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Images expose thunder in exquisite detail

favicon Nature News & Comment
4 mentions3 hours ago
Acoustic measurements reveal the energy that radiates from a lightning bolt. On a US military base outside Gainesville, Florida, atmospheric scientists make lightning by shooting rockets into thunderstorms. Now they ...

Pint-sized DNA sequencer impresses first users

favicon Nature News & Comment
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Portable device offers on-the-spot data to fight disease, catalogue species and more. The MinION device can sequence small genomes, such as those of bacteria and viruses, displaying the results as ...

Today Is the 151st Birthday of All-Around Feminist Badass Nellie Bly

favicon Mother Jones
4 mentions16 hours ago
Today would be the 151st birthday of Elizabeth Cochran—the groundbreaking journalist better known as Nellie Bly. In 1885, Bly wrote a furious letter to a Pittsburgh newspaper denouncing a column ...

Will the Benghazi Committee Block Clinton From Testifying About…Benghazi?

favicon Mother Jones
4 mentions19 hours ago
Could the main obstacle to Hillary Clinton testifying about Benghazi be Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), the chair of the special House committee set up to investigate the 2012 terrorist attack ...

Zendesk Reports $42.2M Revenue, $0.10 Loss Per Share For Q1 2015

favicon TechCrunch
2 mentions4 hours ago
Online customer service company Zendesk today reported earnings for its first financial quarter of 2015. The company reported revenue of $42.2 million, up 68 percent from the year-ago-quarter. In the ...

The Thin White Line: Most Cops Don't Look Like the Residents They Serve

favicon Mother Jones
5 mentions10 hours ago
In Baltimore, white people make up 28 percent of the population but 50 percent of the city's police officers. In Philadelphia, where police and protesters clashed last Thursday during a ...

Why Elizabeth Warren Makes Wall Street Tremble

6 mentions13 hours ago
Let’s assume that when he woke up on the morning of Dec. 12, Michael Corbat, CEO of Citigroup, was feeling pretty good. The day before, the House of Representatives had ...

Just When You Thought Fox News' Baltimore Coverage Couldn't Get Worse, It Made This Mistake

favicon Mother Jones
2 mentions21 hours ago
On Monday afternoon, Fox News alarmed social media with a dramatic news report of a man being shot by police in Baltimore. It might have been news to some that ...

CodersClan Wants To Make Code Outsourcing Better, Raises $820K Seed Round

favicon TechCrunch
2 mentions15 hours ago
CodersClan started out as a marketplace for easily outsourcing small coding tasks. Now, the company is setting its sights on allowing its customers to request full development projects and it’s ...

Almost 21,000 Burundians flee to Rwanda this month to escape electoral violence

favicon UNHCR
7 mentions16 hours ago
GENEVA, April 28 (UNHCR) – Almost 21,000 Burundian civilians have fled to neighbouring Rwanda this month to escape electoral violence, including a surge of more than 5,000 who crossed the ...

The Real NYC Condo Boom Isn't in Manhattan

2 mentions15 hours ago
For AvalonBay Communities Inc., the next promising area for New York development is in southeast Brooklyn, at the second-to-last stop on the B train and off a bustling strip of ...

Leaked Email From Marvel CEO Is A Listicle About Why Women Can't Be Superheroes

favicon ThinkProgress
2 mentions13 hours ago
"Leaked Email From Marvel CEO Is A Listicle About Why Women Can’t Be Superheroes" Just a few weeks ago, Wikileaks published more than 30,000 documents from the Sony hack, the ...

The Carly Fiorina Leadership File

2 mentions11 hours ago
Carly Fiorina officially launched her presidential campaign with an appearance Monday on Good Morning America and a video called “Meet Carly” that she published on her website. Fiorina doesn’t have ...

Building streets for humans rather than cars could help solve the affordable housing crisis

favicon Vox
9 mentions11 hours ago
Updated by Matthew Yglesiason May 5, 2015, 9:00 a.m. ET@mattyglesias Steve Dombek is an activist with an unusual cause. He wants US cities in general — and San Francisco in ...

The Worm with the Fractal Nose Glove

favicon Nerdist
2 mentions13 hours ago
A video of a bizarrely behaving worm-like creature is currently nope-ing the whole Internet. I’m not one to hate on weird organisms, but even I was taken aback by whatever ...

Trade Deficit in U.S. Swells to Six-Year High as Imports Surge

2 mentions19 hours ago
The U.S. trade deficit widened in March to the highest level in more than six years, fueled by a record surge in imports as commercial activity resumed at West Coast ...

Giant Whales Have Super-Stretchy Nerves

favicon Phenomena
3 mentions18 hours ago
“Hey, look at this,” said Bob Shadwick. He and his team were working on the dissected remains of a fin whale, the second largest animal on the planet, when they ...

