jones
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On Monday the Supreme Court upheld the use of the drug midazolam for lethal injections in a 5–4 decision that pitted the five conservative justices against the four liberal ones.

Antonin Scalia Compares Death Penalty Opponents to Marie Antoinette

favicon Mother Jones
3 mentions23 hours ago
The Supreme Court's Monday ruling in favor of a controversial lethal injection drug gave the court's dissenting liberal justices an opportunity to argue against the constitutionality of the death penalty ...

Justice Ginsburg Deals a Blow to Partisan Gerrymandering

favicon Mother Jones
3 mentions16 hours ago
In a victory for opponents of partisan gerrymandering, the Supreme Court on Monday upheld the use of an independent commission to draw Arizona's congressional districts. Writing for a narrow majority ...

With New Budgeting Tools, AWS Makes It Easier For Developers To Manage Costs

favicon TechCrunch
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Amazon today announced two new tools that make it easier for developers to control their expenses on its AWS cloud computing platform. The first tool, called ‘Budgets,’ allows AWS users ...

13 of the South's Most Racist Monuments

favicon Mother Jones
4 mentions1 day ago
In his "Most American of Monuments" project, Nathan Millis documents statues, plaques, and other monuments to the confederacy that dot parks and government grounds throughout the American South. Millis completed ...

10 Takeaways: Sunrun’s Securitized Portfolio of Residential Solar Rooftops

favicon Greentech Media
4 mentions24 hours ago
First Solar CEO: ‘By 2017, We’ll Be Under $1.00 per Watt Fully Installed’ The Post-Partisan Fallacy: Is the Republican Party Incapable of Addressing Climate Change? Wind and Solar Will Soon ...

This Will Probably Not Be a Very Fun Week

favicon Mother Jones
2 mentions23 hours ago
POSTSCRIPT: It's already happening. The Court has just upheld lethal injection procedures for executing death-row inmates and has struck down EPA rules on toxic emissions. On the brighter side, they ...

Europeans Rush to Gold Coins as Bank of Greece Stops Sales

2 mentions18 hours ago
European investors are increasing purchases of gold as Greece’s turmoil boosts the appeal for an alternative to the euro. Demand from Greek customers for Sovereign gold coins was double the ...

Texas' Attorney General Is Confused About How Religious Liberty Works

favicon ThinkProgress
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by Carolyn Davis - Guest Contributor Posted on June 30, 2015 at 8:34 am Want to get married in Texas? Better make sure the clerk issuing your marriage license ...

Why Does Jeb Bush Have a Mysterious Shell Company?

favicon Mother Jones
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Last week, the Jeb Bush campaign unveiled its official logo—Jeb!—which is only a slight variation on the logo Bush has used throughout his previous campaigns. As closely associated with the ...

With 61 Seconds in a Minute, Markets Brace for Trouble

4 mentions17 hours ago
Since 1967, when clocks went atomic, human timekeeping has been independent of the earth’s rotation. The problem is, the planet is slowing down and clocks are not. So every few ...

Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2015 Will Launch On July 20

favicon TechCrunch
2 mentions20 hours ago
Microsoft today announced that Visual Studio 2015 (VS 2015), the latest version of the company’s integrated development environment, will launch on July 20. This latest version greatly emphasizes cross-platform development,


5 mentions22 hours ago
This update provides further information on the current situation of displaced persons and their protection needs. It is intended to be complementary to the Situation report issued by OCHA. This ...

ISIS Is Selling Looted Art Online for Needed Cash

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The Whatsapp message appeared on his iPhone: photos of an ancient Mesopotamian vase worth $250,000, part of a highly-valued set, is waiting to be extracted. The recipient, Amr Al Azm,

U.S. Stocks Retreat Amid Concern on Fallout From Greek Crisis

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U.S. stocks retreated, with the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index dropping the most since March, amid mounting concern about fallout from a potential Greece exit from the euro area. Financial ...

Pending Sales of U.S. Existing Homes Climb to Nine-Year High

2 mentions1 day ago
Contracts to purchase previously owned U.S. homes rose in May to a nine-year high, indicating recent strength in the real-estate industry will be sustained. The pending home sales index increased ...

Puerto Rico Bonds Tumble After Governor's Warning

3 mentions1 day ago
Prices on Puerto Rico’s newest general obligations sank to record lows after Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla said investors should be prepared to sacrifice if they want the cash-strapped island’s economy ...

Dark Region of Ocean May Shed Light on Climate Change and Other Issues

favicon The New York Times
3 mentions2 hours ago
The tiny fish known as the bristlemouth is part of a detective story that bears on everything from feeding the planet and monitoring ocean health to learning how to better ...

Spanish Bonds Show Belief Firewalls Can Resist Greek Fallout

2 mentions1 day ago
To see how well equipped the euro area is to survive a Greek exit from the currency bloc, look no further than the bond market. While Spanish and Italian government ...

Greece Crisis: A Disastrous Weekend in Five Charts

2 mentions1 day ago
Stock markets sank in Europe following a weekend where the European Central Bank capped its lifeline to Greek banks, and the government in Athens responded by introducing capital controls. The ...

China’s Stocks Extend Rout as Shanghai Index Set for Bear Market

2 mentions1 day ago
China’s stocks sank in volatile trade, with the benchmark index poised to enter a bear market, as an interest-rate cut over the weekend failed to stem the nation’s biggest two-week ...

What Do You Think Of When You Hear The Word 'Refugee'?

