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Cop Being Sued Over Beating Is Now a Ferguson City Councilwoman

favicon Mother Jones
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In 2009, police in Ferguson, Missouri arrested Henry M. Davis on suspicion of driving under the influence and took him to jail. What followed is described in court documents as "physical contact between the officers and Mr. Davis." One officer, Kim Tihen, allegedly "struck [Davis] in his head ...

Apple Soars to Record Amid Optimism About Coming Products

favicon Bloomberg
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Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s stock closed at an all-time high, surpassing a 2012 record as investors look ahead to new products such as bigger-screen iPhones and a wristwatch-like device that may jump-start revenue growth. Apple rose 1.4 percent to $100.53, topping the split-adjusted record of $100.30 reached on Sept.

Rick Perry Indictment Highlights the Hack Gap Once Again

favicon Mother Jones
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Simon Maloy finds five pundits arguing that last week's indictment of Rick Perry was flimsy and obviously politically motivated: Who are these five pundits downplaying the case against Texas’ Republican governor? In order: New York magazine’s Jonathan Chait, MSNBC host Ari Melber, political scientist and and the American Prospect contributor Scott Lemieux, the Center for American Progress’ Ian Millhiser, New Republic’s Alec MacGillis. Five guys who work/write for big-name liberal publications or organizations. This, friends, is the Hack Gap in action. Ah yes, the hack gap. Where would we be ...

Uber Hires Former Obama Adviser Plouffe as Lyft COO Exits

favicon Bloomberg
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A file photo shows David Plouffe, a campaign manager for then Senator Barack Obama, speaking on day four of the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado, on Aug. 28, 2008. Close A file photo shows David Plouffe, a campaign manager for then Senator Barack Obama, speaking on day ...

40 Under 40: Heather Cronk Reminds Politicians That LGBT Rights Have Urgency

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The Fighters: Heather Cronk and the team at GetEqual show a passion with roots in the activist days of the 1980s and '90s. Heather Cronk, 36Maryland@hcronk | @getequalWith LGBT-friendly politicians in office in the White House as well as many state houses and city halls, some activists have ...

Obama May Soon Send This Reporter to Jail. Here Are the Embarrassing Secrets He Exposed.

favicon Mother Jones
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The Obama administration has fought a years-long court battle to force longtime New York Times national security correspondent James Risen to reveal the source for a story in his 2006 book State of War: The Secret History of the CIA and the Bush Administration. Risen may soon serve ...

DIY diagnosis: how an extreme athlete uncovered her genetic flaw

favicon Mosaic
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When Kim Goodsell discovered that she had two extremely rare genetic diseases, she taught herself genetics to help find out why. Ed Yong tells her story. Kim Goodsell was running along a mountain trail when her left ankle began turning inward, unbidden. A few weeks later she started ...

WebLinc Raises $6M Series A To Expand Its Fast-Growing eCommerce Platform

favicon TechCrunch
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You may not be all that familiar with WebLinc, but the company’s e-commerce platform powers the online stores of popular retailers like Nasty Gal, Urban Outfitter’s Free People and New York food emporium Eataly. Today, the company, which was co-founded by brothers Darren and Jason Hill in 1994,

More Parents Nixing Anti-Bleeding Shots for Their Newborns

favicon Scientific American
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All babies lack sufficient vitamin K at birth, putting them at risk for severe bleeding in the brain or intestines until they get the vitamin by eating solid foods, typically around six months of age. The vitamin is essential for blood clotting, and a vitamin K injection after ...

Palestinian refugees in Sweden hunger strike to demand asylum

favicon The Electronic Intifada
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On Thursday last week, 24-year-old Nidal Lulu was taken to a hospital by emergency services after he lost consciousness as a result of nine days without food. Lulu is one of thirty Palestinian asylum-seekers, some of whom are under the age of eighteen, who commenced a hunger strike ...

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Ferguson, MO and Police Militarization (HBO)

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In the wake of the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, John Oliver explores the racial inequality in treatment by police as well as the increasing militarization of America’s local police forces.Connect with Last Week Tonight online...Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost ...

How Agriculture’s Growth Promoters Might Work: A Mouse Study Sheds Some Light

favicon WIRED
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In today's business world, disruption is a constant force that never lets up. At the annual WIRED Business Conference: Disruptive by Design, we celebrate the creative power of bold new ideas and the people that make them happen.See the event > Maryn McKenna is a journalist for national ...

