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Displaced athletes to make historic debut at Paralympic Games in Rio

favicon UNHCR
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GENEVA – Athletes with disabilities have vied for glory at the Paralympic Games since 1960. This summer, for the first time, para-athletes who have faced the additional challenge of fleeing ...

Empirical assessment of published effect sizes and power in the recent cognitive neuroscience and psychology literature

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We have empirically assessed the distribution of published effect sizes and estimated power by extracting more than 100,000 statistical records from about 10,000 cognitive neuroscience and psychology papers published during ...


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Read More Read More Read More Read More Read More Read More Read More Read More Read More The Sixth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD VI) Summit will ...

Trump's campaign CEO once ran a climate change research center. Really.

favicon Mother Jones
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Long before Stephen Bannon was CEO of Donald Trump's presidential campaign, he held a much different job—as the acting director of Biosphere 2, a $200 million scientific research facility in ...

A question for the AP

favicon Mother Jones
2 mentions12 hours ago
Just curious: are you ever planning to release the names of Hillary Clinton's non-governmental visitors? You're a news organization, after all, and this is news. I'd sure like to see ...

Is the Clinton Foundation corrupt? There's a way to find out for anyone who's seriously interested.

favicon Mother Jones
2 mentions12 hours ago
Did corporations and foreign governments make donations to the Clinton Foundation as a way of cozying up to Hillary Clinton? Cherry picking the few occasions when they did so within ...

From where I stand: Abby Wambach

favicon Headquarters
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Date: 26 July 2016 If you think you're treated unfairly, don't wait for the fear of rocking the boat; rock the boat. Sometimes when you're inside, you can't see that ...

How the party of John McCain became the party of Donald Trump

favicon Mother Jones
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One Saturday afternoon in June, a few thousand Donald Trump supporters wearing T-shirts with slogans such as "Italian Lives Matter" and "I'm the infidel Allah warned about" streamed into the ...

It's the end of August and Hillary Clinton's lead remains clear and steady

favicon Mother Jones
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Is the presidential race tightening up? Let's take a look. Here's Pollster: No tightening evident here. Here's Sam Wang: No tightening here either. If anything, Clinton has improved her position.

Hillary Clinton hits Trump with a new ad on race

favicon Mother Jones
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In recent days, Donald Trump, who has faced charges (even from Republicans) that he has made racist remarks during this presidential race, has mounted what his campaign considers an outreach ...

Maine Governor Paul LePage threatens state lawmaker with profanity-filled voicemail.

favicon Mother Jones
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Just one day after claiming 90 percent of the drug-traffickers arrested in Maine are either black or Latino, the state's combative governor Paul LePage left a threatening voicemail in which ...

Trump couldn't name a single one of his "handpicked" Trump University professors

favicon Mother Jones
3 mentions18 hours ago
Until the election, we're bringing you "The Trump Files," a daily dose of telling episodes, strange-but-true stories, or curious scenes from the life of GOP nominee Donald Trump. "We're going ...

I Contain Multitudes by Ed Yong review

favicon the Guardian
2 mentions21 hours ago
On one view, the rise of natural philosophy over the last several millennia has slowly stripped man of his God-given dominion over creation and squeezed the human species into a ...

Obama expands protected waters off Hawaii, creating world's largest reserve

favicon USA TODAY
10 mentions3 hours ago
WASHINGTON — President Obama will use his powers to designate national monuments on Friday to create the world's largest protected marine area off the coast of Hawaii, the White House ...

China Tightening Risk Seen Looming as Bonds, Property Surge

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Frothiness in parts of China’s financial markets is pushing the central bank closer to tightening monetary policy. That’s according to Lirong Xu, chief investment officer of Franklin Templeton’s joint venture ...

Breaking a myth: Data shows you don’t actually need a co-founder

favicon TechCrunch
2 mentions9 hours ago
We are often told that starting a startup on your own is madness. There are thousands of articles out there that tell you that, as well as why you need ...

Harmony Korine Set to Adapt Controversial Teacher-Student Sex Novel ‘Tampa’

favicon IndieWire
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Harmony Korine has never hidden himself or his work from controversy, and now he looks to be out and out courting it with a new project he’s reportedly lining up.

