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Bangladesh: Empowering Women Against Natural Disasters

favicon United Nations World Food Programme - Fighting Hun...
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During the rainy monsoon months, up to 70% of Bangladesh gets inundated, making it tough for coastal communities to rebuild their lives. ROYGANJ UPAZILA, SIRAJGANJ – Holding a makeshift soil ...

After months adrift at sea, migrants receive critical care in Indonesia

favicon UNFPA - United Nations Population Fund
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KUALA CANGKOI, Indonesia – Montas spent the first months of her pregnancy at sea, crowded onto a boat with hundreds of other migrants. The passengers had set out to find ...

Tell Us What You Really Think About Donald Trump

favicon Mother Jones
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I've sort of promised myself not to write about Donald Trump, but (a) it's a weekend, and (b) David Fahrenthold has a pretty entertaining piece about Trump in the Washington ...

Our Anti-ISIS Program in Syria Is a Bad Joke

favicon Mother Jones
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So how are we doing in our efforts to train moderate Syrian allies to help us in the fight against ISIS? Here's the New York Times two days ago: A ...

The Neurocritic: The Idiosyncratic Side of Diagnosis by Brain Scan and Machine Learning

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posted by The Neurocritic @ 4:53 PM  0 comments links to this postThe Idiosyncratic Side of Diagnosis by Brain Scan and Machine Learning but they did not test their fMRI ...

Oligarchy Of Super PAC Megadonors Have Conquered American Politics

favicon The Huffington Post
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WASHINGTON -- A new oligarchic era of American politics came into full view on Friday, as super PACs disclosed fundraising details showing billionaires bankrolling the 2016 presidential race to an ...

CBC doc sees Vancouver through family of four cyclists

favicon Vancouver Courier
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Chris and Melissa Bruntlett / Vancouver CourierJuly 27, 2015 08:35 AM The Bruntletts ditched their car for a life on two wheels.Photograph By Dan Toulgoet What happens when a family ...

Why Indie Horror Films Are Doing Better Than Ever

favicon Indiewire
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By Eric Kohn | Indiewire Sat Aug 01 12:58:48 EDT 2015 READ MORE: Is 'It Follows' Paving the Way to a New Era for Indie Genre Films? A pair of ...

Texas Gay Man, 32, Dies in Custody After Being Denied Medication

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The parents of Jesse Jacobs want answers after their 32-year-old son died in police custody in March following his Xanax prescription being withheld from him, About magazine reports. There is ...

Italian authorities confirm the deaths of 14 people on board a boat carrying hundreds of refugees

favicon UNHCR
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MESSINA, Italy, July 29 (UNHCR)- Italian authorities have confirmed the deaths of 14 people on board a boat carrying hundreds of refugees and migrants across the Mediterranean on Tuesday, July ...

Ted Cruz Super-PAC Has Just One Donor

favicon Mother Jones
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A super-PAC backing Ted Cruz called Keep the Promise II just filed its campaign disclosure, and it stands rather in contrast with the filing this morning from Jeb Bush's super-PAC. Right ...

A Visual Introduction to Machine Learning

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In machine learning, computers apply statistical learning techniques to automatically identify patterns in data. These techniques can be used to make highly accurate predictions. Keep scrolling. Using a data set ...

The $600 Million Mine Sold for a Dollar Underscores Ruin of Coal

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The destructive force of a collapse in world coal prices has been underlined by the sale of a mine valued at A$860 million ($624 million) three years ago for just ...

Meet the Megadonors Bankrolling Jeb Bush's Campaign

favicon Mother Jones
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Jeb Bush knows it doesn't look good if a candidate appears to get most of his financial support from a small group of wealthy donors. Earlier this spring, he asked ...

Why Has Maine Turned Into Crackpot Central?

favicon Mother Jones
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Yesterday, Steve Benen got me up to date on the latest lunacy from Maine Gov. Paul LePage. A few weeks ago, LePage decided to ignore a bunch of bills he ...

California's Drought Is So Bad That Thousands Are Living Without Running Water

favicon Mother Jones
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Most of us are feeling the effects of the California drought from a distance, if at all: Our produce is a little more expensive, our news feeds are filled with ...

You Just Bought a Private Island. Now What?