Joel Kotkin thinks you want to live in Houston. Here’s why you don’t.

favicon Grist
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There are people who have made a career out of being consistently wrong, and then there’s Joel Kotkin. Kotkin isn’t even so much wrong as he is confused. Like a NIMBY activist complaining about how a new luxury high-rise in her neighborhood is going to “raise prices,” Kotkin ...

uBiome Raises $4.5M From Angel Investors, Andreessen Horowitz To Crowdsource Microbiome Research

favicon TechCrunch
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Microbiome is the ecosystem of bacteria that lives within us, which outnumber the number of human cells 10-to-1. Microbes in the microbiome perform functions such as digesting food and synthesizing vitamins and have also been linked to human mood and behavior. Y Combinator-backed biotech startup uBiome wants to generate data and research from results of learning about the microbes in our bodies. The company, which raised $351,193 of its $100,000 Indiegogo campaign last year, offers three different swab site kits, with which people collect a sample, insert it in a ...

Live updates: Chaos in Ferguson

favicon Washington Post
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Chaos has dominated the streets of Ferguson since Michael Brown, an unarmed teenager, was shot and killed by Darren Wilson, an officer with the Ferguson Police Department. Days of protests have been followed by nights of tense confrontations between residents and a heavily-armed police force. Here are the ...

Secretary-General's Message for World Humanitarian Day

favicon 19 August
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On World Humanitarian Day, we renew our commitment to life-saving relief efforts -- and we remember all those who died serving this noble cause. Last year, more humanitarian workers were kidnapped, seriously injured or killed than ever before. This is an outrage. In recent weeks, dozens of humanitarians ...

Documenting the Arrests of Journalists in Ferguson

favicon Freedom of the Press Foundation
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On Aug. 13, 2014, police in Ferguson, Missouri, assaulted and arrested two journalists for allegedly failing to exit a McDonald's quickly enough while on a break from covering the protests. Since then, police actions against journalists in Ferguson have escalated in severity and frequency. Many have been tear ...

Black and Hispanic Kids Have a 50 Percent Chance of Developing Diabetes

favicon Mother Jones
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The good news: According to a study published Wednesday in the Lancet, American children diagnosed with diabetes can now expect to live more than 70 years with the disease. The bad news: Black and Hispanic individuals have about a 50 percent chance of developing diabetes over the course ...

Celebrating the Humanitarian Heroes Who Build Our Future

favicon United Nations World Food Programme - Fighting Hun...
3 mentions19 hours ago 19 hours ago
Every day, with empathy and understanding, Mutinta and Keiko work to make a better life for women and girls in Afghanistan. (Copyright:WFP/Frank Petrella) August 19 is World Humanitarian Day—a time to remember those who lost their lives in the course of serving others and a time to celebrate ...

How an Extreme Athlete Uncovered Her Genetic Flaw

favicon Pacific Standard
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By Ed Yong • August 19, 2014 • 1:00 AM When Kim Goodsell discovered that she had two extremely rare genetic diseases, she taught herself genetics to help find out why. Kim Goodsell was running along a mountain trail when her left ankle began turning inward, unbidden. A ...

Tear Gas Is an Abortifacient. Why Won’t the Anti-Abortion Movement Oppose It?

favicon The Nation
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People run from tear gas after police dispersed a crowd Sunday, August 17, 2014, in Ferguson, Missouri (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel) A couple of years ago, when I was newly pregnant and reporting in the West Bank, some of my local colleagues insisted that I skip covering a protest ...

Why Portland Is Building a Multi-Modal Bridge That Bans Cars

favicon CityLab
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The first of its kind in the U.S., the Tilikum Crossing will reflect the city's enduring transit culture. PORTLAND, Oregon—It's an early-summer morning at the construction site for Portland's first new bridge in a generation, the Tilikum Crossing, and Dan Blocher is feeling good about its progress. Completion ...

Michael Brown shooting: Amnesty International sends team within US for first time as National Guard deployed

favicon The Independent
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Missouri Governor Jay Nixon sends reserve military force to help quell violence in Ferguson after fresh clashes erupted last night As anger erupted again on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, a human rights team from Amnesty International worked on the ground in the US for the first time ...

The Next Big Thing: Solar Freakin’ Carports

favicon Greentech Media
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Earlier this year, the internet swooned over the idea of turning everyday roads into solar energy systems that could power cities. The tagline of the inventors: "solar freakin' roadways." Those without a deep background in energy or materials wondered what could possibly hold back such an innovative idea.

Google’s New Music Subscription Service, YouTube Music Key, Revealed

favicon TechCrunch
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Google had previously confirmed its plans to launch a YouTube-powered music subscription service, but thanks to a series of leaked images via the blog Android Police, we now have the first taste as to what that service may look like, and what sort of features it will offer.

