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Salesforce Expands Its “Pledge 1%” Philanthropic Model To New York Tech Companies

favicon TechCrunch
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Fifth-generation San Franciscan and Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff has been a big proponent of civic engagement and philanthropy among the tech industry. To that end, when he started Salesforce, he ...

Well Book Club

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Rocco DiSpirito will join us Wednesday, May 6, to answer your kitchen questions. What are low calorie substitutes for your favorite recipe ingredients? Is there a trick to making delicious ...

These Photos of the Vegas Fight and the Baltimore Protests Perfectly Sum Up Inequality in America

favicon Mother Jones
4 mentions20 hours ago
On Saturday night, the biggest news story in America was the welterweight championship fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao, in Las Vegas (Mayweather won). The second biggest was ...

87 Reasons To Rethink the Death Penalty

favicon Mother Jones
2 mentions18 hours ago
Stanley Griffin was deemed intellectually disabled when he was 16. He scored an abysmal 65 on an IQ test, which put him among the lowest 1 percent of Americans in ...

Italy: Rescued Syrian Family's New Hope

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5 mentions7 hours ago
An Italian official vessel rescued some 450 people from the Mediterranean sea on Wednesday. They were on-board a boat that had set sail from Egypt on its way to Europe.

Jeb Bush Is Very Proud Of Ending Affirmative Action in Florida. He Shouldn't Be.

favicon Mother Jones
2 mentions17 hours ago
As he courts conservatives skeptical of his right-wing bona fides, Jeb Bush, an all-but-announced GOP presidential candidate, has cited one of his most controversial moves as Florida's governor to illustrate ...

Carly Fiorina failed to register this domain.

37 mentions6 hours ago
So I'm using it to tell you how many people she laid off at Hewlett-Packard. That's 30,000 people she laid off. People with families. And what does she say she ...

The Shale Boom Has Already Gone Bust

3 mentions12 hours ago
The meteoric rise in U.S. oil production has ended, easing a global glut and driving a rebound in crude prices from below $50 a barrel, according to crude trader and ...

Ben Carson Is Running for President. Read These 6 Stories About Him Now.

favicon Mother Jones
3 mentions19 hours ago
The doctor is in: Conservative darling Dr. Ben Carson officially announced that he's running for president on Sunday in interviews with TV stations in Ohio and Florida. On Monday, he's ...

Mark Zuckerberg and Silicon Valley VCs Invest $100 Million in a Startup Elementary School

2 mentions17 hours ago
Add an elementary school to the list of ventures attracting nine-figure sums from Silicon Valley investors. AltSchool, a chain of technology-centric private schools in San Francisco, has raised $100 million ...

China's Crazy Stock Market, Charted

2 mentions12 hours ago
Beijing Baofeng Technology - a Chinese tech company that specializes in making virtual reality headsets - has surged into the headlines thanks to a one-month share price chart that looks ...

One Disease Hits Mostly People of Color. One Mostly Whites. Which One Gets Billions In Funding?

favicon Mother Jones
4 mentions17 hours ago
February 12, 2009, was supposed to be a big day for Carlton Haywood Jr.: The newly minted Johns Hopkins professor was set to travel from Baltimore to New York City ...

Cisco names Chuck Robbins as its next CEO

favicon Business Insider
3 mentions19 hours ago
Cisco just named Chuck Robbins as its next CEO effective July 26, 2015. He was formerly Cisco's senior vice president of worldwide operations. John Chambers, who has lead Cisco as ...

Bill Gross: The Bull Market 'Super-Cycle' Is Nearing Its End

4 mentions18 hours ago
Bill Gross said the bull market “supercycle” for stocks and bonds is approaching its end, as the unconventional monetary policies that have kept it alive since the financial crisis are ...

Microsoft Wants To Bring Azure To Your Data Center

favicon TechCrunch
2 mentions14 hours ago
Microsoft has always been big on the hybrid cloud, which is no surprise given its focus on enterprise customers. This week, however, it’s taking this idea even further with the ...

Craps and Cryogenics: Blow Your Savings and Live Forever in the New Atlantic City

2 mentions16 hours ago
Glenn Straub on the darkened and depopulated casino floor inside the Revel Atlantic City, which he purchased out of bankruptcy last month for $82 million. There was a time, believe ...

