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Pew Study: Facebook, Twitter Users Held Back Views On Snowden

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The Pew Research Center report shows that Americans were more willing to have a conversation about NSA leaker Edward Snowden face-to-face than in discussion groups on Facebook or Twitter. Please keep your community civil. All comments must follow the Community rules and terms of use, and will be moderated prior to posting. NPR reserves the right to use the comments we receive, in whole or in part, and to use the commenter's name and location, in any medium. See also the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Community FAQ.

Michael Brown's Mom Laid Flowers Where He Was Shot—and Police Crushed Them

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As darkness fell on Canfield Drive on August 9, a makeshift memorial sprang up in the middle of the street where Michael Brown's body had been sprawled in plain view for more than four hours. Flowers and candles were scattered over the bloodstains on the pavement. Someone had ...

Quote of the Day: Let's Just Drop a Few Bombs and See What Happens

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From Bill Kristol, during an appearance on conservative radio host Laura Ingraham's show, bringing his megawatt analytic powers to bear on the problem of ISIS in Iraq: What’s the harm of bombing them at least for a few weeks and seeing what happens? I don’t think there’s much in the way of unanticipated side effects that are going to be bad there. You can't make this stuff up. We liberals often accuse folks like Kristol of mindlessly advocating military action all the time, no matter what. But we're exaggerating, aren't ...

Vivint Solar, Backed by Blackstone, Files For $200M IPO to Install and Finance PV

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Vivint Solar's $200 million IPO registration document appeared in the wee hours this morning and gave a little bit of background on the fast-growing solar installer and financier. Second only to SolarCity as an installer, Vivint Solar could also benefit from the increased access to capital afforded by ...

Scott Brown Sure Posts a Lot of Photos of Himself Working Out

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"Nothing like starting off the morning with a triathlon," tweeted former Sen. Scott Brown on August 10th. The Massachusetts transplant is gearing up for his campaign against Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) this fall by literally running for office. He's also biking. And swimming. And hiking. And taking jump ...

Social Media and the ‘Spiral of Silence’

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A major insight into human behavior from pre-internet era studies of communication is the tendency of people not to speak up about policy issues in public—or among their family, friends, and work colleagues—when they believe their own point of view is not widely shared. This tendency is called the “spiral of silence.”1 Some social media creators and supporters have hoped that social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter might produce different enough discussion venues that those with minority views might feel freer to express their opinions, thus broadening public discourse ...

High seas tragedies leave more than 300 dead on the Mediterranean in past week

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GENEVA, August 26 (UNHCR) – More than 300 people have died while trying to make irregular sea crossings from North Africa to Europe in the past week, bringing the death toll this year from sinking vesels on the Mediterranean to almost 1,900, including some 1,600 since June. "The ...

BlackRock Appointed by ECB as ABS-Program Consultant

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The European Central Bank appointed BlackRock Inc. (BLK), the world’s biggest money manager, to advise on developing a program to buy asset-backed securities. BlackRock Solutions, a unit of the New York-based company, will provide advice on the design and implementation of a potential ABS-purchase plan, an ECB spokesman said in response to e-mailed questions. Safeguards against any conflict of interest are included in the agreement, the spokesman said. ECB President Mario Draghi said in June that the central bank is intensifying preparations to purchase ABS as it strives to revive ...

WHO calls for stronger action on climate-related health risks

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27 August 2014 ¦ GENEVA - Previously unrecognized health benefits could be realized from fast action to reduce climate change and its consequences. For example, changes in energy and transport policies could save millions of lives annually from diseases caused by high levels of air pollution. The right energy and transport policies could also reduce the burden of disease associated with physical inactivity and traffic injury.Measures to adapt to climate change could also save lives around the world by ensuring that communities are better prepared to deal with the impact ...

Why I let my children walk to the corner store — and why other parents should, too

favicon Washington Post
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Of all the adventures my lucky children had this summer — swimming in two oceans, hanging out on their bearded uncle’s commercial salmon fishing boat, endless Popsicles — the biggest one, they told me, was just 495 feet away in their own D.C. neighborhood. They got to walk ...

Why We're In A Golden Age of Global Investigative Journalism

favicon Mother Jones
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In our world, the news about the news is often grim. Newspapers are shrinking, folding up, or being cut loose by their parent companies. Layoffs are up and staffs are down. That investigative reporter who covered the state capitol—she's not there anymore. Newspapers like the Los Angeles Times,

Twitch: Has Amazon Acquired the Next ESPN?

