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This state just became the first to crack down on deceptive anti-abortion pregnancy centers

favicon Mother Jones
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California on Friday became the only state to target anti-abortion pregnancy centers with a law cracking down on deceptive practices some have used to prevent or dissuade women from having ...

Facebook Tests Shopping Section, Catalog in Mobile Application

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Facebook Inc. is pushing harder to become a hot spot for shopping, going well beyond the “Buy” button Facebook started testing last year. The social network is adding a shopping ...

Under Pressure From Clinton, Bernie Sanders Softens on Gun Rights

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Senator Bernie Sanders speaks at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute conference in Washington on Oct. 7, 2015. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Sunday backed away from a controversial vote ...

Forget InBev. Here Are the Markets Where Local Beers Rule

2 mentions10 hours ago
If Anheuser-Busch InBev seals a deal with SABMiller, the breadth of the new company's brews will be impressive. Budweiser, Peroni, Pilsner Urquell, and Stella Artois will all flow from the ...

International Day for Disaster Reduction

favicon UNISDR
7 mentions7 hours ago
The Step Up initiative started in 2011 and will be focusing on a different group of partners every year leading up to the World Conference for Disaster Reduction in 2015 ...

Infographic: Women and armed conflict

favicon headQuarters
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Women and girls bear the brunt of many of the harmful consequences of armed violence. In the last two decades, the use of violence against women and girls during conflicts,

Goldman: Three Hurdles the Market Faces in the Fourth Quarter

2 mentions19 hours ago
The S&P 500 may have rallied close to 5 percent last week, but that doesn't mean it's going to be smooth sailing for the rest of 2015. In its most ...

Here's what Bernie Sanders is like as a debater

favicon Mother Jones
3 mentions15 hours ago
Forty-three years ago, moments before the final debate of his first ever political campaign, Bernie Sanders turned to one of his rivals for Vermont's governorship, Fred Hackett, and made an ...

Amidst rising extremism, women’s role in peace and recovery remains hampered and underutilized

favicon headQuarters
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UN Security Council review and new Global Study on landmark resolution 1325, seek ways to accelerate actionOisika Chakrabarti, Ph: +1 646 781-4522; Email: oisika.chakrabarti[@] Sharon Grobeisen, Ph: +1 646 781-4753; ...

Jim Chanos Hints at Glencore Short, Questions Company's Strategy

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Glencore Plc bought assets at the top of the market and is now selling at the bottom, said Kynikos Associates LP founder Jim Chanos, hinting that he is short the ...

Gene-editing record smashed in pigs

favicon Nature News & Comment
4 mentions12 hours ago
Researchers modify more than 60 genes to enable organ transplants into humans. For decades, scientists and doctors have dreamed of creating a steady supply of human organs for transplantation by ...

UN Data Science & Visualization

favicon Unite Ideas
2 mentions7 hours ago
Explore the top 10 visualizations here: ​ Leading up to the first-ever World Humanitarian Summit convened by the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, thousands of people worldwide have shared ...


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Symphony Raises $100 Million With Bank Backers Joined by Google

4 mentions18 hours ago
Google Inc. led an investment of more than $100 million in Symphony Communication Services LLC in a fundraising round that saw backers of the messaging startup expand to include three ...

Fourteen Wall Street Veterans Share the Best Advice They've Ever Received

4 mentions15 hours ago
Wall Street has a reputation as a cutthroat place with an intense working environment. Those who survive rarely get there on their own, however, and the smartest individuals seek out ...

Congress Axes a Lifeline for Small Colleges

2 mentions12 hours ago
The demise of a long-standing college loan program will hit the bottom line at small colleges and standalone law schools especially hard, a new report shows. The Perkins Loan program,

Nobel Prize Winner Angus Deaton Wrote the Book on Inequality Before Piketty

3 mentions10 hours ago
The 2015 winner of the Nobel Prize in economics is Angus Deaton of Princeton University. Born in Scotland, and a holder of U.K. and U.S. citizenship, his work has focused ...

Taking the Uncertainty Out of Genetic Screening for Cancer Risk

favicon The Atlantic
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In 2013, U.S. actress Angelina Jolie learned that she had mutations in a gene called BRCA1, which conferred very high risks of breast and ovarian cancer. To obviate that risk,

This Analyst Says China's Stock Rally-to-Rout Is About to Repeat

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In August, Thomas Schroeder correctly predicted a rebound in Chinese stocks wouldn’t last. Now, he says, the benchmark equity gauge will plumb new lows as a bear-market rally fails. The ...