7 mentions14 hours ago
Audio for this story from Weekend Edition Saturday will be available at approximately 12:00 p.m. ET. Syrian refugees wait to be registered at the port of Mytilini in Greece following ...


favicon UNHCR
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NYARUGUSU REFUGEE CAMP, Tanzania, June 29, (UNHCR) – More than 6,000 refugees fleeing Burundi have crossed over into Tanzania in the last three days, taking to over 66,000 the total ...

Does Shark Week portrayal of sharks matter?

favicon Southern Fried Science
13 mentions19 hours ago
I’ve been critical of factual inaccuracy and fearmongering on Shark Week documentaries for years. But how big of a problem is this, and how do we know? I asked some ...

Uber Acquires Part Of Bing’s Mapping Assets, Will Absorb Around 100 Microsoft Employees

favicon TechCrunch
2 mentions13 hours ago
Uber will acquire assets from Microsoft Bing, including roughly 100 employees focused on the product’s image collection activities. In short, Uber is absorbing data-collection engineers from Microsoft to bolster its ...

Killer robots are coming next: The next military-industrial complex will involve real-life Terminators

2 mentions1 day ago
The idea to propose a presidential order limiting the development of lethal autonomous robots (killer robots) popped into my mind as if someone had placed it there. The date was ...

North-East Atlantic threatened species left in the lurch

favicon Oceana Europe
6 mentions4 hours ago
North-East Atlantic countries have adopted recommendations for the management of four threatened species and habitats: blue mussel beds, allis shad, sea lamprey and Azorean limpet. The decisions were taken at ...

City University London

favicon City University London
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"We have spoken to Connie and are satisfied that her academic qualifications are correct. We will be working with her to update her profile page to include more recent publications ...

New WikiLeaks Documents Reveal NSA Spied On Top French Companies

favicon TechCrunch
2 mentions19 hours ago
Following last week’s eavesdropping reports, WikiLeaks shared new documents with Libération and Mediapart. This time, the new documents reveal that the NSA was spying on France’s best performing companies for ...

SpaceX rocket to space station explodes after launch

favicon Nature News & Comment
2 mentions2 days ago
Incident marks third failed attempt to carry supplies to orbiting laboratory. This SpaceX video shows the failed 28 June launch. Problems with the rocket become apparent around timecode 23:45. Nature ...

Review: 'Magic Mike XXL' is Steven Soderbergh's Stripteas

favicon Indiewire
3 mentions21 hours ago
By Eric Kohn | Indiewire Mon Jun 29 09:00:00 EDT 2015 READ MORE: Soderbergh's 'Magic Mike' Dangles Its Male Strippers With Skill, But To What End? Answer: Several. Despite its ...

Uber France Leaders Arrested For Running Illegal Taxi Company

favicon TechCrunch
2 mentions21 hours ago
Uber France CEO Thibaud Simphal and Uber Europe GM Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty were both taken into custody today in Paris. The news was first broken by the AFP. The police started ...

Absurd Creature of the Week: This Beetle Uses Its Poop as a Shield or Sword

favicon WIRED
2 mentions1 day ago
In one of greatest sketches from the show Upright Citizens Brigade, an enterprising redneck sells a poo stick—that’d be poo on the end of a stick—for $125. It’s the “latest ...

Video: Activists heckle Israeli ambassador at Berlin LGBTQ pride march

favicon The Electronic Intifada
5 mentions11 hours ago
About two dozen Palestine solidarity activists interrupted a speech by the Israeli ambassador to Germany at the Christopher Street Day LGBTQ parade in Berlin on Saturday. The protest, organized by ...

Statement from ABSW Board regarding Board Member Connie St Louis

favicon Association of British Science Writers (ABSW)
2 mentions1 hour ago
As an organisation of science writers which fosters excellence in journalism, we are deeply disturbed by this behaviour. Yesterday's blog by Professor Uta Frith, Chair of the Royal Society Diversity ...

Ten Days in June

favicon The New Yorker
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What a series of days in American life, full of savage mayhem, uncommon forgiveness, resistance to forgiveness, furious debate, mourning, and, finally, justice and grace. As President Obama led thousands ...

What the Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling means for reproductive rights

3 mentions23 hours ago
There’s a little Easter egg in Friday’s marriage equality ruling that could have major repercussions for reproductive rights activists — if and when the Supreme Court takes up the issue ...

How to Take Charge of Your Medical Records

favicon WSJ
13 mentions22 minutes ago
It’s your health. So it’s time you took control of all the information about it. That’s the message that a growing number of patient advocates are trying to spread to ...

The Digital Provide: Information (Technology), Market Performance, and Welfare in the South Indian Fisheries Sector on JSTOR

4 mentions2 days ago
The "moving wall" represents the time period between the last issue available in JSTOR and the most recently published issue of a journal. Moving walls are generally represented in years.

When Facebook Grappled With The Ultimate Build Versus Buy Decision

favicon TechCrunch
2 mentions20 hours ago
At some point, as companies mature, they face a build versus buy technology decision. A company like Facebook encounters that kind of choice constantly, but back in the 2009/2010 timeframe,

SmartUp App Virtually Mentors New Entrepreneurs And Could Lead To Funding

favicon TechCrunch
3 mentions21 hours ago
Everyone knows that there are entrepreneurs all over the world now, not just in developed countries. Why? Because the internet and technology has empowered so many. Indeed, in a 2013 ...

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