Palestinians in Israel beaten, arrested for Gaza support

favicon The Electronic Intifada
6 mentions48 minutes ago 48 minutes ago
As a Palestinian political activist living in present-day Israel, Tareq Yassin, 23, has grown accustomed to racist intimidation and threats of violence. Yassin, secretary of the left-wing Hadash political party’s student wing at the University of Haifa, has been targeted for his activism time and again. Yet last ...

WATCH: San Francisco Police Dept. Welcomes First Transgender Officer

2 mentions24 hours ago 24 hours ago
This Friday, Mikayla Connell became the first transgender person to enter and graduate from the San Francisco Police Academy, reports KTVU. Connell was the elected President of her class and took home two awards for academic achievement. In the video below, Connell describes the honor and pressure that ...

How China’s Love for Alien TV Comedy Lifted Kospi Stocks

favicon Bloomberg
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They’re helping to attract record numbers of Chinese tourists to South Korea -- a boon for the $1.3 trillion economy and a stock market enjoying its third year of gains. Visitors from China rose 54 percent to 2.7 million in the first half, enticed by Korea’s hit television ...

In Alaska, will reproductive rights make the difference?

favicon MSNBC
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ANCHORAGE – The song resounding through the Spenard Roadhouse was “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman.” Sen. Mark Begich reddened, not exactly displeased. “I can’t believe that’s playing!” the first term Democrat said. “That’s kind of funny!”The soundtrack, though unplanned, was on the nose. That morning’s ...

Google Makes It Easier For Advertisers To Track Which Ads Generate Phone Calls

favicon TechCrunch
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Over the course of the last year, Google’s AdWords advertising platform started launching a number of new products that allow advertisers to link ads and phone calls. Those include click-to-call ads, call metrics and calls as conversion in your AdWords stats, but today, it is taking this concept ...

Medicare Advantage Might Not Be a Boondoggle Anymore

favicon Mother Jones
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I've written periodically in this space about the problems with Medicare Advantage. In a nutshell, it costs a lot more but provides very little in the way of additional services. It's really not much of a poster child for the benefits of program choice. But wait! Apparently a big part of the problem with MA was the fact that people were allowed to switch in and out of their plans on a monthly basis. If they got sick, they could quickly switch into MA if that was a better deal ...

Uber Corner Store Turns The Transit App Into A Delivery Service For Daily Staples

favicon TechCrunch
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Uber has launched ‘Corner Store,’ an experimental service rolling out first to DC area customers that offers pick up and delivery services on-demand instead of just transportation. Corner Store works by letting users request daily staples like toothpaste, over the counter medicine, health and beauty supplies and over ...

40 Under 40: Omar Sharif Jr. Carries Weight of the World With Substance, Dignity

2 mentions17 hours ago 17 hours ago
At only 30, Omar Sharif Jr. has the weight of a civilization on his shoulders. Imagine being the only public figure from one of the world's major cultures to come out as gay. Now imagine that the reason you're the only public figure from your home country and ...

Elon Musk’s SpaceX Is Raising Money At A Valuation Approaching $10B

favicon TechCrunch
2 mentions18 hours ago 18 hours ago
Space Exploration Technologies, the commercial space transportation startup founded by Elon Musk with ambitions to land people on Mars, is raising investment that values the company somewhere south of $10 billion, TechCrunch has learned. These new details are emerging while SpaceX, as the company is more commonly known,

Pandemonium Broke Out in Ferguson Last Night

favicon Mother Jones
3 mentions2 days ago 2 days ago
The peaceful protests in Ferguson, Missouri, descended into pandemonium on Sunday night just hours before the start of a curfew imposed by Gov. Jay Nixon. This morning, it remains unclear what stoked the chaos. Captain Ron Johnson of the Missouri Highway Patrol accused protesters of deliberately provoking the ...

PMS Won’t Ruin Your Marriage

favicon The Daily Beast
2 mentions16 hours ago 16 hours ago
Here’s the scapegoat unhappy spouses have been waiting for: According to a paper out last week by Michael R. Gillings, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) can ruin a marriage. Gillings claims that PMSing women—in infertile couples in particular—may use feelings of “animosity” as well as risk-seeking and competitive behaviors to ...

Gaza reminds us of Zionism's original sin

favicon The Electronic Intifada
7 mentions9 hours ago 9 hours ago
Palestinians recover belongings from the Khuzaa neighborhood of Khan Younis, southern Gaza, on 3 August following bombardment by Israeli forces. Al-Qadr — the night before the last Friday in the holy month of Ramadan — is believed to be the night when the Quran was revealed to the ...

White Juries Are Not Kind to Black Defendants

favicon Mother Jones
2 mentions2 days ago 2 days ago
Alex Tabarrok passes along the results of a new study about the racial composition of jury pools and the resulting juries: What the authors discover is that all white juries are 16% more likely to convict black defendants than white defendants but the presence of just a single black person in the jury pool equalizes conviction rates by race. The effect is large and remarkably it occurs even when the black person is not picked for the jury. The latter may not seem possible but the authors develop an elegant ...