Trump attacks Hillary's "criminal" foundation, forgets he donated $110,000 to it

favicon Mother Jones
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In another harsh attack on his opponent, Donald Trump at a New Hampshire rally on Thursday accused Hillary Clinton of running a "vast criminal enterprise" that was worse than Watergate,

Here's Why Hillary Clinton Talked About Racism and the Alt-Right Today

favicon Mother Jones
2 mentions1 day ago
Hillary Clinton gave a speech today. Patrick Caldwell summarizes: Democrats haven't been shy about pointing out the racial undertones in Donald Trump's campaign, but Hillary Clinton took that message to ...

How Donald Trump won over Europe's right-wing xenophobes

favicon Mother Jones
4 mentions1 day ago
Last night, Donald Trump took his "America First" message global. Appearing at a rally in Mississippi alongside British parliamentarian Nigel Farage, the architect of the UK's exit from the European ...

Surprise! Fake babies actually make kids think teenage motherhood is awesome

favicon Mother Jones
2 mentions1 day ago
It's a common scare tactic in school systems that have the money to pull it off: Give teenage girls dolls that cry incessantly, need to be changed often, and basically ...

AB InBev Said to Plan 5,500 Job Cuts After SABMiller Deal

2 mentions15 hours ago
Anheuser-Busch InBev NV expects to cut about 3 percent of its enlarged workforce in the three years after its takeover of SABMiller Plc as it seeks to maximize savings from ...

AP demonstrates the perils of being "balanced" in the era of Trump

favicon Mother Jones
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Earlier this week the AP wrote a story delivering the astonishing news that Hillary Clinton once met with a Nobel-Prize-winning microcredit guru that she had been friends with for 30 ...

Donald Trump took revenge on his family by cutting off a sick infant's health care

favicon Mother Jones
3 mentions2 days ago
Until the election, we're bringing you "The Trump Files," a daily dose of telling episodes, strange-but-true stories, or curious scenes from the life of GOP nominee Donald Trump. Donald Trump ...

Politics and Personality: Most of What You Read Is Malarkey

favicon The New Yorker
2 mentions1 day ago
You’ve seen the headlines. You’ve maybe even quoted them, especially now that it’s election season. “Conservatives More Susceptible to Bullshit Than Liberals.” “Study: Are Liberals Smarter Than Conservatives?” “Studies: Conservatives ...

Ghanaian health workers use mobile phones to collect real-time maternal health data

favicon World Health Organization
2 mentions2 days ago
Mavis Tabi-Boateng, a midwife at a health centre in Watreso, Ghana, often sees patients who travel long distances for antenatal care visits. During these visits she checks to see if ...

Plastic found in third of fish caught in Britain because of microbeads

favicon Mail Online
6 mentions14 hours ago
Plastic particles are found in a third of fish caught off Britain, a major study reveals today. It found widespread contamination of cod, haddock, mackerel and shellfish by microbeads used ...

Beyond burkini bans, 4 more ways France is cracking down on Muslims

favicon Mother Jones
2 mentions2 days ago
On Tuesday, an image of French authorities forcing a Muslim woman to disrobe on the beach sparked outrage on social media. It was the second such incident in France that ...

Public financing for health in Africa: from Abuja to the SDGs

favicon World Health Organization
2 mentions2 days ago
Print Editors: World Health Organization Number of pages: Publication date: 2016 Languages: English WHO reference number: WHO/HIS/HGF/Tech.Report/16.2 Public financing for health in Africa: from Abuja to the SDGs pdf 1.26Mb ...

Education under fire: Schools in Aleppo damaged in renewed fighting

favicon UNICEF
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Share Tweet ShareBy Basma Ourfali and Yasmine Saker Renewed fighting in Aleppo has put children at risk, with schools coming under attack in recent weeks. The 1070 intermediary school for ...

WeVideo revamps its online video editor for HTML5

favicon TechCrunch
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WeVideo has rebuilt its browser-based video editor using HTML5 instead of Flash. For many of you, the whole debate about HTML5 versus Flash may seem like a weird flashback to ...

Most sea turtles are swallowing ocean junk, scientists say

favicon ABC News
3 mentions13 hours ago
Updated August 26, 2016 15:48:09 More than 50 per cent of sea turtles are ingesting marine debris, a huge amount of which is floating around the world's oceans, scientists say.

Donald Trump discovers that appealing to whites is trickier than he thought

favicon Mother Jones
2 mentions2 days ago
The wise new heads surrounding Donald Trump have obviously given up on attracting more than a handful of non-white votes—which is probably a smart move, all things considered—and this means ...

