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Instagram bans photo for showing menstruation

favicon Feministing
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What violates Instagram’s community guidelines? Periods, apparently. Instagram has an ugly history of policing bodies. Over the last year the social media site has come under fire for banning images of women’s pubic hair — even though, according to Mic, Instagram has tolerated men’s pubic hair. This week,

Jeremy Piven Wants You To Know That He's Not an Asshole

favicon Mother Jones
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Jeremy Piven wants you to know he's boring. Or, rather, he's nothing like Ari Gold, the brash, utterly tactless, yet somehow likable Hollywood agent he portrayed over eight seasons of HBO's Entourage—racking up three Emmys and a Golden Globe for best supporting actor. Piven grew up a long ...

We Could Stop Global Warming With This Fix—But It's Probably a Terrible Idea

favicon Mother Jones
2 mentions3 hours ago
Back in the late 1990s, Ken Caldeira set out to disprove the "ludicrous" idea that we could reverse global warming by filling the sky with chemicals that would partially block the sun. A few years earlier, Mount Pinatubo had erupted in the Philippines, sending tiny sulfate particles—known as ...

A Physicist Is Building a Time Machine to Reconnect With His Dead Father

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American theoretical physicist Dr. Ronald Mallett pours dry ice into a ring laser at a laboratory at the University of Connecticut on March 23, 2015. The hour is late. His scientific papers were published years ago, filled with equations wrought by the energies of a younger man. But ...

Five Things Everyone Will Be Talking About Today

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Aluminum coins to be minted into 1 Japanese yen coins are held for a photograph at the Akao Aluminum Co. plant in Tokyo. Japan noflation, Yemen, Oil, and Greece. Here's your super-fast rundown of what's been happening, and what to look out for: At first look, today's inflation ...

Yes There's a Bush and a Clinton, but the 2016 Elections Represent Something Scary and New

favicon Mother Jones
3 mentions13 hours ago
Have you ever undertaken some task you felt less than qualified for, but knew that someone needed to do? Consider this piece my version of that, and let me put what I do understand about it in a nutshell: based on developments in our post-9/11 world, we could ...

Walmart, Lowe's, Safeway, and Nordstrom Are Bankrolling a Nationwide Campaign to Gut Workers' Comp

favicon Mother Jones
6 mentions14 hours ago
Nearly two dozen major corporations, including Walmart, Nordstrom, and Safeway, are bankrolling a quiet, multistate lobbying effort to make it harder for workers hurt on the job to access lost wages and medical care—the benefits collectively known as workers' compensation. The companies have financed a lobbying group, the ...

Earth Hour 2015

favicon YouTube
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"Climate Change is a people problem. This is the time to Use #YourPower. Join the global movement to #ChangeClimateChange." UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon voices the United Nations' support for Earth Hour 2015! Visit to Use #YourPower to Change Climate Change today. SubscribeSubscribedUnsubscribe79,702Subscription preferences Loading...Loading... Working...SubscribeSubscribedUnsubscribe79,702Subscription preferences ...

WFP Food Gives Women And Adolescent Girls In Afghanistan A Chance To Be Literate

favicon United Nations World Food Programme - Fighting Hun...
2 mentions12 hours ago
Shabnam, 24, proudly shows her bead work in a WFP-supported vocational training center in Shakardara district in Kabul. In a country where girls are rarely allowed to attend school, WFP's food serves as a powerful incentive for male family members to send the women - mothers and adolescent ...

Eventually, Two Billionaires Will Duke It Out For President Every Four Years

favicon Mother Jones
3 mentions22 hours ago
This is from yesterday, but I really can't pass it up. Matea Gold and Tom Hamburger write in the Washington Post that presidential candidates are no longer much interested in "bundlers" who can raise a paltry million dollars or so for their campaigns. Terry Neese, a successful bundler ...

Facebook Launches 3 New Open-Source Tools For Android Developers

favicon TechCrunch
3 mentions15 hours ago
Most of Facebook’s announcements at its F8 developer conference this week were iOS-centric, but today, the company also released three new open source tools for Android developers. The first is a performance segmentation library called Year Class that is meant to help developers quickly figure out what kind ...

Middle East War Suddenly Getting a Lot More Warlike

favicon Mother Jones
2 mentions1 day ago
I'm a little behind on the news right now, but it sure looks like things are getting a whole lot hotter in the Middle East. Here are a few headlines: Tikrit airstrikes draw U.S. into battle between militants and Iraqi forces Obama Says He Will Delay Withdrawal of ...

