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Minister No More!

favicon Yanis Varoufakis
9 mentions7 hours ago
The referendum of 5th July will stay in history as a unique moment when a small European nation rose up against debt-bondage. Like all struggles for democratic rights, so too ...

"You Might Very Well Be the Cause of Cancer": Read Bernie Sanders' 1970s-Era Essays

favicon Mother Jones
2 mentions6 hours ago
Last month Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Vermont independent socialist seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, repudiated a 1972 essay he wrote for the Vermont Freeman, an alternative newspaper, which included depictions ...

Ellen Pao apologizes to Reddit users: 'We screwed up'

favicon Business Insider
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Interim Reddit CEO Ellen Pao apologized to the Reddit community Monday after an online petition asking the company to oust Pao racked up more than 175,000 signatures over the weekend. "We screwed up. Not ...

It's the austerity, stupid: The cherry-picked data behind the biggest lie since WMDs

favicon Mother Jones
2 mentions5 hours ago
In January 2010, as the global economy was slowly beginning to claw its way out of the depths of the Great Recession, the Harvard economists Carmen Reinhart and Ken Rogoff ...

From fitness trackers to drones, how the Internet of Things is transforming the insurance industry

favicon Business Insider
2 mentions3 hours ago
BI IntelligenceThe ability to bring internet connection to nearly every type of consumer device will have huge implications for the insurance industry over the next five years. Insurers looking to ...

How Motor City Came Back From the Brink…And Left Most Detroiters Behind

favicon Mother Jones
2 mentions7 hours ago
On August 30, 2013, a billionaire businessman named Dan Gilbert arrived at the White House to discuss the future of Detroit. Gilbert, founder andchairman of Quicken Loans and owner of ...

Apple has been testing a giant iPad for at least three years now

favicon Business Insider
2 mentions4 hours ago
For months, reports have said that Apple is preparing to release a larger iPad this year, perhaps called the iPad Pro. While Apple has yet to confirm any plans regarding ...

These are the 10 companies that spend the most on advertising

favicon Business Insider
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Collectively, the top 200 advertisers in the United States spent a record $137.8 billion on advertising in 2014, up 2% year on year, according to Ad Age's annual "200 Leading ...

This is what 'Shark Tank' investor Mark Cuban looks for in the perfect pitch

favicon Business Insider
2 mentions7 hours ago
Billionaire entrepreneur and "Shark Tank" co-host Mark Cuban stopped by the office to talk about a number of topics. He's heard hundreds of pitches over the years and says these are the things ...

Greek Showdown Looms With Europe Raising Heat on Tsipras

4 mentions4 hours ago
Greece’s creditors turned up the heat on Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to come up with a plan to stay in the euro as banknotes become more scarce and the nation ...

Has physics cried wolf too often?

favicon the Guardian
2 mentions47 minutes ago
Mistakes are embarrassing, and getting over-excited about a statisitical anomaly is silly. But these things happen, and the answer to building public confidence in science is not to pretend that ...

Need a #SharkWeek Alternative? Watch classic Cousteau documentaries with us for #JacquesWeek

favicon Southern Fried Science
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Last night, I was in the mood for some Cousteau. The classics from the Undersea World, Odyssey, River Expeditions, andhost of other long running series, still hold up as some ...

Bernie Sanders Speaks

favicon The Nation
2 mentions7 hours ago
When Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders told The Nation last year that he was “prepared to run for president,” he said he would do so only if it was clear that ...

Tsipras Turns Tables on Europe in Austerity Referendum Triumph

3 mentions21 hours ago
Greece voted against yielding to further austerity demanded by creditors, leaving Europe’s leaders to determine if the renegade nation can remain in the euro. With 85 percent of votes counted,

Merkel, Hollande Call for Summit of Euro Area Leaders on Greece

2 mentions24 hours ago
Connecting decision makers to a dynamic network of information, people and ideas, Bloomberg quickly and accurately delivers business and financial information, news and insight around the world. German Chancellor Angela ...

The tragedy giving hope to Syria's women

favicon BBC News
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Syria's civil war has created nearly four million refugees - most have lost family members in the conflict and are living in camps in neighbouring countries. Women in one of ...

YouTube's head engineer reveals his 'wildest dreams' for the site

favicon Business Insider
2 mentions1 day ago
Every minute, people around the world upload more than 300 hours of video to YouTube. Every minute.  The site has billions of videos — a wide range of content that includes surprised ...

