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Live webcasts of key UN Women-related side events during the UN General Assembly will be featured here. Tune in from 5-7 p.m. (EDT) this Saturday 20 September for the live webcast of a special event co-hosted by UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson in New York. It will kick-start the HeForShe campaign, a dynamic solidarity movement for gender equality.

Social Good Summit 2014

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The Social Good Summit is a two-day conference examining the impact of technology and new media on social good initiatives around the world. Held during UN Week from September 21-22, the Social Good Summit unites a dynamic community of global leaders and grassroots activists to discuss solutions for ...

5 Reasons You Should Work For A Startup At Least Once

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Editor’s note: Adam Arbolino is co-founder and CTO of, a logo, web and graphic design marketplace. They say in business you should think big. But when it comes to your career, have you considered thinking “small”? In my experience, a startup is a roller-coaster ride that can ...

Computer ownership, internet connection varies widely across U.S.

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Nearly 25 years after the birth of the world wide web, most Americans have computers and internet access, but the nation remains a patchwork of connectivity, with some metro areas full of high-speed connections and other areas much less plugged in. That’s according to a Pew Research Center ...

Genetics: Under the skin

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Nicholas Wade Penguin:2014.ISBN: 978-1594204463 Michael Yudell Columbia University Press:2014.ISBN: 978-0231168748 Robert Wald Sussman Harvard University Press:2014.ISBN: 978-0674417311 Is race biologically real? A clutch of books published this year argue the question. All miss the point. Michael Yudell's Race Unmasked and Robert Sussman's The Myth of Race can be ...

Return Of The M&A

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2014 has seen an unprecedented number of M&A transactions globally, especially within the tech sector. Global tech M&A was up 55 percent over last year, soaring to its highest level since 2000. Technology-related transactions this year alone have generated over $100 billion. Now, we’ve all heard of the ...

Finalists for Renewable Energy World Projects of the Year 2014 Revealed

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Renewable Energy World EditorsSeptember 19, 2014|0 CommentsTulsa, OK and Nashua, NH --The editors of Renewable Energy World and Power Engineering magazines and their respective websites have announced eleven finalists for the annual Projects of the Year Awards program. The finalists for Best Renewable Project are NRG Energy’s ...

The “Oculus Platform” Marketplace For Virtual Reality App Launches This Fall

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Oculus announced the “Oculus Platform” store for developers to distribute their virtual reality apps and experiences today at the Oculus Connect conference. Starting this fall on the Samsung Gear VR made by Oculus, this revamp of the Oculus Share marketplace will let users browse the Oculus Platform within ...

London’s Tech Boom Is More Than Just Hype, The Hard Numbers Say So

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While London Technology Week may not yet rival last week’s London Fashion Week for glamour, there is real substance to the capital’s tech boom. This is why, for the first time, TechCrunch is bringing its Silicon Valley conference, Disrupt, to London this October. A number of things are ...

A slender mola washed up at the research station...

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A slender mola washed up at the research station that I worked at this summer. My buddy juan took this shot. These fish are gorgeous and are a pelagic fish that rarely come up into our temperate waters. This is another sure sign of an El Niño year ...

When I Was 5, I, Um -- What Were We Just Talking About?

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I remember approximately diddley-squat1 about my childhood. But why? Melissa Dahl explains the latest research to me today: The way parents tend to talk to their sons is different from the way they talk to their daughters. Mothers tend to introduce more snippets of new information in conversations ...

"NO." Scotland Will Not Leave the United Kingdom

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David Cameron has been spared his worst fear: Being the Tory who lost England's hat. The Guardian has called the independence referendum and it appears that voters have declined to strike out on their own. Scotland will not leave the United Kingdom. "No" was the slight favorite heading ...

Obama Signs Order to Take Away Your Antibiotics

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The Obama administration on Thursday announced measures to tackle the growing threat of antibiotic resistance, outlining a national strategy that includes incentives for the development of new drugs, tighter stewardship of existing ones, and improvements in tracking the use of antibiotics and the microbes that are resistant to ...