I will if you will

favicon Nature News & Comment
2 mentions18 hours ago
To forge a strong climate accord in Paris, nations must agree on a common goal in everyone's self-interest, say David J. C. MacKay and colleagues. Negotiations at the United Nations ...

Dell to Buy EMC in Deal Worth About $67 Billion

2 mentions20 hours ago
Dell Inc. agreed to buy EMC Corp. for about $67 billion in the largest technology acquisition ever, creating a corporate-computing giant that will use a wider product lineup to woo ...

U.K. Leads G-20 in Carbon Cuts Before Climate Summit, PWC Says

2 mentions19 hours ago
The U.K. led the G-20 last year in reducing the carbon intensity of its economy, a key measure of success in the battle against climate change. The amount of carbon ...

Hedge Funds Are Playing 'Dangerous Game' With Copper

3 mentions17 hours ago
Hedge funds betting that copper will drop further are playing a “dangerous game” with prices, according to the head of copper at Rio Tinto Group, the world’s second-biggest mining company.

A Pumpkin-Pie Shortage Is Looming Thanks to Heavy Summer Rains

3 mentions1 day ago
That’s the advice from the owner of Libby’s, the largest U.S. producer, after record summer rains damaged this year’s pumpkin crop. Yields in Illinois, the center of American production, are ...

The power of girls: ensuring health, unlocking potential

favicon World Health Organization
5 mentions2 days ago
11 October 2015 – This year’s International Day of the Girl Child celebrates the incredible potential of adolescent girls worldwide, and recognises their right to a ‘safe, educated and healthy ...

6 Takeaways From ​New Probes​ Into the Death of a 12-year-old Shot by a Cleveland Police Officer

favicon Mother Jones
2 mentions1 day ago
Late on Saturday night, the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's office released conclusions from three additional investigations into the death of Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old boy who was shot and killed by ...

China Stocks Gain With Metals on Stimulus Bets as Ringgit Slides

2 mentions20 hours ago
Chinese shares and the yuan rallied with commodities amid speculation the government will do more to shore up growth. Malaysia’s ringgit retreated, while U.S. equity-index futures fluctuated after Federal Reserve ...

What Alabama Can Learn From California on Voting Rights

favicon The Nation
5 mentions12 hours ago
In recent weeks Alabama has been in the news for passing a strict voter ID law and then closing 31 DMV locations, particularly in majority-black counties where civil rights activists ...

Is Hillary Clinton Likable Enough?

3 mentions1 day ago
According to Gallup, Hillary Clinton's net favorability rating (favorable ratings minus unfavorable ratings) is hovering at -8%. No recent successful candidate for the White House has recovered from a number ...

Ferrari Scion, Steered Away From Racing, Ends Up a Billionaire

2 mentions21 hours ago
Enzo Ferrari was so determined to protect his young son from the dangers of motor sport, that he ordered his workers not to let the boy sit in team cars ...

How to Avoid Getting Sick This Fall

3 mentions1 day ago
Employers are pushing flu shots. Kids are bringing germs back from school. Your sniffly co-workers are too scared of looking lazy to stay home when they ought to. How can ...

Qatar's Energy Minister Says Oil Prices Have Bottomed Out

2 mentions1 day ago
Global oil prices have bottomed out, with signs of a recovery seen in 2016, Qatar’s Energy Minister Mohammed Al Sada said. Growth in non-OPEC crude oil supply slowed “substantially” this ...

NFL Apparently Goes After Deadspin And SBNation Over Tweeted Vines And GIFs

favicon TechCrunch
2 mentions5 hours ago
One of my favorite ways to consume the best parts of sportsball is in animated GIFs and 6-second Vines. I only want to see that big block or that sweet ...

Winner Take All: "99 Homes" and the Foreclosure Crisis that Still Reeks of Injustice

3 mentions7 hours ago
“99 Homes,” which opened last week nationwide, is a refreshing reverse look at the real estate and foreclosure debacle without the sexy Wall Street glitz and gloss. The movie takes ...


favicon Storehouse
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>>> Overall 1 in 4 women alive today were married below the age of 18 and 1 in 12 before the age of 15. >>> Ethiopia has one of the ...