3 Times the Old Ted Cruz Contradicted the New Ted Cruz

favicon Mother Jones
4 mentions1 day ago
Presidential hopeful Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) talks a good game as an uncompromising conservative. But before he vowed to destroy Obamacare only to admit he may use it, before he forsook rock'n'roll—back when he was a private appellate lawyer charging $695 an hour, Cruz forcefully argued positions that ...

3D Robotics Launches DroneKit, Its API For Building Drone Apps

favicon TechCrunch
2 mentions17 hours ago
3D Robotics, the largest U.S.-based drone manufacturer, today announced the launch of DroneKit, its open-source API for writing drone apps. Because 3D Robotics has always taken a platform approach, DroneKit will work with any drone that uses its APM autopilot (and while there are quite a few of ...

Great Barrier Reef protection zones help boost fish stocks 'to pre-European times'

favicon the Guardian
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Long-term study in the reef’s marine park finds an 80% difference in the biomass of coral trout between areas where fishing is allowed and no-go zonesThursday 26 March 2015 23.45 EDTLast modified on Thursday 26 March 2015 23.48 EDTThe expansion of no-fishing zones across the Great Barrier Reef ...

Girls will drive development

favicon DFID bloggers
2 mentions1 day ago Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin, UN Undersecretary-General and Executive Director of UNFPA, 25 March 2015 — Africa, Development Debates, Girls & Women Adolescent girls are the creators, nurturers and builders of both their own and the world’s future. They can play an enormous role in bringing about sustainable development.

Immediate Examples of Backlash to Indiana's 'Religious Freedom'

2 mentions20 hours ago
It didn't take long for the backlash to begin after Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signed the state's Religious Freedom Restoration Act into law at a private ceremony today. The response was swift, forceful, and ongoing — as the statements below demonstrate.Supporters of the new law — including the ...

Dates to watch for Greece

favicon Bloomberg Professional Service
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Connecting decision makers to a dynamic network of information, people and ideas, Bloomberg quickly and accurately delivers business and financial information, news and insight around the world. This timeline was written by Bloomberg Intelligence Economist David Powell. It originally appeared on the Bloomberg Professional Service. © Bloomberg Finance L.P. All Rights Reserved ABOUT // TERMS // PRIVACY // BLOOMBERG.COM

A Morgan Stanley Analyst Talked to His Uncle, and He Had Some Very Bullish Comments About Car Sales

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Morgan Stanley auto analyst Adam Jonas has published the latest installment of his conversations with "Chuck," an uncle of his who happens to be a Chevrolet dealer in Canton, Ohio. In their most recent conversation, Chuck had some very positive things to say about car sales. Indeed, the ...

5 Things Everyone Will Be Talking About Today

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Saudi Arabia launches strikes on Yemen, crude surges, European stocks dive. Here's your super-fast rundown of what's been happening, and what to look out for. Saudi Arabia and its allies have launched air strikes on rebel targets in Yemen. The rebels took over the palace of President Abdurabuh ...

Global Warming Turns Rainforest Leaves into Junk Food

favicon Inkfish
4 mentions23 hours ago
Like those breakfast cereals that look healthy on the box but have even more sugar inside than Cocoa Puffs, some rainforest trees engage in false advertising. It’s not their fault—it’s ours. Climate change has made their leaves less nutritious than they used to be. And the animals who ...

Amira's story

favicon YouTube
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Why Bombing This Tiny Oil Producer Is Roiling the Energy Market

3 mentions1 day ago
(Bloomberg) -- While Yemen contributes less than 0.2 percent of global oil output, its location puts it near the center of world energy trade. The nation shares a border with Saudi Arabia, the world’s biggest crude exporter, and sits on one side of a shipping chokepoint used by ...

App Review: Concussion Coach

favicon Scientific American
2 mentions2 hours ago
First, let's get something straight: concussions are miserable. Despite having edited countless stories on traumatic brain injury, I never fully grasped how painful, frustrating and debilitating the recovery from a concussion can be. One rollerblading accident later, I'm singing a new tune: for nearly six weeks, I have ...

Sources: Magic Is Raising $12M From Sequoia At A $40M Valuation

favicon TechCrunch
3 mentions15 hours ago
Magic, an SMS-based on-demand delivery service that started as a YC company’s weekend project, is raising $12 million in Series A funding led by Sequoia, according to sources. Sources also say that the company, which is just a month old, is valued at $40 million pre-money. Magic lets ...