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Aug. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Ethan Kurzweil, a partner at Bessemer Venture Partners, and Bloomberg's Brad Stone discuss Amazon buying Twitch for $970 million and the rapid evolution of television platforms. They speak on “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Iceland's Seabird Colonies Are Vanishing, With "Massive" Chick Deaths

favicon National Geographic
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Iceland is home to the world's largest Atlantic puffin colony, but the birds' breeding has been a "total failure" since 2005. FLATEY ISLAND, Iceland—When the days grew long, seabirds flocked to this hamlet on the edge of the Arctic to rear their chicks under the midnight sun. "Kria," ...

Om Audio Levitating Speaker Turns Sci-Fi Into Hi-Fi

favicon Bloomberg
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Aug. 26 (Bloomberg) –- Californian startup Om Audio has used crowd-funding tactics to bring their levitating sound system into reality. Bloomberg’s Jessica Howard discovers there's a good reason for it. (Source: Bloomberg)

Standalone Kinect For Xbox One Will Go On Sale October 7 For $149.99

favicon TechCrunch
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Starting October 7, consumers who opted to buy an Xbox One without a Kinect will be able to snag one for $149.99. Microsoft unbundled the Kinect device from the Xbox One in a bid to lower the price of its current-generation console. Since then, according to the company, Xbox One sales have increased by more than 100 percent. The Xbox One is part of Microsoft’s larger Windows strategy, utilizing part of the shared Windows core. Its success or failure isn’t therefore merely a gaming play for the software company; the ...

European Travel Planner Platform, GoEuro, Pulls In Another $27M For Regional Expansion

favicon TechCrunch
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Berlin-based multi-mode travel planner platform GoEuro has closed a $27 million Series A funding round led by New Enterprise Associates, seven months on from topping up its seed funding with another multi-million dollar cash injection. The new funding will be specifically targeted at market expansion and ramping up ...

Pinterest Investor Fritz Lanman Working On Two Different Companies

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Less than two years after selling his company Livestar to Pinterest, early Pinterest and Square investor Fritz Lanman is up to his old entrepreneurial tricks. Lanman, a former Microsoft VP who continues to make angel investments (he led the seed round of Class Pass), is trying out the ...

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon talks about a world in crisis

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A tense stand-off in Ukraine, the biggest Ebola outbreak in history, devastation in Gaza - and all the while, ISIS grows in strength in the heart of the Middle East and racial tensions come to a head in the United States. A fractured world and United Nations Secretary-General ...

Antler Farm

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They thrive because we’ve killed off their predators — the wolves and cougars, the coyotes and bobcats. They wander across patches of property that have been designed by hunters to attract them and, sometimes, to protect them. But across the country, at farms in Texas and Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and ...

Can young blood stem the ravages of old age?

favicon Aeon Magazine
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Jess Zimmerman is a freelance writer and editor whose work has appeared in The Hairpin, Dame Magazine and The Guardian, among others. She edits the essay collection The Archipelago, and lives in Brooklyn. Saul Villeda, who leads a stem-cell research lab at the University of California, San Francisco,

Obama's Iraq Policy Has Been Pretty Masterly

favicon Mother Jones
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I'm not a diehard supporter of Barack Obama's foreign policy. Some of his actions I just plain disagree with: the surge in Afghanistan, the enormous increase in drone use, his almost inhuman patience in putting up with Bibi Netanyahu's nearly open contempt for him. Then there are other ...

Amazon Promotes Its Student Program With 50 College Scholarships

favicon TechCrunch
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Amazon announced this morning that it will be offering 50 full-time, undergraduate students with a college scholarship that includes $5,000 toward their tuition as well as an additional $500 to spend on textbooks at Amazon. The scholarships, which will be merit-based, will be distributed in time for fall ...

Disney Files Patents To Use Drones In Park Shows

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If Disney isn’t already the most magical place on earth, it soon will be. The mega-amusement park has filed three patents to use drones within the park, first spotted by MarketWatch. Within the patents, Disney lists a few different use cases for the drones. The first is that ...

E-cigarettes: The lingering questions

favicon Nature News & Comment
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In the haze of incomplete data, scientists are divided over the risks and benefits of electronic cigarettes. In many respects, the modern electronic cigarette is not so different from its leaf-and-paper predecessor. Take a drag from the mouthpiece and you get a genuine nicotine fix — albeit from ...