Euro Drops as Greece Votes ‘No’ in Referendum; Aussie at ’09 Low

2 mentions1 day ago
The euro fell as Greek voters rejected austerity demands, fueling concern the indebted nation is on track to exit the currency union. Australia’s dollar slipped to a six-year low and ...

Paul Krugman: Europe should be ashamed of its “campaign of bullying”

2 mentions6 hours ago
On Monday, New York Times columnist Paul Krugman discussed the “shameful” attempt by the European Union to impose further austerity measures on Greece, and praised the Greek people for defying ...

Greece Heads for ‘No’ Vote, Raising Risk of Departure From Euro

2 mentions1 day ago
Greeks voted against accepting further austerity in exchange for a new European bailout, increasing the chances of the country having to abandon the euro and plunging its economy deeper into ...

Greece’s Divided Voters Decide on Future Path as Euro Exit Looms

2 mentions1 day ago
Greeks were voting Sunday on their economic future amid concern the country's banks are almost out of funds and that rejection of further austerity could push it out of the ...

After Sketchy Science, Shark Week Promises To Turn Over A New Fin

4 mentions2 hours ago
This photo from Discovery Channel shows a Great Hammerhead, one of the largest sharks in the world, during an episode of Shark Week.Discovery Channel/ APhide caption This photo from Discovery ...

These are the 17 publicly out participants at this year's Women's World Cup

favicon Outsports
4 mentions19 hours ago
By Cyd Zeiglerď˜‘ @CydZeigleron May 31, 2015, 11:14p +With four out players and a head coach, the Swedish and American women's soccer teams are the most publicly out of any ...

Hacking Team, Which Sells Surveillance Tech To Governments, Exposed By Major Hack

favicon TechCrunch
2 mentions4 hours ago
One of the technology world’s most notorious providers of surveillance and intrusion software has found itself on the wrong end of an embarrassing hack. A range of sensitive documents belonging ...

Arthouse Audit: 'Amy' Opens Strong on Congested Holiday W

favicon Thompson on Hollywood
2 mentions6 hours ago
By Tom Brueggemann | Thompson on Hollywood Sun Jul 05 13:41:38 EDT 2015 As expected, "Amy" (A24) dominated the new openings, with the best limited per theater average of ...

Protests close four factories owned by Israeli arms firm Elbit

favicon The Electronic Intifada
4 mentions6 hours ago
UK activists today shut down three of four Elbit-owned factories, including a drone engines plant. Protesters today shut down four different factories owned by Israel’s biggest arms company Elbit Systems.

Meet the ordinary people who rescue distressed whales, dolphins and sea turtles from crowded beaches

favicon Washington Post
5 mentions7 hours ago
OCEAN CITY, Md. — Chuck Erbe knew dinner was over as soon as he saw the number on his ringing cellphone. There was a baby whale in distress. He told ...

School teachers working in Israeli schools supported ISIS, Shin Bet says

favicon The Jerusalem Post |
3 mentions6 hours ago
Security forces have arrested six Israeli Beduin men from the Negev town of Houra, four of whom work as school teachers, for allegedly supporting the Islamic State terrorist organization.The Shin ...

Memory System May Overcome Diverse Disorders

favicon Scientific American
2 mentions7 hours ago
Declarative memory, rooted in the hippocampus, could help the brain pick up slack for diverse impairments across many developmental disorders such as autism and obsessive-compulsive disorder The human brain possesses ...

Raging Bull Markets: How Young Men’s Hormones Unsettle Finance

2 mentions1 day ago
Want to calm financial markets? Add more women and older people to the young men on trading desks. That’s one recommendation from research into the role of hormones in provoking ...

UNHCR's new biometrics system helps verify 110,000 Myanmar refugees in Thailand.

favicon UNHCR
2 mentions2 days ago
THAM HIN CAMP, Thailand, June 30 (UNHCR) – The UN refugee agency has completed its roll-out of a cutting-edge system to identify Myanmar refugees in Thailand's nine border camps. Between ...

The Death Boats: A Survivor’s Tale

favicon Tracks
5 mentions2 days ago
Every day, I listen to stories of people fleeing for their lives, across dangerous borders and unfriendly seas to reach safety. The story of a young woman, Doaa, is so ...