America's War on Drugs in Mexico Is Depressingly Similar to the Global War on Terror

favicon Mother Jones
2 mentions2 days ago
They behead people by the hundreds. They heap headless, handless bodies along roadsides as warnings to those who would resist their power. They have penetrated the local, state, and national governments and control entire sections of the country. They provide employment and services to an impoverished public, which ...

Supreme Court sides with pregnant workers in discrimination case

favicon Feministing
2 mentions23 hours ago
As you’ll recall, the Supreme Court has been hearing the pregnancy discrimination suit brought by Peggy Young. Yesterday, in a 6-3 decision, the court ruled in favor of the former UPS employee who was forced to take unpaid leave when she became pregnant.Young was tasked with lifting boxes ...

The Dance of Liberals and Radicals

3 mentions12 hours ago
March 15 was the 50th anniversary of Lyndon Johnson's best speech, his "We Shall Overcome" address applying the final round of pressure on Congress to enact the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Much of the speech invoked the bravery, dignity and historical rightness of Martin Luther King Jr., and ...

Ebola: No lasting recovery without a special focus on women, says UNDP

favicon UNDP in Africa
3 mentions21 hours ago
Women need to be at the center of all efforts to help Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone recover from the Ebola crisis, according to a study by UNDP.The epidemic has affected women disproportionately because of the essential role they play as caretakers, health personnel, farmers and small traders.

City councilman settles Occupy Wall Street lawsuit for $30G

favicon NY Daily News
4 mentions1 hour ago
A city councilman who sued the city after he was roughed up by cops during the Occupy Wall Street protests settled his case Thursday for $30,000. Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez (D-Manhattan) said he was beaten, knocked to the ground and thrown in a police van for three hours on ...

Yemen is a defining moment for King Salman

3 mentions5 hours ago
27 Mar 2015 08:20 GMT | War & Conflict, Politics, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iran Michael Stephens is head of the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) in Qatar. Saudi Arabia's decision to lead a 10-country coalition of Arab states into military action in Yemen is a defining moment for ...

The Navajo Nation Will Soon Have the Country's First-Ever Junk-Food Tax

favicon Mother Jones
3 mentions2 days ago
A version of this piece was originally published by Civil Eats. Next month, after three years of legislative tug-of-war, the Navajo Nation will become the first place in the United States to impose a tax on junk food. The Healthy Diné Nation Act of 2014, signed into law ...

Google Will Not Integrate Its Dart Programming Language Into Chrome

favicon TechCrunch
2 mentions2 days ago
The lingua franca of the web is JavaScript, but with Dart, Google launched a project that effectively aimed to replace JavaScript. In Google’s view, Dart offered advantages like static typing and other features that made it a better choice for developers. The idea was for Google and other ...

Notorious Astroturf Pioneer Rick Berman Is Behind Business Group's Anti-Labor-Board Campaign

favicon Mother Jones
6 mentions2 days ago
In January, viewers catching the morning shows on CNN, Fox, or MSNBC met Heidi Ganahl, the bubbly founder and CEO of a national doggy day care chain called Camp Bow Wow. "I've worked hard and played by the rules to make my franchise business a success," Ganahl said ...

Diver rolled by giant manta ray off Peru

2 mentions2 hours ago
Josh Stewart being swept up by a manta ray; video screen grab Giant mantas are revered by divers, who find their presence soothing because they’re so gentle, and soar through the ocean with such grace. But during a recent expedition to a remote area off Peru, Josh Stewart ...

Parks and Wreck: The Feds Need $11.5 Billion to Fix Our Public Lands

favicon Mother Jones
4 mentions2 days ago
In 2014, the 300 million visitors to US national parks may have noticed the potholes in the roads, the magnificent vistas obscured by dense brush, dirty visitors' centers in need of basic repairs, trails that were not maintained, and overgrown campgrounds. Why? Blame Congress, which has routinely purchased ...

In Stockholm, Vision Zero 2.0 Is a Dream for a Car-Free, Highly Walkable Future

favicon CityLab
15 mentions2 days ago
The quality of life in many neighborhoods in the Swedish capital is directly influenced by a decision to almost entirely eliminate cars. The concept of “Vision Zero,” imported to the United States from Sweden, has been showing up in more and more American cities, from New York to ...