Verizon Executive on $40M Solar Investment: ‘It’s About Driving Shareholder Value’

favicon Greentech Media
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Yesterday, the company said it would support another $40 million of solar PV projects developed by SunPower at facilities in five states, adding to the $140 million it has invested in renewables over the last two years. With 25 megawatts of projects now completed or in the pipeline,

What the "Call of the Reef" is Telling Us

favicon Deep Sea News
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Coral reefs are in crisis. They are fragile. They are complex. And they are disappearing faster than we are able to understand them. This threat is exacerbated by an ecological battle raging on reef lines between corals and seaweeds. When fish are removed, seaweeds run rampant, and corals ...

Pluralsight Raises $135 Million At A Valuation Approaching $1 Billion

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The online technology training service Pluralsight has raised a whopping $135 million in new financing as it looks to consolidate its position as a major player in personal and professional continuing information technology education. “We believe in the vision we have of democratizing professional education,” says Pluralsight chief ...

Review: Jennifer Aniston in 'Life of Crime'

favicon Indiewire
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Writer-director Daniel Schecter's first two features, "Goodbye Baby" and "Supporting Characters," were ultra-low-budget character studies about ordinary young people struggling through their private and professional lives with self-deprecating wit. "Life of Crime," Schecter’s stylishly fun and star-heavy adaptation of Elmore Leonard's novel "The Switch," has little in common ...

WATCH: Boaters wowed by dolphin’s backward backflips in Puget Sound

favicon Q13 FOX News
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TACOMA, Wash — Some boaters were treated to feats of dolphin acrobatics over the weekend near Point Defiance. A Q13 FOX News viewer sent us video of what appears to be a Pacific white-sided dolphin leaping out of the water upside down multiple times. The curved dorsal fin ...

Congressional candidate sends “prevent abortion” condoms to anti-choice group

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Count me as an ardent supporter of Arizona congressional candidate James Woods. When the pro-choice Democrat received a survey from the National Pro-Life Alliance asking him to pledge his support for the “sanctity of life,” he send back a box of condoms that read “prevent abortion“ along with ...

Putin to Meet Poroshenko as Ukraine Tensions Escalate

favicon Bloomberg
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Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko sings during Independence Day celebrations in Odessa, Ukraine, on August 24, 2014. Photo by Ukrainian Presidency/Mikhail Palinchak/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images Close Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko sings during Independence Day celebrations in Odessa, Ukraine, on August 24, 2014. Photo by Ukrainian Presidency/Mikhail Palinchak/Anadolu Agency ...

ATM Machine Helps Indian Women Quietly Report Sexual Violence Without Going To The Police

favicon ThinkProgress
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In December, a 16-year-old girl in Calcutta was burned alive. Authorities believe she was targeted as punishment for reporting her gang-rape to the police. Two months earlier, on her way home from the police station after notifying cops about the six men who raped her, she was accosted ...

Google Acquires Zync To Bring Visual Effects Rendering To Its Cloud Platform

favicon TechCrunch
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Google today announced that it has acquired Zync Render, a service that makes it easier for movie studios to render their visual effects in the cloud. The technology was used to render effects in movies like Star Trek: Into Darkness and Looper, for example. Google will use the ...

Soros’s Argentine Bond Bet Revealed in Lawsuit in London

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An image of Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner is seen on a huge screen during an act against the so called "vulture funds," organized by pro Kirchner political forces, at Luna Park stadium, in Buenos Aires on Aug. 12, 2014. Close An image of Argentine President Cristina ...

Deep Tax Cuts Opens Northern Front for U.S. Companies

favicon Bloomberg
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Canada has become the latest frontier for U.S. companies fleeing the high cost of business, spurred by low corporate taxes and a policy that keeps international earnings out of the clutches of the Internal Revenue Service. Burger King Worldwide Inc. (BKW), the second-largest U.S. burger chain, agreed to buy coffee-and-doughnut company Tim Hortons Inc. today for about C$12.5 billion ($11.4 billion) and move the headquarters of the combined company to Canada. It’s “not fair” that companies can renounce their U.S. citizenship by filling out paperwork, a White House spokesman said ...

Judges Call for Complete Overhaul of 'Looking Glass World' of Immigration Court

favicon ThinkProgress
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Take everything you think you know about how courts work, throw it out the window, and you’ll get an approximation of the nation’s immigration courts. Those who can’t afford a lawyer have to represent themselves—even if they can’t speak English, have no formal education, or are a child.