How many bombs has Israel dropped on Gaza?

favicon The Electronic Intifada
5 mentions9 hours ago 9 hours ago
Palestinians look at an unexploded Israeli missile, which witnesses said was fired by an Israeli aircraft on a street in Khuzaa, east of Khan Younis, in the southern Gaza Strip, 3 August. A few days before he was killed trying to disarm an unexploded Israeli missile, Hazem Abu ...

The Argument For Why Utilities Should Give Up Operational Control of the Distribution Grid

favicon Greentech Media
6 mentions2 days ago 2 days ago
Jon Wellinghoff: “If utilities really think through this, they’ll understand there’s a huge advantage.” Regulators in New York are about to make one of the most important changes to the modern electric grid. But is it enough? As part of the state Public Service Commission's ongoing effort to ...

Partners Too: How to make a public awareness campaign about miscarriage

favicon The Research Companion
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The UK’s Miscarriage Association had been hearing from partners of women who’d miscarried about their experiences of pregnancy loss. At the same time I was reviewing the literature on how intimate relationships are affected by miscarriage. In May 2013 University College London offered staff small grants (of under ...

Now On Kickstarter, Tickle Makes Learning To Code Fun With Scratch

favicon TechCrunch
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There are a lot of games and puzzles now that promise to teach kids how to code, but Tickle stands out. Now on Kickstarter, the iPad app was created in part by Mike Chen, a professor of computer science at U.C. Berkeley. Its name is a reference to ...

The St. Louis Area Has a Long History of Shameful Racial Violence

favicon Mother Jones
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The shooting of Michael Brown in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Missouri, and the subsequent riots, protests, and police crackdown have highlighted the area's long history of racial strife. One chapter from that history, a century-old summer riot just fourteen miles away from Ferguson, in East St.

Wal-Mart's Supercenters Are Becoming A Major Problem

favicon Business Insider
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REUTERS/Jessica Rinaldi A customer pushes her shopping cart past a display at a Wal-Mart Supercenter in Rogers, Arkansas June 5, 2008.Wal-Mart's supercenters are struggling as consumers increasingly choose convenience stores over one-stop shops. The retail giant's mega stores suffered a .3% same-store sales decline in the second quarter ...

In Russia, 30 Squats Will Get You a Train Ticket

favicon WIRED
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In today's business world, disruption is a constant force that never lets up. At the annual WIRED Business Conference: Disruptive by Design, we celebrate the creative power of bold new ideas and the people that make them happen.See the event > If you could do a little bit ...

DataGravity Wants To Make Your Storage More Intelligent

favicon TechCrunch
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DataGravity, a flash storage startup with a data-driven twist, wants to change the way we interact with storage and give companies a more intelligent way to deal with storage information. Most companies today have their storage, search and governance in separate and disparate applications. The search tool has ...

Steal this idea: A $600 protected bike lane demo at an open-streets event

favicon PeopleForBikes
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In Minneapolis, where a new community coalition has set a target to build 30 miles of new protected bike lanes by 2020, fans of protected bike lanes hit on a cheap and easy way to reach the heart of their target market — people who like to ride ...

Hamas in West Bank 'planned to topple Palestinian Authority'

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A large-scale Hamas terrorist formation in the West Bank and Jerusalem planned to destabilize the region through a series of deadly terror attacks in Israel and then topple the Fatah-ruled Palestinian Authority, the Shin Bet said Monday. The plot was orchestrated by the Hamas overseas headquarters located in ...

Data Analytics: What Utilities Are Investing In Now

favicon Greentech Media
3 mentions18 hours ago 18 hours ago
Are data analytics the most important frontier for utilities seeking to modernize their businesses? Or is it just another buzz phrase pushed by companies selling software? At Greentech Media’s Soft Grid 2014 conference this September in Menlo Park, Calif., we’re sure to hear a variety of opinions on ...

A Future for Flywheel Storage? Alaskan Project May Lead to Technology Uptick, Says Beacon

favicon Renewable Energy World
8 mentions14 hours ago 14 hours ago
Ehren Goossens, BloombergAugust 19, 2014|0 CommentsNEW YORK -- Beacon Power LLC predicts an Alaskan island’s use of its flywheels to store energy from a power plant will pave the way for more widespread application of the technology to help cut the use of fossil fuels. Storing energy from intermittent renewable sources to let power plants run more evenly could be used in large projects as well as small, closed electricity systems known as microgrids, Chief Executive Officer Barry Brits said yesterday in an interview. The 165-kilowatt flywheels project to ...

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