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Fossils rewrite history of penetrative sex

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Evidence of bony organs in ancient, armour-plated fish suggests that they copulated even though many of their descendants stopped doing so. Fish thought to be ancestral to all vertebrates had already evolved an organ for internal fertilization, even though some of their descendants reverted to doing it externally.

Big Soda Is Totally Freaking Out About This Local Ordinance

favicon Mother Jones
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In a couple of weeks, residents of Berkeley, California, will decide whether or not to place a penny-an-ounce tax on sugary beverages such as sweetened teas and sodas. The beverage industry has fought off similar taxes and restrictions in every American city where they've been proposed, but it ...

Is the EPA Too Conservative in Its Clean Energy Projections Under New Carbon Rules?

favicon Greentech Media
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Groups are weighing in on EPA’s new plan to regulate carbon. Some don’t think it accurately reflects the competitiveness of renewables. When the EPA released its highly anticipated draft rule to slash carbon emissions from existing power plants in June, it signaled the beginning of a contentious, multi-year ...

Sierra Leone Ebola response

favicon headQuarters
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Door-to-door volunteers and traditional chiefs are educating and gathering information in their communities on prevention and the impact of the Ebola virus on women.“Don’t touch!” warns feisty 3-year-old M’ballu Jalloh when her friend tries to draw her into a childhood game. Her apprehension reveals the level of awareness ...

Community Engagement to Combat Ebola in Guinea

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#EbolaResponseThe United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is re-orienting its country programme in Guinea to help tackle the socioeconomic crisis caused by the ebola epidemic, in part by ramping up community engagement to stop the disease spreading. In Conakry, UNDP identified and mobilized its network of 2,500 young volunteers ...

Sierra Leone: Life in the time of Ebola [VIDEO]

favicon OCHA
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In these three video portraits, we explore the impact of Ebola on the lives of ordinary Sierra Leoneans. We see first hand the amazing resilience of people in the face of this extraordinary health crisis. The people of Freetown are banding together to fight this terrible disease, taking ...

Learning to Live Again

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The crisis in Syria has ripped millions of families from their homes, their country and each other. Today, there are over 3 million Syrian refugees, with around 100,000 more added each month. Many have been forced to flee with little more than the clothes on their backs. For ...

Passage Replaces Your Passwords With Images

favicon TechCrunch
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Passage, from the Edinburgh-based team behind Peekabu, replaces your passwords with images. So instead of typing in a password, you simply hold a previously registered image up to your screen — maybe a photo of your family you have on your desk or your driver’s license. The team,

Who To Follow On Twitter, According To Marc Andreessen

favicon TechCrunch
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Well-known Tweetstormer and investor Marc Andreessen has produced a list of his favorite people to follow on Twitter. He was prompted to do so by an article in The Information called “Silicon Valley’s Frontman Problem” by Jessica Lessin, who questioned if the industry leaders most often quoted by ...

Innovation: UNHCR and Vodafone bring tablet-based learning to 18,000 Somali refugees

favicon UNHCR
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DADAAB, Kenya, October 9 (UNHCR) – The UN refugee agency and the Vodafone Foundation have this month opened centres equipped with mobile technology that will allow thousands of young Somalis to complement, supplement and further their studies in Kenya's sprawling Dadaab refugee complex. Ensuring a high quality education ...

Syracuse University bravely saves students from exposure to journalism

favicon Washington Post
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Michel du Cille, a Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist, was recently in Liberia to cover the Ebola outbreak. He is back in the United States now, and he was supposed to go to Syracuse University — home to a very prestigious journalism school — to talk about what it was ...

After Blocking Surgeon General Nominee, Republican Blames Obama For Surgeon General Vacancy

favicon ThinkProgress
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It has been nearly a year since Vivek Murthy was nominated by President Obama to serve as the next Surgeon General, but thanks in large part to the gun lobby and their Republican allies in the Senate, there has yet to be any movement on his confirmation. That ...