MIX for Android Lets You Create And Save Custom Photo Filters

favicon TechCrunch
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MIX for Android is the app for you if you often feel like Goldilocks when confronted with the filters in other photo-editing apps. Not only does MIX let you edit photos, but it also allows you to create custom filters, which you can then save to use again.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's Statements

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The Secretary-General welcomes today's announcement of an open-ended ceasefire for Gaza, brokered under Egyptian auspices. A brighter future for Gaza and for Israel depends on a sustainable ceasefire. It is up to the parties to live up to this responsibility. After this latest round of killing and the further widespread destruction of Palestinian homes, civilians on both sides need a reprieve in order to resume their daily lives, and to allow for humanitarian and early recovery efforts to address the desperate needs of the people in Gaza.The children of Gaza ...

Laverne Cox Distances Herself From Controversial Trans Inmate

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Last week, the Sylvia Rivera Law Project released a video of Orange is the New Black star Laverne Cox reading a letter from a transgender inmate. The letter, written by Synthia China Blast, addressed common issues faced by trans inmates, like being placed in solitary confinement as a ...

Where is Ferguson in my Facebook feed?

favicon Pew Research Center
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If you are an avid social media user — and have been following recent events in Ferguson, Missouri — you may have noticed a difference in the content of your Facebook and Twitter feeds on the story. The reason goes back to a complex and somewhat mysterious interplay between the platforms’ designs and your own behavior. A number of journalists and commentators observed a jarring disconnect between the mostly uncontroversial posts on Facebook (like chatter about celebrities taking the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise funds for the fight against Lou ...

CEO Lynn Jurich on the Future of Sunrun and Residential Solar

favicon Greentech Media
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It's a tumultuous high-growth era for residential solar in the U.S., and privately held Sunrun is in the thick of it. The company and its rooftop solar installer partners deployed about 100 megawatts of residential solar in 2013, half of what publicly traded market leader SolarCity did in ...


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GENEVA (26 August 2014) – The new United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967, Makarim Wibisono, has formally requested the Israeli Government to allow him access to Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory - to gather first-hand information on the impact of current hostilities on the human rights situation. “As a newly appointed Special Rapporteur, it is my priority to see with my own eyes the situation on the ground, to listen and to speak face-to-face with victims and witnesses, and to discuss issues of concern ...

Is ecology explaining less and less?

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Ecologists are testing more and more hypotheses, but their studies are explaining less of the world. That’s the striking conclusion of a new study that analyzes 8 decades of research papers. What exactly is driving these trends isn’t clear, but researchers fear it could undermine confidence in ecological ...

Zephyr Teachout for Governor of New York

favicon The Nation
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When Zephyr Teachout announced that she would challenge New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo in the September 9 Democratic primary, many observers shrugged off her campaign as an election-season lark. Cuomo had the money, the connections, the power of incumbency and the famous family name, a combination insiders ...

8 Things Women Couldn't Do On The First Women's Equality Day In 1971

favicon The Huffington Post
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In 1971, Congress declared August 26th -- the day in 1920 on which the 19th amendment, which gave American women the right to vote, was certified as law -- Women's Equality Day. Every year since, we've had a designated 24 hours to reflect on how far we've come ...

PSA: HP Recalls 6 Million Laptop Cables Because They Could Start Fires

favicon TechCrunch
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Are you using an HP laptop? Quick — take a look at its power cord. Specifically, the part that connects from the power brick to the wall. According to an alert from the US Consumer Safety Product Commission and confirmed by HP, some 6 million-or-so power cables floating ...

Caught on Tape: What Mitch McConnell Complained About to a Roomful of Billionaires (Exclusive)

favicon The Nation
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At a secret meeting of elite donors convened by the Koch brothers, McConnell laid out his plan for shrinking the federal government and whined about having to vote on minimum wage bills. Last week, in an interview with Politico, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) outlined his plan ...

VR Gives Game Developers A Chance To Take Streaming Time From Twitch

favicon TechCrunch
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Yesterday Amazon announced that it is buying video game streaming site Twitch for $970 million. I argued that for the foreseeable future, it seemed like Amazon’s efforts in the gaming space line up well with Twitch’s goals and that Amazon has plenty of opportunities to turn the site ...

Snapchat Raising A New Round From KPCB At A $10B Valuation

favicon TechCrunch
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The rumors are flying around vanishing messaging app Snapchat, both on and off Secret. We too are hearing that Microsoft and Snapchat are in acquisition talks, though we can’t really grok why they would be, other than that the situation would make a great plot point in the ...

Flight restrictions hamper ability to battle Ebola – UN

favicon UN News Service Section
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UNICEF and partners visit a crowded market in Conakry, Guinea, to explain to vendors how they can protect themselves and their families from Ebola. Photo: UNICEF Guinea 25 August 2014 – The United Nations today cautioned against flight restrictions into and out of Ebola-affected countries in West Africa,

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