Our Tomorrow Landing

6 mentions17 hours ago
Thanks for your interest in partnering with Our Tomorrow, a campaign to engage LGBTQ people across the country in a conversation to shape the future of a bigger, bolder movement ...

Midwives could help avert millions of maternal and newborn deaths

favicon UNFPA - United Nations Population Fund
2 mentions23 hours ago
COTONOU, Benin – “I have seen more and more women with child-delivery problems suffer needlessly,” said midwife Florence Djihoun, 48, at her UNFPA-supported clinic in Cotonou, Benin. Globally, complications of ...

Carly Fiorina failed to register this domain.

45 mentions15 hours ago
So I'm using it to tell you how many people she laid off at Hewlett-Packard. That's 30,000 people she laid off. People with families. And what does she say she ...

A Risky Route from Syria to Europe

favicon Tracks
4 mentions10 hours ago
The sun is still rising over the Italian port of Augusta, on the eastern coast of Sicily, when 446 people finally step onto dry land after eight days at sea.

Salesforce Expands Its “Pledge 1%” Philanthropic Model To New York Tech Companies

favicon TechCrunch
2 mentions1 day ago
Fifth-generation San Franciscan and Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff has been a big proponent of civic engagement and philanthropy among the tech industry. To that end, when he started Salesforce, he ...

Well Book Club

2 mentions2 days ago
Rocco DiSpirito will join us Wednesday, May 6, to answer your kitchen questions. What are low calorie substitutes for your favorite recipe ingredients? Is there a trick to making delicious ...

These Photos of the Vegas Fight and the Baltimore Protests Perfectly Sum Up Inequality in America

favicon Mother Jones
4 mentions2 days ago
On Saturday night, the biggest news story in America was the welterweight championship fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao, in Las Vegas (Mayweather won). The second biggest was ...

Carly Fiorina Just Played The Gender Card All Wrong

favicon TechCrunch
2 mentions12 hours ago
Wrapping up her interview onstage at TechCrunch Disrupt with presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, TechCrunch’s Sarah Lane asked a pretty common question for a candidate running for president — if you ...

Snapchat Tries To Jumpstart Discover By Letting You Send Clips To Friends

favicon TechCrunch
3 mentions13 hours ago
Snapchat’s Discover feature feels like the awkward guy in a nice suit at a casual party. Discover’s professionally made content from CNN, Comedy Central, Food Network, and others is too ...

Automated Savings Startup Digit Raises $11.3M From General Catalyst

favicon TechCrunch
3 mentions9 hours ago
It’s only been a few short months since automated savings startup Digit opened to the public, but it’s already garnered serious interest from consumers who want more money in their ...

87 Reasons To Rethink the Death Penalty

favicon Mother Jones
2 mentions2 days ago
Stanley Griffin was deemed intellectually disabled when he was 16. He scored an abysmal 65 on an IQ test, which put him among the lowest 1 percent of Americans in ...

Hillary Clinton: I'll Settle For Nothing Less Than A 'Full And Equal' Path To Citizenship

favicon ThinkProgress
3 mentions15 hours ago
"Hillary Clinton: I’ll Settle For Nothing Less Than A ‘Full And Equal’ Path To Citizenship" Presidential candidates shouldn’t run in 2016 unless they support a path to citizenship, presidential candidate ...

In the shadows of booming cities, a tension between sunlight and prosperity

favicon Washington Post
7 mentions12 hours ago
NEW YORK—“Billionaires' Row” is rising over midtown, a collection of glassy new pinnacles that promise the kind of condo views you can only get in Manhattan by building taller than ...

Jeb Bush Is Very Proud Of Ending Affirmative Action in Florida. He Shouldn't Be.

favicon Mother Jones
2 mentions2 days ago
As he courts conservatives skeptical of his right-wing bona fides, Jeb Bush, an all-but-announced GOP presidential candidate, has cited one of his most controversial moves as Florida's governor to illustrate ...

Italy: Rescued Syrian Family's New Hope

favicon YouTube
5 mentions1 day ago
An Italian official vessel rescued some 450 people from the Mediterranean sea on Wednesday. They were on-board a boat that had set sail from Egypt on its way to Europe.

Elance-oDesk Rebrands As Upwork, Debuts Slack-Like Chat Platform

favicon TechCrunch
2 mentions18 hours ago
A new chapter starts today for Elance-oDesk, a platform where 4 million businesses connect with 10 million knowledge worker freelancers to fill contract jobs. More than a year after the ...

RebelMouse CEO Paul Berry Talks Publishing Platforms And Content Startups

favicon TechCrunch
2 mentions13 hours ago
RebelMouse founder and CEO Paul Berry joined us at Disrupt NY to talk about how the company has evolved from its early days as a social media aggregator. “The product ...