Horror stories from Boko Haram prisoners

favicon Reuters TV
2 mentions16 hours ago
Prisoners freed from a Boko Haram stronghold in Northern Nigeria share tales of terror from their time in captivity. Your news when you want it, straight from the source and ...

No, Carly Fiorina's Candidacy Doesn't Negate The 'War On Women'

favicon ThinkProgress
2 mentions12 hours ago
"No, Carly Fiorina’s Candidacy Doesn’t Negate The ‘War On Women’" On Monday, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina joined the growing roster of Republicans running for President in 2016, and is ...

Greece's Firebrand Finance Minister Deserves to Be Heard

4 mentions10 hours ago
I have never met or spoken to Yanis Varoufakis, Greece's finance minister. Yet I feel I have gotten to know him through his writing and interviews, and by reading about ...

Our Tomorrow Landing

5 mentions13 hours ago
Thanks for your interest in partnering with Our Tomorrow, a campaign to engage LGBTQ people across the country in a conversation to shape the future of a bigger, bolder movement ...

Ask Well: Is Golf With a Cart Exercise?

favicon Well
2 mentions2 days ago
Unfortunately, golf does not provide much of a workout, especially if you use a cart to transport yourself around the course. According to estimates by Stanford researchers and other groups,

Should On-Demand Startups Share More Data To Quell Legal Fears? Ron Conway, Fred Wilson Weigh In

favicon TechCrunch
2 mentions7 hours ago
As the technology business becomes more mainstream, tackling more legacy and non-tech problems, we’re seeing the tech industry look for better ways of engaging with the communities that they are ...

Cloudwear Introduces A New Way To Secure Online Accounts

favicon TechCrunch
2 mentions11 hours ago
A company that has developed a new way to secure access to online accounts, Cloudwear, is launching today onstage at TechCrunch Disrupt NY. Backed by a team whose experience includes ...

Lauryn Hill cancels Israel show after Palestinian boycott call

favicon The Electronic Intifada
6 mentions2 hours ago
Lauryn Hill has announced that she has canceled a 7 May concert in Israel, following a request by Palestinians and a campaign by many of her fans. The former lead ...

This Trilogy is the Best Binge-Viewing Experience of the

favicon Indiewire
2 mentions17 hours ago
By Shelley Farmer | Indiewire Mon May 04 10:32:46 EDT 2015 READ MORE: Janus Films Announces Major 4k Restoration of Satyajit Ray's 'The Apu Trilogy' This is a fantastic ...

Greece Aid Talks Gain Urgency as Breakthrough Remains Elusive

5 mentions23 hours ago
Talks between Greece and its international creditors gained in urgency as the two sides remained apart on key elements of the country’s bailout agenda after four days of intensive negotiations.

Design Platform Canva Raises $6 Million, Expands To Businesses With “Canva for Work”

favicon TechCrunch
2 mentions16 hours ago
Creating professional graphics is not a skill set that everyone has, but online design platform Canva wants to change that. In mid-2013, the company debuted a a service that allows ...

Buffett Says Minimum Wage Increase Isn’t Answer to Income Gulf

3 mentions1 day ago
Billionaire Warren Buffett said the level of income inequality in the U.S. is “extraordinary” but that raising the minimum wage isn’t the best solution. “I don’t have anything against raising ...

Why Congress Keeps Wasting Taxpayer Dollars On Abstinence-Only Education

favicon ThinkProgress
2 mentions19 hours ago
"Why Congress Keeps Wasting Taxpayer Dollars On Abstinence-Only Education" Protesters demonstrate against abstinence-only funding outside Philadelphia’s City Hall It didn’t take more than a series of tweets to ignite a ...

“We need to talk about this as terrorism”: The war against abortion providers

4 mentions13 hours ago
Last year, Dr. Stacy De-Lin told me about the time an antiabortion protester followed her down an isolated Manhattan street as she left work at Planned Parenthood one snowy evening,

Brazil and UNDP announce the first "World Games of Indigenous Peoples" during the UN Forum on Indigenous Issues in New York

favicon UNDP in Latin America and the Caribbean
3 mentions1 day ago
For the first time in history, nearly 50 ethnic groups from all regions will gather in October to celebrate their traditional sports, culture and diversityNew York, April 24 – During ...