Israeli population climbs to 8,904,373 ahead of Jewish New Year

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A baby sits in front of an Israeli flag. (photo credit:MARC ISRAEL SELLEM/THE JERUSALEM POST) As Israelis prepare to ring in the Jewish New Year, the Population and Immigration Authority released a report on Sunday estimating Israel's population at 8,904,373.This marks an increase of 173,811 in the total ...

Alibaba Group Said to Raise $21.8 Billion in Record U.S. IPO

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Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. (BABA), the e-commerce company started in 1999 with $60,000 cobbled together by Jack Ma, today cemented its status as a symbol of China’s economic emergence by raising $21.8 billion in a U.S. initial public offering. The company and shareholders including Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO) sold ...

Scientists react to Scottish 'no' vote

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'No' wins 55% of vote, but promises of more devolved powers for Scotland mean there could still be change for science. Scotland's scientists, like its entire population, are likely sleeping off a night of celebration or commiseration after a historic referendum that saw the country vote to remain ...

This map shows all the countries that have declared independence from the British

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Scots will head to the polls on Thursday to vote in a referendum that could transform Scotland into an independent nation, making the 307-year-old United Kingdom not so united anymore.There's been a scramble to convince the country's 4.2 million registered voters to vote "no" after a major poll ...

Conservationists Spar With Fishermen Over World’s Largest Marine Monument

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President Obama’s proposal in June to expand a marine sanctuary around seven U.S.-controlled islands and atolls in the central Pacific Ocean drew immediate praise from scientists and conservationists, but has since sparked opposition from representatives of the tuna industry, including fishermen in Hawaii who say it would threaten ...

Politics: 5774’s stormy year-end surprise

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The Rosh Hashana prayers portray God as an omniscient being who determines whom will enjoy tranquility or suffer in the year ahead and knows the true inclination of man, who is mere flesh and blood.This year, that comes to a close when Rosh Hashana begins Wednesday night, underscored ...

Photos: On International Coastal Cleanup Day, Five Ways to Help the Oceans

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Oceana in Belize picking up trash on World Oceans Day this past summer. (Photo: Alexander Ellis / Oceana in Belize) Marine debris has become a major issue facing the oceans today. It’s estimated that 10 to 20 million tons of plastic trash make their way to the ocean ...

Thailand: End Crackdown on Academic Freedom

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(New York) – The Thai government and military authorities should immediately end its crackdown on academic seminars and respect freedom of expression.On September 18, police appeared at a “Democracy Classroom” seminar at Thammasat University about the end of dictatorial regimes in foreign countries and ordered the seminar to shut down. The police detained four prominent academics—Nidhi Eoseewong, Prajak Kongkirati, Chaowarit Chaowsangrat, and Janjira Sombutpoonsiri—together with three student activists for several hours for organizing the seminar in defiance of an order from the military authorities to cancel the program. Police finally ...

Israel and West Hollywood launch HIV/AIDS task force

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WEST HOLLYWOOD Mayor John D’Amico and Consul-General to Los Angeles David Siegel prepare to cut a ribbon at the inauguration of a West Hollywood- Israel joint HIV/AIDS task force at the Kol Ami synagogue on Thursday night.. (photo credit:ISRAEL CONSULATE IN LOS ANGELES) LOS ANGELES – The City ...

And So There Must Come an End

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Charlotte has blogged on The Huffington Post UK since 2013 and sadly passed away on Tuesday 16 September from bowel cancer. She wrote one final post that she wished to share with all of her readers. We are honoured to offer it to you here. I've always been ...

Verizon Will Be Getting iPhone 6-Friendly WiFi Calling In 2015

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A quick update for those trying to figure out which carriers will/won’t support the iPhone 6’s WiFi calling feature any time soon: T-Mobile is a go. AT&T will get it in 2015. Now Verizon is pledging to support it next year, too. Word of the new feature ...

Microsoft Wants Minecraft To Make It Cool. Good Luck.

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Microsoft rattled the gaming world this week when it announced it would spend $2.5 billion to acquire Minecraft, a wildly popular indie videogame. By buying the game, Microsoft hopes to tap into players' wallets. But what's less clear is whether Microsoft can win over gamers, some of whom ...