UN Pulse

favicon Security Council calls for peace at the...
2 mentions2 days ago
1950 - Security Council calls for peace at the 38th Parallel. When the People’s Army of North Korea crossed the 38th Parallel into the Republic of Korea on 25 June 1950, the matter came before the Security Council, resulting in the adoption of resolution 83 (1950) on 27 ...

Are climate change deniers funding attack on Palestine activism?

favicon The Electronic Intifada
5 mentions14 hours ago
Anti-Palestinian groups have spent a billion dollars in recent years to undermine solidarity activism. Last weekend, Zionist activists paid up to $1,000 each to attend a conference in Los Angeles on the Palestinian call for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel. StandWithUs, the conference’s organizer, is one ...

Indiegogo Leads Investors To Hardware Gold

favicon TechCrunch
2 mentions20 hours ago
The venture world is hunting for the next batch of billion dollar unicorns in the hardware market, and investors are turning to the crowd to source their deals. VCs have already committed $516 million in funding for hardware companies this year, according to CrunchBase data — a significant ...

Wars in Syria and Iraq drive highest asylum numbers in 22 years

favicon UNHCR
2 mentions1 day ago
GENEVA – The wars in Syria and Iraq, as well as armed conflicts, human rights violations and deteriorating security and humanitarian conditions in other countries, pushed the number of asylum applications in industrialized countries to a 22-year high last year, according to a UNHCR report released today. The UNHCR's Asylum Trends 2014 report puts the estimated number of new asylum applications lodged in industrialized countries throughout the year at 866,000, a 45 per cent increase from 2013, when 596,600 claims were registered. The 2014 figure is the highest since 1992,

The People Who Pick Your Organic Strawberries Have Had It With Rat-Infested Camps

favicon Mother Jones
6 mentions2 days ago
When most of us think of Mexican food, we visualize tacos, burritos, and chiles rellenos. But we should probably add cucumbers, squash, melons, and berries to the list—more or less the whole supermarket produce aisle, in fact. The US imports more than a quarter of the fresh fruit ...

Exclusive: Here's the Top-Secret StingRay Manual

favicon TheBlot Magazine
6 mentions8 hours ago
After a six-month investigation, TheBlot Magazine obtained a heavily redacted copy of a top-secret manual detailing StingRay and KingFish surveillance gear. The Florida-based manufacturer of computer hardware and communications equipment used by government agencies attempted to block the public release of documents last year related to a once-secret ...

Drone Records Dolphin Stampede

favicon Bites @ Animal Planet
5 mentions2 hours ago
You've probably heard of horses stampeding, but what about dolphins? This video captures the behavior using a remote control drone. Not only is Dolphin Safari (the California-based ecotourism company who created this video) using this new technology to locate whales and dolphins for whale-watching opportunities, but they are ...

Facebook’s Aquila Drone Will Beam Down Internet Access With Lasers

favicon TechCrunch
2 mentions22 hours ago
As the second day of its F8 conference began here at Fort Mason, Facebook announced the first hardware it plans to use to beam Internet down to billions of people around the world. Codenamed Aquila, the drone has a wingspan comparable to a Boeing 767 yet uses lightwight ...

Nasdaq Composite Falls Most Since April as Tech Shares Tumble

2 mentions2 days ago
(Bloomberg) -- U.S. stocks fell, sending the Nasdaq Composite Index down the most in 11 months, as a selloff in semiconductors spread to the broader market. A gauge of semiconductor stocks dropped the most since October amid analyst downgrades on suppliers to the personal-computer business. Intel Corp., Apple ...

Robot-Building 6-Year-Old Girls Talking Tech With Obama Is the Best Thing You'll See All Week

favicon Mother Jones
3 mentions2 days ago
On Monday, President Obama made his annual rounds at the White House Science Fair. The event is a breeding ground for adorable interactions with kid-nerds (See 2012's marshmallow-shooting air cannon), but his chat yesterday with five cape-wearing Girl Scouts from Oklahoma was especially magical. The 6-year-olds from Tulsa's ...

Why is the American Federation of Teachers promoting Israeli apartheid?

favicon The Electronic Intifada
4 mentions13 hours ago
American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten led a propaganda tour to Israel and uses her union to push J Street’s anti-Palestinian-rights agenda. (Flickr) The Israel lobby group J Street has just wrapped up its annual conference in Washington, DC. The prevailing mood of alarm and despair in ...

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