Death Of Northern White Rhino Leaves Only Six Left In Existence

favicon ThinkProgress
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A 34-year-old male northern white rhino has died in a wildlife conservancy in Kenya, leaving on six northern white rhinos left in the world. Suni, one of four northern white rhinos living in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, was the first-ever northern white rhino to be born in captivity.

Liberman calls to ban Balad, 'a branch of Hamas in the Knesset'

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Balad is a terrorist organization that uses the Knesset to promote terrorism, Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman wrote on Facebook Monday.Liberman's statements came a day after MK Haneen Zoabi (Balad) compared the IDF and Islamic State, saying both were “murderous armies that lack redlines" and that an IAF pilot ...

The UN Turns 70

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United Nations - As the UN celebrates its 70th anniversary we highlight the iconic moments of our enduring commitment to peace, development and security.Strong UN. Better World.

How Did Nigeria Quash Its Ebola Outbreak So Quickly?

favicon Scientific American
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On July 20 a man who was ill flew on commercial planes from the heart of the Ebola epidemic in Liberia to Lagos, Nigeria's largest city. That man became Nigeria's first Ebola case—the index patient. In a matter of weeks some 19 people across two states were diagnosed ...

Are EU sanctions against Iran beginning to evaporate?

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Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif (R) and EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton. (photo credit:REUTERS) BERLIN – Two pro-Iran business events in Europe coalesced last week, revealing an assault on the hard-fought US-EU sanctions architecture to isolate the Islamic Republic. The first Europe-Iran Forum, which took place ...

Facebook should stay out of health care. Here's why.

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The Internet was recently atwitter (see what I did there) about the major health care story of Ebola in the United States. However, there was also a interesting rumor announced at the end of last week, to which people should really be paying attention. As reported by Reuters,

One-fifth of incoming UN Security Council has no ties with Israel

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Members of UN Security Council during meeting at UN headquarters in New York , October 14. (photo credit:REUTERS) The United Nations, in an annual exercise, voted in five countries last week to begin serving two-year stints on the Security Council, beginning on January 1. Although there was some ...

Gillmor Gang: Solar Panel

favicon TechCrunch
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The Gillmor Gang — Robert Scoble, Keith Teare, Kevin Marks, and Steve Gillmor. Recorded live Friday, October 17, 2014. This year’s Dreamforce 2014 overshadowed another Apple reveal of new hardware and consolidation of the mobile operating system platform. Hilary Clinton set the tone for the week by reminding ...

Would Joe Biden Put His Son In Prison For Doing Coke?

favicon Mother Jones
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So the son of our Vice President was booted from the military for doing coke. This must be an awkward situation for Joe Biden, given his role in cracking down on drug use over the last few decades. Joe Biden created the position of “drug czar,” a key ...

Brain baloney has no place in the classroom

favicon the Guardian
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A study published this week brilliantly debunks myths about the brain that pervade the education system If you want to make a neuroscientist’s head explode, all you need to do is confidently and triumphantly tell them that humans only use 10% of their brains. Or that right-brained people ...

Migrating birds acting as "early warning system" for habitat loss

favicon United Nations Radio
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The changing habits of birds migrating through Asia is acting as an" early warning system" for the loss of coastal habitats, according to a network of organisations which protects migratory routes. The East Asian-Australasian Flyway Partnership says that if birds need to change those routes it shows the ...

‘Hungry Hearts’ director and star dine out in Haifa

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Saverio Costanzo’s Hungry Hearts, which was screened last week at the 30th Haifa International Film Festival, deals with a gripping and disturbing question: What should a young father do when the wife he loves, out of the best motives in the world, is causing great, possibly irreparable harm ...

Classical review: The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Tel Aviv, October 7 and 17

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The IPO’s new season begun with a short curtain-raiser, Savage Overture by the Israeli composer Avner Dorman. Characterized by sharp rhythms with various timbres, it portrays the horrors of war. This was followed by Rachmaninov’s formidably challenging third piano concerto, played by the consummate pianist Denis Matsuev.He gave ...

Impact of offshore wind farms on marine species

favicon ScienceDaily
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Offshore wind power is a valuable source of renewable energy that can help reduce carbon emissions. Technological advances are allowing higher capacity turbines to be installed in deeper water, but there is still much unknown about the effects on the environment. In a recent paper, University of Maryland ...