Annual Summer Shark Programming Sets Stage to Celebrate Conservation Successes

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When it comes to sharks, it’s not a bigger boat that you’ll need this summer, but a second TV! Discovery Channel starts its annual tribute to sharks earlier than usual.

Thomas Piketty: “Germany has never repaid.”

favicon Medium
14 mentions4 hours ago
Since his successful book, “Capital in the Twenty-First Century,” the Frenchman Thomas Piketty has been considered one of the most influential economists in the world. His argument for the redistribution ...

Analysis: Egypt, Hamas, ISIS and Israel after the latest rocket attack

favicon The Jerusalem Post |
4 mentions7 hours ago
For a few hours last week, after the rockets landed in Israel, there was uncertainty from where they were fired. At first it was thought the projectiles came from the ...

About the Exhibit

favicon Research Guides at United Nations Dag Hammarskjöl...
3 mentions2 days ago
To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the United Nations, the Dag Hammarskjöld Library is presenting an exploration of the seventy key documents that have shaped the United Nations and our ...

This Summer, A Woman Will Be The Head Coach For The NBA's Smartest Team

favicon ThinkProgress
2 mentions23 hours ago
Today, the San Antonio Spurs announced that Becky Hammon will serve as their head coach during the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas. It is the first time a woman ...

Mass Shootings May Be Contagious

favicon Psych
2 mentions5 hours ago
Emerging research suggests mass killings and school shootings in the U.S. appear to be contagious. In the study, a team of scientists from Arizona State University and Northeastern Illinois University ...

Abby Wambach Kisses Her Wife After Winning the World Cup, Proves #LoveWins: VIDEO

favicon Towleroad
3 mentions6 hours ago
On Sunday, Team USA’s all-star striker Abby Wambach gave new meaning to the chant, “I believe that we will win.” Wambach, who as BuzzFeed notes has scored a remarkable 183 ...

Facebook Tests Features That Make Sharing GIFs In Messenger Easier Than Ever

favicon TechCrunch
3 mentions1 hour ago
Facebook really wants you to use GIFs inside Messenger. The company recently unleashed a series of GIF apps from third-parties which work inside Messenger — as part of its Messenger ...

McDonald’s, KFC are adapting in China

2 mentions2 hours ago
McDonald’s and Yum Brands’ KFC have each recently unveiled plans to tinker with mobile payments in China, a move to lure the nation’s hundreds of millions smartphone users that increasingly ...

CRISPR: Move beyond differences

favicon Nature News & Comment
2 mentions2 days ago
Researchers and ethicists need to see past what can seem to be gendered debates when it comes to the governance of biotechnology, says Charis Thompson. This autumn, researchers and other ...

CAR: WFP Reaches Out To Food-Insecure Families, Farmers

favicon YouTube
4 mentions2 days ago
The acute emergency has caused widespread disruption in C.A.R. with food production 50 percent lower in 2014 than before the crisis. Nearly a quarter of the population is in need ...

Aichele v. City of Los Angeles

5 mentions2 hours ago
If you were present on November 30, 2011 in or around the Los Angeles City Hall Lawn area (in the area between Los Angeles Street and Broadway Street, and between ...

Bangkok is Sinking Into the Earth

favicon Towleroad
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BANGKOK — Thailand’s capital is both glitzy and gritty, a city of glass towers and cement hovels teeming with nearly 10 million people. All that steel and concrete and humanity ...


4 mentions2 days ago
Looking back on 25 years of water, sanitation and hygiene monitoring, the reportprovides a comprehensive assessment of progress since 1990.The MDG target for drinking water was achieved in 2010 but ...

GRAPHIC: Underwater footage of tiger shark eating a turtle

favicon Mail Online
3 mentions1 day ago
A turtle is attacked and eaten by a tiger shark in this footage shot by underwater videographer Charles Maxwell.

Pluto at Last

favicon National Geographic
2 mentions2 days ago
Small, cold, and absurdly far away, Pluto has always been selfish with its secrets. Since its discovery in 1930, the dwarf planet has revolved beyond reach, its frosty surface a ...


favicon interfluidity
16 mentions16 hours ago
Greece is a remarkable country full of wonderful people, but along dimensions of development and governance, the place is plainly pretty fucked up. It has been fucked up that way ...

The President of Russia has signed ban on driftnet fishing

6 mentions1 day ago
The bill, supported by WWF, prohibits both domestic and Japanese driftnet fishing in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of Russia. The initiative for amending the law «On fishing and preservation ...

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