This Rescued Sea Otter Just Landed a Job as a Surrogate Mom

favicon Azula
3 mentions12 hours ago
The Monterey Bay Aquarium, which just made our front page for its wealth of sea otter videos, has a new resident, and she has melted our hearts — not just ...

An All-Woman Team of Syrian Refugees Has Become Canada's Hottest New Catering Company

favicon SAVEUR
3 mentions9 hours ago
When Brittani Farrington volunteered to help throw a welcome dinner for a handful of displaced families from Syria in Hamilton, Ontario, she intended on preparing the food—until three of the ...

The AP’s big exposé on Hillary meeting with Clinton Foundation donors is a mess

favicon Vox
19 mentions2 days ago
Tuesday afternoon, Stephen Braun and Eileen Sullivan of the Associated Press released the results of a review of State Department appointment data that they used to make some striking claims ...

Gene Tests Identify Breast Cancer Patients Who Can Skip Chemotherapy, Study Says

2 mentions2 days ago
Dr. Kathryn J. Ruddy, a breast cancer specialist at the The risks from certain types of chemo increase with the patient’s age. The risk of leukemia is about 0.5 percent ...

French court deals blow to 'burkini ban' following widespread protest

favicon Waging Nonviolence
2 mentions11 hours ago
France’s “burkini ban” was dealt a blow today as the French high court overturned the controversial rule in the Riviera town of Villeneuve-Loubet. The decision came after a groundswell of ...

The real value of Sean Hannity's shilling for Trump: Probably around zero

favicon Mother Jones
2 mentions2 days ago
From Media Matters: Fox News host Sean Hannity, who has been informally advising Donald Trump’s presidential campaign while serving as its primary media cheerleader, has effectively turned his nightly prime-time ...

UNHCR prepares for huge displacement from Iraq's Mosul

favicon UNHCR
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GENEVA – Displacement in Iraq may be about to worsen dramatically with the focus of military action turning towards retaking Mosul, the country’s second largest city, UNHCR, the UN Refugee ...

Forbes Welcome

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“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

An Epochal Discovery: A Habitable Planet Orbits Our Neighboring Star

favicon The Atlantic
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One hundred and one years ago this October, a Scottish astronomer named Robert Innes pointed a camera at a grouping of stars near the Southern Cross, the defining feature of ...

SkyGiraffe raises $6M for its enterprise mobility platform

favicon TechCrunch
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SkyGiraffe helps enterprises give their employees access to their line-of-business apps and enterprise data from virtually any device. The company today announced that it has raised a $6 million funding ...

Drums, hugs and tears of joy as refugee Olympians land back in Kenya

favicon UNHCR
3 mentions21 hours ago
NAIROBI, Kenya – Five South Sudanese athletes who have spent the last few weeks making history as part of the first-ever Refugee Olympic Team returned to Kenya on Tuesday, where ...

The question no one's asking about the Clinton Foundation

favicon Mother Jones
4 mentions2 days ago
Another Hillary Clinton shit-storm was kicked up when the Associated Press reported on Tuesday that during the Democratic presidential nominee's tenure as secretary of state, she met several dozen times ...

Amazon releases auto buying research guide

favicon TechCrunch
2 mentions1 day ago
Shopping for a car? You might want to do your research on Amazon. The ecommerce giant just announced and that’s as impressive as it is comprehensive. It’s one of ...

Risking it all to escape gang violence and poverty

favicon UNICEF
4 mentions2 days ago
UNICEF reports on the harrowing journey of refugee and migrant children from Central America Share Tweet Share NEW YORK, 23 August 2016 – Every month, thousands of children from Central ...

‘Christian Warrior’ Arrested for Threatening Terrorist Attack Against ‘Gays, Faggots, Lesbians’

favicon Towleroad
3 mentions8 hours ago
A Las Vegas man has been charged with making terrorist threats after he posted a video online in which he promised to take down the government and kill gay people.

France Has a Strange Concept of Feminism—and Religious Freedom

favicon The Nation
3 mentions2 days ago
Oh, France, what is the matter with you? In the wake of the Bastille Day massacre of 84 by a Tunisian truck driver who plowed through a crowd in Nice,

The Death Toll in Yemen Is So High the Red Cross Has Started Donating Morgues to Hospitals

favicon The Intercept
8 mentions12 hours ago
Almost a year and a half into Saudi Arabia’s U.S.-backed bombing campaign in Yemen, the humanitarian toll has become so extensive that the International Committee of the Red Cross has ...

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