Beast: restaurant review

favicon the Guardian
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Beast is a steak and crab joint that’s both deeply silly and ruinously pricey. But the owners are deadly serious You could easily respond to this week’s restaurant with furious, spittle- flecked rage. You could rant about the posing-pouch stupidity of the meat- hanging cabinet that greets you ...

Female students from Darfur arrested and beaten in Sudan, says HRW

favicon the Guardian
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The detention of young Darfuri women studying in Khartoum has sparked outrage among activists who point to systematic discrimination Sixteen female students are being held without charge in Sudan amid fears that they could face the death penalty after the government accused them of supporting Darfur rebel groups.

Los Angeles activists block unloading of Israeli cargo ship for two days

favicon The Electronic Intifada
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An Israeli shipping vessel was delayed at the port of Long Beach, California, by Palestine solidarity activists. The Block the Boat coalition of Los Angeles claimed another victory this weekend after an Israeli cargo ship, the Zim Savannah, delayed docking at the port of Long Beach for at ...

The Nun and the Imam

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Sister Maria Concetta walks out of the labour room with a newborn baby in her arms and rushes through the corridors in search of a bed. The child is one of over 20,000 she has helped to deliver since she started working at the Zongo hospital near the ...

Trouble for state with 3 witnesses in sexual assault case against Jerusalem police chief

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The state on Sunday ran into trouble with three witnesses, including its main witness who was due to testify on Monday, in its sexual assault case against former Jerusalem police chief Asst.-Ch. Nisso Shaham.All of the women's identities are under gag order and the proceedings are taking place ...

A Guide To Co-Leadership: Why It’s Hard, Why It’s Good, And How To Make It Work

favicon TechCrunch
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Editor’s note: Aaron Schildkrout is a New York City entrepreneur and product thinker. He co-founded (acquired by IAC, 2014) where, as co-CEO, he oversaw product development, design, data, and engineering. In September Larry Ellison stepped down from the helm at Oracle and appointed a co-CEO pair as ...

Netanyahu warns world powers: A nuclear threshold Iran is a bigger threat than ISIS

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In an indication of the degree to which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants Iran atop the world's agenda, he used the dedication of a new road into Jerusalem on Sunday to warn of the danger of the Islamic Republic becoming a nuclear threshold state.“We are standing before the ...

Focus on cycling not stadium, expert says

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ARTIST'S IMPRESSION: Christchurch town planners have been urged not to place too much emphasis on expensive, outdated projects like this proposed convention centre. Christchurch's city planners need to put less emphasis on a convention centre and stadium and focus more on encouraging residents to walk and cycle, an ...

6 Intersection Designs That Actually Prioritize Pedestrians

favicon Next City
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Crosswalks and signals are supposed to make walkers safe as they step off the curb, but a tragic example from New York City last month shows that pedestrian infrastructure just isn’t enough when it’s trumped by car-centric intersection design. On September 25th, a driver turned left from Kenmore ...

How One Man Poured Chemicals Into New Jersey's Drinking Water and Changed Women's Fashion Forever

favicon Mother Jones
4 mentions3 days ago
These days, drinking more water seems to be the solution for everything from weight loss to youthful skin. In fact, we've taken our obsession with water so far that the medical community is actually warning people that drinking too much water can be poisonous. What most of us ...

Guest Post: Fear of a trans college

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Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Emma Caterine. Emma is a prison abolitionist, decriminalization advocate, socialist, and cat lover. She has written in the past for Autostraddle, RH Reality Check, The Feminist Wire, and Tits and Sass. You can find more of her writing at

Israeli gas firm signs bid to sell natural gas to Egypt

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A man points as he stands on a tanker carrying liquified natural gas, ten miles off the coast from Hadera. (photo credit:REUTERS) Turning the tables on the region's natural resource flow, Israeli gas will soon surge southward through the Egyptian pipeline that for several years provided gas to ...