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You see it listed online: a seven-acre island off the coast of Belize, surrounded by clear blue water and striking distance from an untouched barrier reef. Price: 492,000 pounds, or ...

Iran expects oil output to rise by 1 million barrels per day

favicon The Jerusalem Post |
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DUBAI - Iran expects to raise oil output by 500,000 barrels per day (bpd) as soon as sanctions are lifted and by a million bpd within months, Oil Minister Bijan ...

Facebook’s Zuckerberg Says Wife Priscilla Pregnant With a Girl

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Mark Zuckerberg, the 31-year-old billionaire co-founder of Facebook Inc., said he and his wife, Priscilla Chan, 30, are expecting a baby girl. The couple had been trying for years and ...

World on the verge of an effective Ebola vaccine

favicon WHO
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Geneva ¦ 31 July 2015 - Results from an interim analysis of the Guinea Phase III efficacy vaccine trial show that VSV-EBOV (Merck, Sharp & Dohme) is highly effective against ...

The U.S. Economy Is on Track to Finish a Decade Without Significant Growth

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A worker tightens a bolt on a completed lawnmower at a manufacturing facility in Coatesville, Indiana. The U.S. economy keeps chugging ahead, more like a tortoise than a hare. At ...

Israeli leaders lit the match that burned baby Ali Dawabsha

favicon The Electronic Intifada
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Relatives carry the body of 18-month-old Palestinian Ali Dawabsha at the toddler’s funeral in the occupied West Bank village of Duma. The boy died and his parents and 4-year-old brother ...

Worker Pay in U.S. Rises 0.2%, Smallest Gain Since 1982

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Wages and salaries in the U.S. rose in the second quarter at the slowest pace on record, dashing projections that an improving labor market would boost pay. The 0.2 percent ...

Bernie Sanders Explains Why You Should Care About What’s Happening to Greece

favicon The Nation
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Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks at the 2015 International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail, and Transportation Workers Conference, July 28, 2015 (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin) It’s not that Senator Bernie Sanders ...

Sushinomics Data Show New Yorkers Are Still Getting a Raw Deal

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A sushi dinner in the tri-state area doesn’t come cheap: New York and Greenwich, Connecticut, are atop Bloomberg’s Sushinomics indexes for the fourth straight year. The average price of two ...

What is SoulCycle, And Why Are People Obsessed With It?

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A SoulCycle class at SXSW 2015 on March 16, 2015 in Austin, Texas. A company called SoulCycle, well-known in big cities like New York and San Francisco, has decided to ...

Australia walks away from Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal talks

favicon the Guardian
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The trade minister, Andrew Robb, says 98% of agreement is finalised but the difficulties lie with the big four economies of US Canada, Japan and MexicoFriday 31 July 2015 23.03 EDTLast ...

What We Learned About Donald Trump By Playing His Board Game

favicon Mother Jones
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Donald Trump's preparation for the upcoming Republican presidential primary debate is "low key, absolutely low stress," adviser Chuck Laudner told the Washington Post on Wednesday. "This isn't 50 consultants locked ...

Hillary Clinton Fires Back at the New York Times

favicon Mother Jones
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The New York Times had a bombshell on its hands the other day: the paper of record reported that government investigators had asked the Justice Department to investigate possible criminal ...

Homeland Security Is Tracking Black Lives Matter. Is That Legal?

favicon Mother Jones
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Last Friday, the Intercept released documents revealing that the Department of Homeland Security had been monitoring the Black Lives Matter movement since protests erupted in Ferguson, Missouri, last August. Emails ...

11 thoughts about Cecil the lion

favicon Southern Fried Science
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This is not Cecil the lion. I shot this lioness in 2000 in Tanzania… with a digital camera. 1) The manner in which Cecil the lion was killed (he slowly ...

Fetal tissue research for ALS: Planned Parenthood videos leave out that donations after abortion can save lives.

favicon Slate Magazine
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For five years, I watched my best friend die of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a terrible disease that causes one’s muscles to waste away. First he struggled to walk, then to ...


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What does a future free of violence against women and girls mean to the Malala Fund? #OrangeDay #OrangeOurFutureRead more: SubscribeSubscribedUnsubscribe3,589Loading...Loading...Working...SubscribeSubscribedUnsubscribe3,589Loading...Loading...Working...Add toWant to watch this again later?Sign in to add ...