8 Great Documentary Discoveries from Hot Docs 2015

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By Anthony Kaufman | Indiewire Mon May 04 15:24:00 EDT 2015 READ MORE: How Hot Docs Helps Underappreciated Documentaries Find Life The Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival, which ...

Altschool Raises $100M From Founders Fund, Zuckerberg To Scale A Massive Network of Schools Around Personalized Learning

favicon TechCrunch
2 mentions10 hours ago
In one of the biggest funding rounds of the year in education and technology, Altschool is raising $100 million from Founders Fund, Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan’s foundation along with ...

Plastic Pollution = Cancer of Our Oceans: What Is the Cure?

favicon EcoWatch
4 mentions7 hours ago
By now, many people know that the ocean is filled with plastic debris. A recent study estimates that the amount of plastic waste that washes off land into the ocean ...

Israeli soldiers ordered to kill civilians in Gaza, says Breaking the Silence

favicon The Electronic Intifada
5 mentions11 hours ago
Thousands of buildings were destroyed by Israel in Gaza last summer. Israeli soldiers were under orders to shoot civilians dead while attacking Gaza last summer, according to testimonies published today ...

Investment Giant KKR Leads Rare $15M Early Stage Round For Fundraising Platform Artivest

favicon TechCrunch
2 mentions15 hours ago
In what may be one of its first investments in a Series A round, the investment firm KKR has pulled from its $98.6 billion in assets under management to lead ...

“I just don’t believe this anymore”: Why I abandoned my faith

2 mentions22 hours ago
Americans are leaving their religions at a faster rate than ever before, and that means more are looking for help with the transition. People who are casually religious may walk ...

The Difference Between Living in New York and San Francisco

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2 mentions1 day ago
After living in New York for 5 years, I recently moved to San Francisco. Neither city is clearly superior, but there are some distinct differences… I post new articles, videos ...

O'Malley MTP

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I watched the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight on Periscope and saw the future

favicon Mashable
8 mentions1 day ago
Like millions of others across the world, I watched the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight in a living room surrounded by other boxing fans. Except, the living room wasn't mine and my co-watchers ...

The 28-hour Marvel Marathon nearly cost our writer his sanity

favicon The A.V. Club For Our Consideration
3 mentions3 hours ago
5:02 p.m.—I arrived at AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 Theaters an hour early to secure a seat for my upcoming ordeal. I reasoned that this was a good time to ...

Kayakers prep for oil-drilling protests in West Seattle

favicon The Seattle Times
3 mentions9 hours ago
About 19 advanced kayakers learned self-rescue techniques and how to assist when a kayak capsizes in anticipation of the upcoming flotilla protest May 16 in Elliott Bay. Judging from the ...

Yemen: Saudi-Led Airstrikes Used Cluster Munitions

favicon Human Rights Watch
14 mentions1 day ago
An expended BLU-108 canister from a CBU-105 Sensor Fuzed Weapon found in the al-Amar area of al-Safraa, Saada governorate, in northern Yemen on April 17, 2015. A BLU-108 canister with ...

How shark 'penises' evolved

favicon News
3 mentions2 days ago
How did animals like sharks and skates evolve claspers—paired penislike organs found on male pelvic fins—like the ones seen on the male skate on the left? For years, their origin ...

Obama Administration Gives Rail Companies Three Years to Fix Their Most Explosive Oil Cars

favicon Mother Jones
2 mentions2 days ago
Trains hauling crude oil have continued to explode across the United States and Canada this year as oil production booms in North Dakota and Alberta. Nearly two dozen oil trains ...

Ocean Health Index - Conservation International

favicon Conservation International
5 mentions9 hours ago
The Ocean Health Index identifies people as part of a human-ocean ecosystem. The Index is the first assessment tool that scientifically measures key elements from all dimensions of the ocean’s ...

Happy Birthday Jane Jacobs! (Now Let’s Have A Debate)

favicon Market Urbanism
3 mentions17 hours ago
1. This week I wrote three articles: one for Governing Magazine about how to make pedestrian malls successful; and two for Forbes—about how Syracuse is squelching a driveway-sharing app, and ...

Transgender Equality Is Not the Post-Marriage Fight of the LGBT Movement

favicon American Civil Liberties Union
2 mentions13 hours ago
The past few weeks have been pivotal for conversations about LGBT people in the public discourse. Just days after Olympian Bruce Jenner announced to Diane Sawyer and 17 million viewers ...

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