UK Engineers 3D Print Their Own Raspberry Pi Laptop

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Is there anything a robotic system for the extrusion of plastic in to solid forms over time can’t do? We present to you today the Pi-Top, a Raspberry Pi-based laptop that is completely 3D printed and lasts for hours on a single charge. The kit, which will launch ...

Scottish Anti-Independence Campaign Leads After Half of Results

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An anti-independence Better Together campaigner holds a sheet of stickers reading "Vote No" during a demonstration in Edinburgh, U.K. An anti-independence Better Together campaigner holds a sheet of stickers reading "Vote No" during a demonstration in Edinburgh, U.K. Close An anti-independence Better Together campaigner holds a sheet of ...

Community Post: 10 Reasons I'm Marching For The Ocean At #PeoplesClimate

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This BuzzFeed homepage is tailored for our readers in the USA. Make it your default.This BuzzFeed homepage is tailored for our readers in the USA. Switch to USHave you seen BuzzFeed English? Come check it out! This Sunday, over 100,000 people will converge on New York City ...

Nick D’Aloisio of Yahoo’s News Digest: I’m in Charge

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Sept. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Project Manager at Yahoo News Digest Nick D’Aloisio discusses Yahoo’s News Digest and mobile strategy on “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg) This point? There sorts of places that people get the news but what is exciting about this new app is we really make an ...

Scientists reveal ‘fair system’ for countries to tackle climate change

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Rich nations should make the deepest emission cuts and provide most money if countries are to share fairly the responsibility of preventing catastrophic climate change, says a major new study. Calculations by Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) scientists and Friends of the Earth suggest the UK would need to ...

5 Key Themes Emerging From the 'New Science of Cities'

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In the most innovate incubators of urban research, the lessons of Jane Jacobs are more vital than ever. In the past few years, a remarkable body of scientific research has begun to shed new light on the dynamic behavior of cities, carrying important implications for city-makers. Researchers at ...

Pennsylvania High School Suspends Student Editor For Refusing To Print The Word 'Redskins'

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The newsroom of the Playwickian, the student newspaper at Neshaminy High School just outside of Philadelphia. School officials at Neshaminy High School in Pennsylvania have issued suspensions for the student editor and faculty adviser of the student newspaper there after the paper refused to print the word “Redskins,” ...

The Walmart Heirs Give a Measly Amount To Charity

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The Walmart heirs are infamous for their wealth and penny-pinching. Christy, Jim, Alice, and Rob Walton wouldn't be the sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth richest Americans, respectively, if not for Walmart's relentless exploitation of its low-wage workers. But Waltons' stinginess also extends to their philanthropy. According to a ...

The perspectival shift: how experiments on unconscious processing don't justify the claims made f...

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Recently, there has been widespread focus on studies of unconscious processing that have come out of the field of “social priming” (Doyen et al., 2012; Yong, 2012; Shanks et al., 2013). This focus has primarily been on their replicability (Pashler and Wagenmakers, 2012) and attendant claims of statistical and methodological impropriety (Simmons et al., 2011; Newell and Shanks, 2014). The logic of the claims made has received less attention. In this commentary I draw attention to certain limitations on the inferences which can be drawn about participant's awareness from the ...

Keyboard Apps Dominate The App Store’s Top Charts After iOS 8 Release

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As the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus go on sale today, many consumers will be getting their hands on Apple’s new mobile operating system, iOS 8, for the first time. And what are iOS 8 users downloading from the App Store? From the looks of things, it’s keyboards.

Zuli and Logitech Team Up to Make Smartphones Into Home Automation Sensors

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We’re seeing a lot of activity in the smart home field these days. Players like Google and Apple are vying with broadband providers, security firms, home improvement stores, and of course, the home energy management crowd, to find the right combination of technology and service to get people ...

Three Extreme Anti-Abortion Measures Voters Could Approve In November

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States have approved more anti-abortion measures during the past three years than during the entire preceding decade. And this fall, voters themselves will also have the chance to decide whether to approve or block extreme anti-abortion ballot initiatives in three states. Ballot measures in Colorado and North Dakota ...