Mike Huckabee Will Not Rule Out Using Federal Troops To Stop Abortions

favicon The Huffington Post
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GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is open to the idea of using federal troops and the FBI to stop women from having abortions. "I will not pretend there is nothing ...

Ebola vaccine works, offering 100% protection in African trial

favicon News
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A man in the Guinean capital Conakry receiving the experimental Ebola vaccine in April. Martin is a contributing news editor and writer based in Amsterdam A highly unusual clinical trial ...

Fumes From Iowa Hog-Manure Pit Kill Father and Son

favicon Mother Jones
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Here's another reason why Americans should think twice about how the United States is emerging as the globe's hog farm: concentrating thousands of hogs in one place means concentrating huge ...

The Blogger Who Beat the British Political Pollsters

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The night before Britain's general election, Matt Singh, a 33-year-old former trader who'd set himself up as a political blogger, published a post arguing that the opinion polls were all ...

PODCAST: How the Toronto Lineup Changed Oscar Season

favicon Indiewire
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By Indiewire | Indiewire Fri Jul 31 17:45:14 EDT 2015This week's episode of Screen Talk is presented by Vimeo. Head here to check out movies you can rent on Vimeo selected ...

People Who Wear Contacts Have Different Eye Microbiomes

favicon Scientific American
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People who wear contact lenses often acquire unwelcome microbial guests along with the convenience afforded by this eyewear. In fact, a higher diversity of bacteria lives on the eye surface ...

Not in our bread

favicon Soil Association
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Glyphosate is the most widely sold weedkiller in the world, you might know it as the active ingredient in Roundup. The big chemical companies advise farmers to spray their wheat ...

Cecil the Lion's Brother Jericho Illegally Killed in Zimbabwe

favicon Towleroad
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More heartbreaking news out of Zimbabwe as Jericho, the brother of slain lion Cecil, was gunned down illegally in Hwange National Park today. “It is with huge disgust and sadness ...

#fieldworkfail (with images, tweets) · ahilborn · Storify

favicon Storify
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Ebola Situation Report - 29 July 2015

favicon Ebola
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Figure 1: Confirmed, probable, and suspected EVD cases worldwide  Table 1: Confirmed, probable, and suspected EVD cases in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone Table 2: Cumulative number of confirmed cases by ...

Mike Huckabee Won't Rule Out Using Federal Troops To Stop Abortions

favicon The Huffington Post
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GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is open to the idea of using federal troops and the FBI to stop women from having abortions. "I will not pretend there is nothing ...

For a Week, Walter Palmer Is the Worst Human Being Ever in History

favicon Mother Jones
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Max Fisher argues that the social media jihad against Walter Palmer, the Minnesota dentist who killed Cecil the lion, is wildly out of control: Web users uncovered Palmer's personal information,

Setting The Right Valuation For A Competitive Series A Round

favicon TechCrunch
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Aaron Holiday is co-founder of 645 Ventures and managing entrepreneurial officer at Cornell Tech. Founders are often puzzled by how VCs derive valuations for competitive Series A rounds. A competitive ...

Leslie Jordan on Throwing Sweet Tea at Anti-gay Starbucks Patrons: 'I Lost My Temper'

favicon Towleroad
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Yesterday, we told you the incredible story of character actor Leslie Jordan confronting a group of men who were shouting anti-gay slurs at a West Hollywood Starbucks earlier this week.

Will the Tea Party Shoot Itself in the Foot Yet Again?

favicon Mother Jones
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Paul Waldman notes today that although Jeb Bush is substantively pretty conservative, his tone on the campaign trail has remained resolutely moderate and affable. Waldman explains how this leads to ...

Video: Why is Obama freeing Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard now?

favicon The Electronic Intifada
4 mentions1 day ago
Earlier this week, the Obama administration decided not to oppose the release on parole of Jonathan Pollard, an American arrested in 1985 and sentenced to life in prison for spying ...

Living Near A Lot Of Tree Makes You Feel 7 Years Younger (And $10,000 Richer)

favicon Co.Exist
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Want to feel healthier? A green, leafy neighborhood can make all the difference—and moving is easier than turning back time. The next time you're hunting for an apartment or a ...

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