The Shale Boom Has Already Gone Bust

3 mentions2 days ago
The meteoric rise in U.S. oil production has ended, easing a global glut and driving a rebound in crude prices from below $50 a barrel, according to crude trader and ...

Ben Carson Is Running for President. Read These 6 Stories About Him Now.

favicon Mother Jones
3 mentions2 days ago
The doctor is in: Conservative darling Dr. Ben Carson officially announced that he's running for president on Sunday in interviews with TV stations in Ohio and Florida. On Monday, he's ...

Mark Zuckerberg and Silicon Valley VCs Invest $100 Million in a Startup Elementary School

2 mentions2 days ago
Add an elementary school to the list of ventures attracting nine-figure sums from Silicon Valley investors. AltSchool, a chain of technology-centric private schools in San Francisco, has raised $100 million ...

Why Congress Keeps Wasting Taxpayer Dollars On Abstinence-Only Education

favicon ThinkProgress
6 mentions14 hours ago
"Why Congress Keeps Wasting Taxpayer Dollars On Abstinence-Only Education" Protesters demonstrate against abstinence-only funding outside Philadelphia’s City Hall It didn’t take more than a series of tweets to ignite a ...

China's Crazy Stock Market, Charted

2 mentions2 days ago
Beijing Baofeng Technology - a Chinese tech company that specializes in making virtual reality headsets - has surged into the headlines thanks to a one-month share price chart that looks ...

One Disease Hits Mostly People of Color. One Mostly Whites. Which One Gets Billions In Funding?

favicon Mother Jones
4 mentions2 days ago
February 12, 2009, was supposed to be a big day for Carlton Haywood Jr.: The newly minted Johns Hopkins professor was set to travel from Baltimore to New York City ...

Foursquare Targets Is B2B Pitch With Places And New Location Cloud

favicon TechCrunch
2 mentions17 hours ago
Foursquare — the startup likely best known for popularising the “check-in” for users to share their locations with their social networks — has more recently been trying to make a ...

Frederick Wiseman on How to Stay in the Business of Makin

favicon Indiewire
2 mentions12 hours ago
By Eric Hynes | Indiewire Tue May 05 16:27:52 EDT 2015 At this year's Hot Docs Film Festival, North America's biggest annual documentary survey and industry powwow, something remarkable ...

Andreessen Horowitz’s Chris Dixon Predicts 10 NYC Unicorns In A Half Decade

favicon TechCrunch
3 mentions16 hours ago
Today at TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2015, our own Ryan Lawler sat down with Chris Dixon of Andreessen Horowitz to dig into the investor’s strategy and how successful the New York ...

Dive Deep into the Blue Mind Summit May 11th in DC

favicon Voices
4 mentions4 hours ago
Mission Blue had the pleasure of catching up with Dr. Wallace J Nichols, water scientist, conservationist, best-selling author and leader of the Blue Mind movement. With the 5th annual Blue ...

Cisco names Chuck Robbins as its next CEO

favicon Business Insider
3 mentions2 days ago
Cisco just named Chuck Robbins as its next CEO effective July 26, 2015. He was formerly Cisco's senior vice president of worldwide operations. John Chambers, who has lead Cisco as ...

3D printed horns may put rhinos at greater risk of extinction

favicon New Scientist
7 mentions18 hours ago
Rhino poaching is pushing the species to the brink of extinction (Image: Pete Oxford/Minden Pictures/Corbis) Can 3D printing save the rhino? Seattle-based bioengineering start-up Pembient believes it can. The company ...

Swarm 2.3 Feels Like The Old Foursquare, Looks Way Better

favicon TechCrunch
2 mentions24 hours ago
Foursquare has today released an update for Swarm, the company’s social check-in app, that brings far more of the delightful gamification of the old Foursquare back to the service. But ...

Microsoft Wants To Bring Azure To Your Data Center

favicon TechCrunch
2 mentions2 days ago
Microsoft has always been big on the hybrid cloud, which is no surprise given its focus on enterprise customers. This week, however, it’s taking this idea even further with the ...

Bill Gross: The Bull Market 'Super-Cycle' Is Nearing Its End

4 mentions2 days ago
Bill Gross said the bull market “supercycle” for stocks and bonds is approaching its end, as the unconventional monetary policies that have kept it alive since the financial crisis are ...

Craps and Cryogenics: Blow Your Savings and Live Forever in the New Atlantic City

2 mentions2 days ago
Glenn Straub on the darkened and depopulated casino floor inside the Revel Atlantic City, which he purchased out of bankruptcy last month for $82 million. There was a time, believe ...

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