Why high-profile journals have more retractions

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Two papers from 2011 resurfaced on social media recently: splashy retractions and female Viking fighters. Based on data from Altmetric is supported by Macmillan Science and Education, which owns Nature Publishing Group. Amid a wave of recent journal article retractions, researchers are taking to social media to ...

Europe Seeks A Common Appeals Process For The ‘Right To Be Forgotten’

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Data protection regulators in Europe are working on creating a common set of guidelines for handling appeals by individuals whose requests to search engines to de-index personal information, under the region’s recent right to be forgotten ruling, have been refused. The Article 29 Working Party (WP29), which is ...

Everything You Need to Know About the CIA Torture Report in Under 4 Minutes

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If someone tries to hide something from you for ten years, it's probably pretty embarrassing or shameful. Over the past ten years, the CIA has misled Congress about their post-9/11 torture program, withheld evidence and tried to cover up the facts. In the next few weeks, a new ...

Security & Defense: Israel’s first network-centric war

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The C4I Branch uses satellite communications to link individual units multiple IDF divisions.. (photo credit:IDF SPOKESMAN’S UNIT) A little less than a month after the end of the Gaza war, Col. Nati Cohen, head of the Planning Department at the C4i Teleprocessing Branch, sat in his office at ...

Dirty Secret of $1 Trillion Loans Is When You Get Money Back

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Imagine a trillion-dollar market that runs on faxes and phone calls while routinely tying up investors’ money for months before they get any return. That’s not fiction: It’s the unregulated market for leveraged corporate loans. In a financial system that is increasingly automated, the origination and trading of ...

No Justice, No Football: Ferguson Demonstrators Bring Struggle to NFL Sunday

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There has been no peace in Ferguson, Missouri, since the shooting death of the unarmed Michael Brown by police officer Darren Wilson. Now community members are saying that as long as the justice is both delayed and denied, it is obscene for the games to go on in ...

Five Signs the Dark-Money Apocalypse Is Upon Us

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It's the home stretch of the 2014 election season. No single theme or issue has dominated the midterms, but 2014 is on pace to be the Year of Dark Money. Nonprofit groups, some well-known (such as the US Chamber of Commerce and Americans for Prosperity, founded by the ...

Fantastic Fest Celebrat

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It's extreme understatement to say that Fantastic Fest isn't like most film festivals. However, as the Austin-based genre festival kicks off its 10th year at Alamo Drafthouse's South Lamar location today, its ability to stand out in the overrun festival circuit remains its crowning achievement. Co-founded by Alamo ...

Canadian Solar Joins China Solar Financing Club

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Canadian Solar has joined a growing field of Chinese solar panel makers entering the risky business of speculative development in China, with its launch of a new locally-based fund for solar power construction. The move follows the establishment of self-financed vehicles for similar speculative construction by rivals Trina,

Are we listening to Syria's women?

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For the millions of women and girls whose lives have been uprooted by the more than three-year-old Syrian crisis, daily life is an exhausting struggle – from searching for clean water and food for their families, to navigating foreign cities or refugee camps while trying to stay safe ...

Will the BrightSource-Abengoa Tower Be the Last CSP Project in the US?

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Can concentrated solar thermal (with or without storage) ever compete with photovoltaics in electrical generation? Late last week, the California Energy Commission approved the Palen Concentrating Solar Plant (CSP) project -- after scaling down the project from two 750-foot 250-megawatt towers to one tower on a smaller piece ...

US House unanimously condemns swell of anti-Semitism in Europe, Middle East

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NEW YORK - The House of Representatives unanimously passed a resolution on Thursday night condemning the surfacing of broad anti-Semitism worldwide, and in Europe especially this summer throughout the Gaza conflict.The resolution, written by congressmen Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), Peter Roskam (R-IL), Nita Lowey (D-NY) and Kay Granger (R-TX),

When Will The Obama Administration Tell The Supreme Court What It Thinks About Marriage Equality?

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This BuzzFeed homepage is tailored for our readers in the USA. Make it your default.This BuzzFeed homepage is tailored for our readers in the USA. Switch to USHave you seen BuzzFeed English? Come check it out! The justices could — and would have good reasons to — ...

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