Would Any of the Actual Czars Have Stopped Ebola?

favicon Mother Jones
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We need an Ebola czar, apparently. It "may make sense," President Barack Obama announced on Thursday night. Sen. Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) agreed, calling on the administration to appoint someone like Colin Powell to manage the response to the deadly virus in the United States—five years after pushing legislation ...

Friday Cat Blogging - 17 October 2014

favicon Mother Jones
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I don't know about you, but I could stand to have catblogging a little earlier than usual this week. What you see here is one of the many cat TVs now installed in our home. This is the dining room TV. There are also cat TVs in the ...

Finally, Nigeria's Kidnapped Schoolgirls Are Coming Home

favicon Mother Jones
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On Friday, Nigeria's government announced it had reached a deal with Boko Haram to release the approximately 200 schoolgirls held captive by the Islamist terror group since April. The agreement, announced by the country's defense minister, also involves a cease fire between Boko Haram and Nigeria's military. The ...

Solving The Great Whale Shark Mystery

favicon Simon J Pierce
5 mentions17 hours ago
I’m reposting this from the Galapagos Conservation Trust blog. I spent the first two weeks of September 2014 on a liveaboard vessel, the Queen Mabel, travelling around the Galapagos Islands with Jonathan R Green from the Galapagos Whale Shark Project and colleagues. The Galapagos Islands are a dream ...

The right’s Lena Dunham delusion: Anger, misogyny and the dangers of business as usual

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Topics: kevin d. williamson, National Review Online, Lena Dunham, not that kind of girl, Sexism, Misogyny, Violence Against Women, Sexual assault, sexual violence, The Right, Politics News There is an intractable kind of misogyny that resists all argument. It’s easy to point to National Review Online writer Kevin ...

"More Money Than I Could Count": Mitch McConnell's Very Special Relationship With Lobbyists

favicon Mother Jones
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There may be no Washington lawmaker cozier with K Street than Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.). DC law firms and lobbying shops are stuffed with ex-McConnell staffers and pals. And he uses them well to preserve his power and position. As the conservative National Review reported, "McConnell ...

Sport minister vows to oust soccer team that honored fugitive MK who allegedly spied for Hezbollah

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The Bnei Sakhnin soccer team will be excluded from the Israeli Premiere League for honoring fugitive former MK Azmi Bishara at the opening of a game, Culture and Sport Minister Limor Livnat vowed Sunday."There is no doubt that there has been a long series of crimes [by Bnei ...

WHO Admits That It Failed Utterly In Its Response to Ebola

favicon Mother Jones
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The Guardian has a fairly chilling story today about an internal report from the World Health Organization that basically concludes WHO completely botched its response to the Ebola outbreak in Africa: The UN health agency acknowledged that, at times, even its own bureaucracy was a problem. It noted ...

Social Anxiety: why the mundane can be terrifying

favicon the Guardian
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Many people experience severe anxiety in mundane social situations, such as group introductions or paying bills. Why does this happen? And is there any useful purpose to it? One of the weirder traits humans have is the ability to be deeply unnerved by situations or contexts that many ...

How Harry Shearer Discovered the Soul of Richard Nixon

favicon Mother Jones
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The renowned satirist, actor, author, and musician Harry Shearer—you might know him as the bassist of Spinal Tap, the voice behind a panopoly of Simpsons characters (Mr. Burns and Flanders among them), host of Le Show, and a former Saturday Night Live player—has done his share of presidential ...

Women in Tanzania set for equal land rights – let’s make sure it happens

favicon the Guardian
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In a milestone for Tanzania, the country’s proposed new constitution provides women with equal rights to own and use land. Women in Tanzania have until now had tenuous rights to the land they rely on to feed their families. Though Tanzania’s Land Act and Village Land Act (both ...

“Tell me, are you OK with yourself?"

favicon The Electronic Intifada
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“How can you raise your weapon at your brother?” asks a new song which aims to challange Israel’s attempts to recruit Palestinian citizens of the state to its occupation army. Titled “Tell me, are you OK with yourself?” (The Electronic Intifada’s translation), the track was released last week ...

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