A Photo History of the Wonderful, Weird Mazda Miata

2 mentions1 day ago
Mazda has made nearly a million MX-5s since the car arrived in 1989, making it the most popular roadster of all time. The new Mazda MX-5 Miata sports car, officially ...

Laurie Anderson Tells Phillip Lopate How She Finished Her Film After Lou Reed's Death

favicon Indiewire
2 mentions14 hours ago
Editor's note: A version of the following interview was originally published in FilmWatch, the publication of the Telluride Film Festival. "Heart of a Dog," a diary film directed by Laurie ...

Responding to Bike Improvement Skeptics

favicon Planetizen: The Urban Planning, Design, and Devel...
4 mentions1 hour ago
According to my analysis, bicycling is the most cost-effective travel mode for many trips; that is, its total costs, including vehicle and fuel (yum!) expenses, road and parking facility costs,

Donald Trump Says Germany's Commitment on Syrian Refugees Is 'Insane'

2 mentions1 day ago
Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is drawing a line in the sand. During a Sunday appearance on CBS's Face The Nation, Trump criticized Germany's commitment to take in some 800,000 ...

Lindsey Graham Challenges Republicans: ‘Tell Me Why’ You Deny Climate Science

favicon ThinkProgress
2 mentions14 hours ago
Today, during a convention in New Hampshire hosted by the bipartisan group No Labels, Republican presidential candidate Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) took a moment to differentiate himself from the rest ...

International Day of the Girl Child

favicon headQuarters
5 mentions13 hours ago
Since 2012, the United Nations marks 11 October as the ‘International Day of the Girl Child’. The day promotes girls' human rights, highlights gender inequalities that remain between girls and ...

"We are the masters," says Israeli mayor, as 3 more Palestinians are killed

favicon The Electronic Intifada
4 mentions6 hours ago
Palestinians attempt to break through a section of the separation wall Israel built in the occupied East Jerusalem neighborhood of Abu Dis, 11 October. On Monday, Israeli forces shot dead ...

El Niño Could Threaten Millions Around The World With Starvation This Year

favicon ThinkProgress
2 mentions15 hours ago
As this year’s El Niño forecast becomes increasingly clear, drought-parched Californians are hopeful that the pattern will bring much needed rains to the abnormally dry region. But around the world,

Tips for Planners to Design Memorable Tourism Experiences

favicon Planetizen: The Urban Planning, Design, and Devel...
2 mentions12 hours ago
A recent book, Paul Bulencea and Roman Egger's Gamification in Tourism: Designing Memorable Experiences takes on the popularity of gaming in tourism. Back in July, I shared with Planetizen ways ...

A Gaza neighborhood ripped apart

favicon The Electronic Intifada
3 mentions8 hours ago
Enas Fares Ghannam The Electronic Intifada Gaza City 12 October 2015 In Gaza City’s Shujaiya neighborhood, on al-Mansoura Street, a mother and father, six sons and a daughter lived together ...

Gay gene tabloid hype update

favicon Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social...
4 mentions20 hours ago
Tuck Ngun, one of the researchers involved in the “Twin study reveals five DNA markers that are associated with sexual orientation” project, posted a disagreement with some criticisms relayed by ...

Europa football champions Sevilla reject Israeli sponsorship millions

favicon The Electronic Intifada
6 mentions1 hour ago
Sevilla FC reportedly rejected Israeli offer which would have doubled the money the Spanish club received from previous sponsor Malaysia. (Ismael Molina/Flickr) The Spanish football club Sevilla has rejected a ...

Knowledge for Life!

favicon Thunderclap
2 mentions2 days ago
International Day for Disaster Reduction takes place every 13 October. The focus of the 2015 edition is traditional, indigenous and local knowledge, which complement modern science and boost the resilience ...

Whales Never Die on the Ocean Floor

favicon VOA
4 mentions16 hours ago
Their calls can be haunting. Their size can take your breath away. And their worlds are dark and quiet. There are many different species of these huge, warm-blooded, air breathing ...

This is What a Mass Die-off of Earth's Coral Reefs Looks Like

favicon Gizmodo
4 mentions13 hours ago
Earlier this week, we learned that Earth’s coral reefs are in the midst of a massive dieoff, triggered by abnormally hot temperatures in ocean basins worldwide. It’s hardly the first ...

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